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I hit two  approach shots yesterday to 4 feet of the hole. Both holes were cut close to the front, just behind a bunker.   And yeah, my putter was not working...at all ! Missed both birdie puts!!!!  The belly putter is already back in the bag.
I had a horrible round today. Could not keep my driver in the fairway to save my rump! Number 18 at my home course is just about impossible for me to par. The green slopes so much, it is hard to get an approach shot to stick. No way to run it up, bunkers protect it. A draw off the tee plays the best for this hole, so naturally I slice one into the pines on the right. I had 155 to the center, but had to hit a low shot under the limbs to get anywhere near the green. 5 iron...
When I was 14, my brother (10 years older) and his hot girlfriend carried me to see Loverboy. I hear one of their songs today, and can go back in my mind to a simpler time of Rock and Roll!
I have not seen it while playing in recent years, but it would not bother me in the least. When I was in college, me and my buddies would light it up. My game would go to hell, so I gave it up when playing. I quit golf for a number of years and shot competitive archery. Tried it shooting archery and could not have the level of concentration I needed to shoot my best. Gave it up altogether in 2001.
Yessss...I would like that for free!
I was playing Tobacco Road my first and only time, and hit a tee shot into some pines. Thought I could rocket one through the trees to get close to the green. My friend, who had helped me locate the ball, was a few feet away. Just as soon as I hit the ball, it came back like a bullet and hit me in the side of the leg and dropped me like a sack of potatoes! Dern pines! My buddy was just about to pass out laughing!  
Easter egg hunt for the kids at church on Saturday morning. We had our traditional sunrise service which we do on a hill out back of our church each Easter morn. We then have breakfast afterward in the fellowship hall. We go home for a couple of hours and come back for the 11 am service. It is truly a special time of the year!   Then got to kick back and watch my favorite tournament!
Wow! I have just read most of this thread and my sides ache from laughing so hard! Love the stuff about Ivan!
Bridgestone- A better approach for your game.
I just saw this but would have voted for Julien. Interesting how 85% voted for him.
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