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Mine is walking up to my ball in a trap, only to find it sitting in someone's footprint because they were too lazy to rake it.
If any of you guys get the club and don't like it, let me know if you would be willing to sell it.
+1000 on the True Linkswear.
I played yesterday with a couple of younger guys who could hit the ball a mile - just not straight.  I've never seen 2 guys hit so many houses in one round.  Each had to have hit at least 6 houses each.  Played the Pinnacle course at Troon North in Scottsdale.  What a spectacular course...   I've hit one roof one time - my mother-in-law's house!
I've had 3 holes in one in 10 months - something weird.   #1 December 4, 2012 - Hole #15, 167 yard, 6 iron, Hillcrest Golf Club, Durango   #2 March 12, 2013 - Hole #5, 152 yard, 9 iron, Dalton Ranch Golf Club, Durango (This one doesn't really count.  They aerated the greens the previous week and had the large cups, although this would have gone in with a regular cup, I believe).  Still the same thrill   #3 July 30, 2013 - Hole #2, 147 yard, 9 iron, Dalton Ranch,...
The second day was better than the first.  First day, poor ball striking, ok putting.  Second day, good striking, couldn't putt.  Improved by 10 strokes, finished in the top half but not on top.  Oh well, the guys who shot their handicap both days won their respective flights.   You guys gave me great advice - thanks.  It definitely helped me drop the 10 strokes.
You guys nailed it - now, if I can just pull it off.  A lot of it will depend on with whom I am paired, although it shouldn't.  I have to block them out and focus on me.   Off to the range for warm up.   Thanks for the advice.
 This is what we do on our weekly game.  Works well.
I've been shooting ok but not great lately, usually around my handicap.  Yesterday was day 1 of the club's senior championship and I had a total meltdown, for no obvious reason.  Poor shots, stupid shots, bad club selection.  I'm trying to figure out if I have the mental fortitude to get back to my normal game after a round like that.  I'm in the middle of the pack so I wasn't the only one but it sure is frustrating and disappointing.  I guess I just have to 'get back on...
I have had the SGX since it first came out.  I recently had my replaced with a refurbished, like new unit.   I don't have the original box but I have 2 silicone skins, the belt case, charger, etc.   Shipping included.
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