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IHIW I have an injury, no matter how minor or major, that keeps me from being able to play golf.  I also hate it when someone gets 2 pops on a par 3 in the men's day game.
I've posted this before but a lot of people seem to have benefited from it.  I didn't create it but I carry it with me every time I play.
Thanks, Dave.  I might do that as it gets closer. Mark
I just met someone from Glasgow who said it will either be beautiful or fierce as you say.  He said make sure I bring at least 2 pairs of golf shoes so they can dry out.  I play a lot of banjo and will be taking that with me, as well, for the pubs at night.  Can't wait.
Four of us guys are going to Scotland in October for a boys' golf outing, something I've wanted to do since I took up golf 11 years ago.   I used a fabulous booking agent in Scotland to help us get everything arranged.  PM if you want his contact info.   Here's the itinerary:   Saturday 10-Oct Arrive, Check in Old Course...
Thanks for all of the comments.  I think around 10 rounds is probably my numbers.  I'm usually back to 'normal' after about 5-6 weeks of a couple of times a week.  And, like many of you said, a couple of additional days/hours on the range.    I just was curious as to whether or not us snow guys all have the same challenges.
I work really hard on my game during the summer when I can play.  I'm happy where my game ended up last fall ( 8.8 index) when our courses closed for the winter.  I can't travel much in the winter to play - maybe 5 or 6 rounds for the Nov-April timeframe.   So, the course opens in about a month and I know I'm not going to be anywhere near where I left off.  My handicap index is going to cost me a lot in my Tuesday men's league - most of the other guys play year around...
With absolutely no commercial connection, when I get into my monthly slump from mishits, I pull out the Medicus hinged club for a session on the range.
I used a putter because almost half of my strokes when I play golf are with a putter, usually in the 30 - 34 range.  My course isn't that long (6400) and I hit my 5i about 190-200.  My problem was that I couldn't control the distance on my pitching wedge very well.  80-110 yard shots consistently were long and off the green.  If I could have had 3 of my shots back, using the sw instead of the pw, I would have saved at least 5 strokes and won the game (lost by 1, net).  I'm...
Had fun yesterday with the Friday men's group - played 3 club competition where you play all 18 holes using only 3 clubs.  Very fun.  I used a 5i, pw, and putter.  Shot a 91 (10 hcp) which wasn't great, with 3 triples because of bad planning.  If I don this again, I'd use a 5i, SW, and putter.   Anyone else enjoy this torture?
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