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Has anyone yet tried the recently announced Taylomade MyRoundPro app paired with the Microsoft Band?   https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-band/en-us/golf
I have both the Tank #7 and the Works version.  (I keep a set of clubs in AZ for the winter).   My putting has improved from an average of 1.9 to 1.7 strokes per hole per round.  Is it the putter?  I don't think so but I have so much more confidence.   Whatever works for you.  I really like both of these putters.
Do any of you belong to clubs that have implemented this system?  The club I'm joining next summer has started doing this.  Jury is still out.  I'd be curious to get feedback from those who have played in tournaments and won with this system in place.
I used to be an Oakley wearer but, with rapidly changing sun conditions, I found myself messing with the sunglasses too much.  I tried a pair of the Callaway Transitions and have found them to be the best sunglasses for golf, for me.
IHIW I have an injury, no matter how minor or major, that keeps me from being able to play golf.  I also hate it when someone gets 2 pops on a par 3 in the men's day game.
I've posted this before but a lot of people seem to have benefited from it.  I didn't create it but I carry it with me every time I play.
Thanks, Dave.  I might do that as it gets closer. Mark
I just met someone from Glasgow who said it will either be beautiful or fierce as you say.  He said make sure I bring at least 2 pairs of golf shoes so they can dry out.  I play a lot of banjo and will be taking that with me, as well, for the pubs at night.  Can't wait.
Four of us guys are going to Scotland in October for a boys' golf outing, something I've wanted to do since I took up golf 11 years ago.   I used a fabulous booking agent in Scotland to help us get everything arranged.  PM if you want his contact info.   Here's the itinerary:   Saturday 10-Oct Arrive, Check in Old Course...
Thanks for all of the comments.  I think around 10 rounds is probably my numbers.  I'm usually back to 'normal' after about 5-6 weeks of a couple of times a week.  And, like many of you said, a couple of additional days/hours on the range.    I just was curious as to whether or not us snow guys all have the same challenges.
New Posts  All Forums: