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Thanks, Dave.  I might do that as it gets closer. Mark
I just met someone from Glasgow who said it will either be beautiful or fierce as you say.  He said make sure I bring at least 2 pairs of golf shoes so they can dry out.  I play a lot of banjo and will be taking that with me, as well, for the pubs at night.  Can't wait.
Four of us guys are going to Scotland in October for a boys' golf outing, something I've wanted to do since I took up golf 11 years ago.   I used a fabulous booking agent in Scotland to help us get everything arranged.  PM if you want his contact info.   Here's the itinerary:   Saturday 10-Oct Arrive, Check in Old Course...
Thanks for all of the comments.  I think around 10 rounds is probably my numbers.  I'm usually back to 'normal' after about 5-6 weeks of a couple of times a week.  And, like many of you said, a couple of additional days/hours on the range.    I just was curious as to whether or not us snow guys all have the same challenges.
I work really hard on my game during the summer when I can play.  I'm happy where my game ended up last fall ( 8.8 index) when our courses closed for the winter.  I can't travel much in the winter to play - maybe 5 or 6 rounds for the Nov-April timeframe.   So, the course opens in about a month and I know I'm not going to be anywhere near where I left off.  My handicap index is going to cost me a lot in my Tuesday men's league - most of the other guys play year around...
With absolutely no commercial connection, when I get into my monthly slump from mishits, I pull out the Medicus hinged club for a session on the range.
I used a putter because almost half of my strokes when I play golf are with a putter, usually in the 30 - 34 range.  My course isn't that long (6400) and I hit my 5i about 190-200.  My problem was that I couldn't control the distance on my pitching wedge very well.  80-110 yard shots consistently were long and off the green.  If I could have had 3 of my shots back, using the sw instead of the pw, I would have saved at least 5 strokes and won the game (lost by 1, net).  I'm...
Had fun yesterday with the Friday men's group - played 3 club competition where you play all 18 holes using only 3 clubs.  Very fun.  I used a 5i, pw, and putter.  Shot a 91 (10 hcp) which wasn't great, with 3 triples because of bad planning.  If I don this again, I'd use a 5i, SW, and putter.   Anyone else enjoy this torture?
Mine is walking up to my ball in a trap, only to find it sitting in someone's footprint because they were too lazy to rake it.
If any of you guys get the club and don't like it, let me know if you would be willing to sell it.
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