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Pulled up on a search.   These have to be counterfeit don't they??      If anyone knows, please let me know.  Thanks      http://www.dhgategolf.com/goods_c3BlY19pZAkzOTg=.html
Thanks for the help on these.  I purchased a set today and am looking forward to playing them.  Will let you know how they perform. 
I am looking at some irons to purchase and would like to get some Project X 5.5 in them.  Maybe the 6.0.  Anyway, I can buy the irons with the KBS Stiff shaft in them, but have never hit the KBS and don't know anyone who has them in their irons.    Can someone give me some feedback on the KBS vs the Project X?  Stiffer, heavier?     Thanks for any help on this. 
I have been looking at both.  I hit a friends 2.0 irons recently and they felt a little to oversized to me.   However, I haven't hit R9 but have heard great things on them and can buy a set cheap.   I know Jason Day hit R9 forever ( and still may be hitting them ).    Here is my biggest thing.  I am struggling with hitting my 4,5 and even 6 irons solid.   Been hitting them off the toe quite a bit and with forged irons I am losing a ton of distance.  I am just tired...
About a month ago I started just not making anything over like 10 feet.  Literally can go out and hit 14 greens and make one birdie.   I have always been a straight back and straight through putter.   I was using a Scotty Cameron 2.6.   I recently even bought a center shafted two ball Odyssey and put an oversized, ok jumbo, Winn group on it.   I actually lag putter even better with this putter, but still can't help but miss putts right.     I probably need to give...
Another option, any opinions on the Callaway X-Tours?  I can get a really nice used set at a good price too.    
The shafts I have are not enough shaft for me.  I need something in the stiff range with my swingspeed.  Not R300.   
Yeah, Ebay prices for the most part.   I used the high end on estimating what the cost would be.    I honestly think either iron will be way better than the irons I have now. 
I can buy the Srixons with project X's in them for under $300.     R9 would probably be closer to $400.     I love the feel of my forged irons.  I had just heard some great things about the R9s.  Wasn't real sure what would be better for me. 
I have had the same set of irons for about 5 years now.  I bought them used. They are Mizuno MX900s.   However they have the R300 shaft in them and I need more shaft.   I am not looking to spend an arm and a leg and have recently had a chance to by some R9 and the Srixon's.  The R9's are a little more expensive.  I am looking at the project x 5.5 shafts in either iron.     Anyway, not knowing a ton about either iron, any info or sharing any experiences would be...
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