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Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words. Honestly, I didn't know I made this post (cough* Erik).   But yeah, the swing is really nice at the moment. Its been a long journey to get to this point. It feels amazing to be able to actually hit driver and irons solid/"straight" at the same time. Its always been one or the other until recently. Couldn't have done it without Erik and Dave though. I would still be spinning my wheels if they hadn't been there to point me in the...
  https://twitter.com/BrianMcGrewGolf/status/493520965075083266   My swing from the 19th. Hitting the ball amazing. Shout out to @iacas @golfevolution http://youtu.be/AHpm2il6CG8 
Sorry it took me a while to see this. We have one of our junior camps this week, so the last 2 days have been pretty long.    Anyways, I agree with what Erik said. The door frame idea and the stick drill are great ways to practice. Find the feel/drill that works for you and run with it.
Yeah, we talked about this a little on twitter when I saw the videos. IMO, its better to take a leap and exaggerate when it comes to this piece. You either end up closer to the middle than you imagined you would have OR the middle becomes a lot more comfortable after feeling the other extreme.   With better turning rates, I don't think it would have been as exaggerated as it seemed. "Up" is "out" (to a point) without the "in" created by the shoulder turn.
Sign me up. It shall be done 
Another one from the guy a few posts up. I can't get over how awesome he is doing. The first picture was of A3 (backswing) and this is of A5 (downswing). 
  I won't get into everything, but I don't think its fair to say that we were trying to compete with them or capitalize on what they have done. I, and others, attempted to talk with them about this issue and they not only ignored what we had to say, but also made accusations about our motives. The funny thing is that these posts would likely have never existed if they had handled the situation differently. 
The issue isn't that they don't understand the pressure data -- let's be real here, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the data in the DVDs varies too much to be accurate. Even easier to figure out when someone does the research for you and explains it to you, so IMO they understand there is an issue with their numbers. -- The issue is that they understand and refuse to change. In their own words nothing has changed since day one. They don't have an interest in...
Why? Because you have a driver    Right shoulder is going to need to lower one way or another. Things get a little less "simple" when you factor that into your system. 
If setup is 0 or what you are measuring against, I would think you could see a good amount less than 90*. Even more so with the players that do a bunch of shallowing in transition.
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