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    In relation to what? 
I'm almost positive I know that golf course. If its the one I'm thinking of, that is one of the worst holes ever designed. #13 at Spring Lakes?    As far as your swing is concerned, I agree with Erik. 
And to further what Erik said, if you go back and look at the same DVD that Phil pulled that picture (66% left) from, there is another picture of Grant with his pressure being around 65% right at 4. So you have a 30% difference between the two and the swings look the same.    IMO, if you could look at the traces of those two swings, they would look extremely similar. However, the video would show those pressure shifts happening at different points in the swing. 
  Player dependent obviously, but Grant is basically there at 5 or a touch later. As consistent as he is, I doubt you'd see it change much from that. 
IMO, the pressure data is accurate, but it doesn't correspond to the picture presented. 
Some of the other videos/pictures that we have seen make a lot of sense now. 
I believe it was taken in the last couple of days (if not yesterday).      And while I'm at it, what I love most about that pic is the "Level, Steep, Shallow." Too funny 
Nick Clearwater is who I would go to in that area. He knows his stuff and works with some really good players. 
    Not only that, but when its happening is important as well. Towards the target early is probably side bend and towards the target late is likely extension. 
  Ball position is different. 
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