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Well now I don't know what either of our Hmmms imply... my head hurts.
I wonder if that will be coming out around the same time as the certification stuff... hmmm. Probably not.
I'll stick to tees... they don't cost $200.
The correct footwork is going to follow, or at least be made easier by, the correct hip and right leg movement. I think most could concentrate on footwork all day long and wouldn't accomplish much because of how poor their lateral motion is.
Little shoulder rotation, restricted hip turn, arms off the body, upper center moving all over the place, etc etc. I would assume Hogan would disagree with all of that, but I know that S&T doesn't agree with any of that.
I just hope the op isn't talking about Mr. Elbows down and Mr. Cargo Shorts... haha
I'm not one to hate on Foley for not saying that hes been influenced by S&T, but tonight was a different story. I think I was more pissed at TGC, but still.... Their commentators have said some of the most ignorant things regarding S&T, but then bow down to Sean Foley. Its just shitty that they invite players (little to no substance) to act as instructors or someone like Ballard, but won't ask Mike and Andy to come on. Maybe they did, but I doubt it.
Yea I know the straight right leg drill. I feel like my right leg gets pretty straight though. Right hip might be slightly higher if my hips didn't slide slightly towards the target. Its something that has improved as a result of improving my spine movement, but still need to work on it. It is kind of low on my things to do list, but if it will help I'll work on it.
See Erik's post.
Don't lose the pressure in your armpits. That will keep the arms from finishing the backswing rather than the shoulders. Deeper rather than higher. Add pressure into the left foot during your backswing and keep the left knee bent longer. That will help the hips get to where they need to be.
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