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Yea, sorry... didn't watch long enough. But same thing is still true. Need to work on sequencing the downswing better.
Drive everything back with the left shoulder (push it down) and just let everything else be passive. That should make the backswing considerably easier on you. Start the downswing by pushing the hips towards the target and then let everything follow. You are concentrating on the hands and arms too much.
The angle in your right arm is breaking down on the backswing. You'd like it to be a around a 90* angle at the top, but instead it has completely collapsed. From there your outward forces are outracing everything else. Thats why everything gets thrown out over plane and why your right knee looks like it does at impact. Which means you need to work more on the down and forward pieces. It would be nice to see a FO view, but I think you need to work on sequencing and...
Whatever helps you get the clubface square. I prefer a more natural arc (hands back up and in, etc), but putting is pretty subjective. I guess it could lead some people to dig the ball into the ground though.
Well now I don't know what either of our Hmmms imply... my head hurts.
I wonder if that will be coming out around the same time as the certification stuff... hmmm. Probably not.
I'll stick to tees... they don't cost $200.
The correct footwork is going to follow, or at least be made easier by, the correct hip and right leg movement. I think most could concentrate on footwork all day long and wouldn't accomplish much because of how poor their lateral motion is.
Little shoulder rotation, restricted hip turn, arms off the body, upper center moving all over the place, etc etc. I would assume Hogan would disagree with all of that, but I know that S&T doesn't agree with any of that.
I just hope the op isn't talking about Mr. Elbows down and Mr. Cargo Shorts... haha
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