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Don't take this the wrong way because I could be totally off base here, but it sounds like you don't know how to practice efficiently. 
You can get some decent work done in 30 minutes, but it depends on how good he is as an instructor and how well he knows your game going into the lesson. However, I'd be a little concerned about the 3 times a week part (especially if you are talking about full swing lessons).   You could maybe do supervised practice sessions and/or work on other aspects of your game, but thats still a lot of times to see one another in a month. The value would also depend on your goals...
Yep! I'd prioritize it this way: Either making sure weight is forward at impact or making sure he can get into a good finish AND making sure he gets the lead wrist correct.    Progression with weight would be small swings with weight preset, and then move into bigger and bigger swings with less and less preset (still getting into finish). And for the clubface, accomplish palmer flexion and then move into start direction drills. 
I'm going to agree with Erik and actually take it one step further. Two things are going to prevent the alignments that you are looking for. One of those, as Erik pointed out, is weight/pressure (which might be hard to do with the stance). The second is that the clubface is WIDE open. He needs more palmar flexion in the lead wrist (Dustin Johnson) from top down to remove the necessity to flip it closed.    Personally, I'd start with a drill where he sets up with...
  Yeah, thats me. At first I couldn't put the username with the real name, but Mike helped me out. Hope all is well!
Awesome!! Very well put Dave.  Also, I wanted to say that you'll end up on a lot of people's list of influences in the future, including mine. 
Not really that as much as you can just see the right elbow. In the right picture, his left arm is given more freedom to keep moving away from the ball and therefore doesn't break down like the picture on the left. Thats what stretch was talking about.
  But at the same time people have demonstrated the variations of the pattern since the name was created. If it is just "a swing" then how can you have variations? In my opinion, what is marketed is different than what is taught. What is marketed is a simplified pattern that is aimed at your average golfer. Basically what they thought would benefit the most golfers. What is taught varies from player to player. The result is the player's swing.    I consider S&T to be a...
I think you have to define exactly what you are talking about (perspective I suppose). Are we talking about the label? The information behind the label? The way the instructor implements his understanding of the information? I think your definition of what S&T is very much has to be based on how you answer that question.    If we are talking about the label, then yes, I would agree that there is a "model" or "a swing." If we are talking about the information and how a...
Thank you. I appreciate that.    Time for another pic. I have a basic explanation on this one, but anyone think they can explain it in more detail? IE: Why elbows separate, etc.   
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