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I can almost understand her making a video about the dangers of dragging the elbow/handle like she was doing when demonstrating the "wrong" way. And I can almost agree that the deep elbow feel could possibly create more of a draw. However, there is a very specific context in which those statements would be considered accurate.    IE: Trying to get the elbow in front can cause a bit of handle drag and that can cause some issues. But at the same time, how often is that...
To me it didn't look like Romo was taking it very seriously. I thought he was about to roll his eyes when he was talking about the clubface turning over. 
Thats a very good routine when just trying to maintain or dial in what you have now. However, I was referencing when you are actually trying to make swing changes (which again, might be wrong).    But while we are at it, what do you struggle with? What would you want to work on if you were to take the lessons and why? 
I've listened to Utley speak to other teaching pros and he said that what he teaches may sound or feel very "handsy" or "wristy," but if you look at the stroke, it doesn't appear that way. From, what I've seen, he just wants you to use the hands "enough" to make the stroke easier to accomplish. If you allow the hands to do a little, then the rest of your body doesn't have to do so much. 
Don't take this the wrong way because I could be totally off base here, but it sounds like you don't know how to practice efficiently. 
You can get some decent work done in 30 minutes, but it depends on how good he is as an instructor and how well he knows your game going into the lesson. However, I'd be a little concerned about the 3 times a week part (especially if you are talking about full swing lessons).   You could maybe do supervised practice sessions and/or work on other aspects of your game, but thats still a lot of times to see one another in a month. The value would also depend on your goals...
Yep! I'd prioritize it this way: Either making sure weight is forward at impact or making sure he can get into a good finish AND making sure he gets the lead wrist correct.    Progression with weight would be small swings with weight preset, and then move into bigger and bigger swings with less and less preset (still getting into finish). And for the clubface, accomplish palmer flexion and then move into start direction drills. 
I'm going to agree with Erik and actually take it one step further. Two things are going to prevent the alignments that you are looking for. One of those, as Erik pointed out, is weight/pressure (which might be hard to do with the stance). The second is that the clubface is WIDE open. He needs more palmar flexion in the lead wrist (Dustin Johnson) from top down to remove the necessity to flip it closed.    Personally, I'd start with a drill where he sets up with...
  Yeah, thats me. At first I couldn't put the username with the real name, but Mike helped me out. Hope all is well!
Awesome!! Very well put Dave.  Also, I wanted to say that you'll end up on a lot of people's list of influences in the future, including mine. 
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