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Not really that as much as you can just see the right elbow. In the right picture, his left arm is given more freedom to keep moving away from the ball and therefore doesn't break down like the picture on the left. Thats what stretch was talking about.
  But at the same time people have demonstrated the variations of the pattern since the name was created. If it is just "a swing" then how can you have variations? In my opinion, what is marketed is different than what is taught. What is marketed is a simplified pattern that is aimed at your average golfer. Basically what they thought would benefit the most golfers. What is taught varies from player to player. The result is the player's swing.    I consider S&T to be a...
I think you have to define exactly what you are talking about (perspective I suppose). Are we talking about the label? The information behind the label? The way the instructor implements his understanding of the information? I think your definition of what S&T is very much has to be based on how you answer that question.    If we are talking about the label, then yes, I would agree that there is a "model" or "a swing." If we are talking about the information and how a...
Thank you. I appreciate that.    Time for another pic. I have a basic explanation on this one, but anyone think they can explain it in more detail? IE: Why elbows separate, etc.   
Doing some work.... still working on right hip. Started working on going back into flexion today. Also, I worked on thrust near the end of my session, but didn't get a video. Hitting it so much better.     
Absolutely! 110% for you... haha. Low point and distance difference was dramatic.   I'll post another one soon.
Yep, and something to feel when the right knee goes out towards the toes too much. I use a stick (see the pic) or two baskets stacked on each other.      So time for another. Any thoughts on what changed here (what the lines mean)? Also, do you see anything else that has changed that isn't pointed out by a line.   
Yep, but I didn't tell him to bank his foot. I used a preset and a drill that encouraged the banking. Any ideas as to what those two things might be? (look close)
Its been a while since I last posted, so I figured I should put something up. I've been doing pictures recently instead of videos. I didn't start doing these with you guys in mind, but I think you guys might like these more. Or at least that's what I'm hoping.    I decided to start with this one first because its been coming up recently. I'm not going to say anything at first, but instead ask you guys the questions. Why do you think I named it what I did and what do...
Some people need to hear no arms and some people need to hear all arms and others need a mixture of both in the same swing. Just to give a visual to what has already been said, her feel in this video was "no arms back, all arms down." Someone watching this might think that she is just rotating with passive arms though. 
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