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Doing some work.... still working on right hip. Started working on going back into flexion today. Also, I worked on thrust near the end of my session, but didn't get a video. Hitting it so much better.     
Absolutely! 110% for you... haha. Low point and distance difference was dramatic.   I'll post another one soon.
Yep, and something to feel when the right knee goes out towards the toes too much. I use a stick (see the pic) or two baskets stacked on each other.      So time for another. Any thoughts on what changed here (what the lines mean)? Also, do you see anything else that has changed that isn't pointed out by a line.   
Yep, but I didn't tell him to bank his foot. I used a preset and a drill that encouraged the banking. Any ideas as to what those two things might be? (look close)
Its been a while since I last posted, so I figured I should put something up. I've been doing pictures recently instead of videos. I didn't start doing these with you guys in mind, but I think you guys might like these more. Or at least that's what I'm hoping.    I decided to start with this one first because its been coming up recently. I'm not going to say anything at first, but instead ask you guys the questions. Why do you think I named it what I did and what do...
Some people need to hear no arms and some people need to hear all arms and others need a mixture of both in the same swing. Just to give a visual to what has already been said, her feel in this video was "no arms back, all arms down." Someone watching this might think that she is just rotating with passive arms though. 
And again no B&A, just a swing. We were working on not overloading and then unloading #1 and #4. I think the second half of her season is going to be a good one.  
  Yeah, he reminds me a lot of Troy in certain areas. Hes a super kid and really is inspired. After this golf season I will probably do a big B&A post on him. The swing is night and day, but so are other parts of his game. Can't wait to see what he does this year.    Yeah, we actually touched on the PP's. He's a young kid though (despite appearances) and hes in one of those stages where his muscles are trying to catch up with a growth spurt. So hes a little tight and a...
Have two updates today. Both have been on my youtube for a couple days... just getting around to posting them.  First is Trev. We were just working on polishing up upper CoG stuff. If you watched the other you saw how he dipped down and forward on the backswing. We got rid of that and then we just had to make sure it wasn't going forward on the DS either. Really important for the driver. I still need to do a B&A from when we first started working to now... He really...
Dude, listen, you are trying to prove Erik, Michael, etc. wrong. You are the one that started this, not them. If you feel like you have a better way to do it then fine, that is your opinion and good for you. However, when you try to call someone out or poke holes in something, you can't then turn around and say they are rude when they give backing to what they teach.    My opinion on your argument is that I don't understand what you are talking about. In my opinion there...
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