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Feeling more extension (one of the pieces that has reverted slightly) and left arm feeling like its working to the bill of his cap. Then once the left arm was working better we had to work on feeling like his backswing took way too long.      I got some clips that look prettier, but I don't care... part of the side issue is getting him to like HIS swing. 
Time for a new one: This one will be interesting I think. This is Henry and he is a really good player. He has a pretty unique swing, but really has the ability to put the club where it needs to be when it counts. However, there were things that were holding him back.    The after was taken the other day on the range. We had a couple pieces looking a little better than this before the lack of daylight kind of ruined our usual lesson time. However, I still think hes...
And from a different angle. Got a couple things I really want to clean up once this gets more ingrained. However, its going good.... just hard considering how long I practiced my low and slow move way back when.     
Thanks guys. I'll post a new one in a day or two. At first we weren't working that often and things moved kind of slow. We talked about low point control and did some chipping drills (for impact) first, so swing wasn't dramatically different, but he started making consistent contact because he knew the goal on the most basic level. Then we started working more frequently and the changes started getting dramatic. I'd say in a month and half to two months he basically...
Worked for about 20 minutes yesterday and got about 15 swings in today after a lesson. Looks better... had to save this shot with my hands a little though so RoC looks worse. Also, 2 and 3 aren't where I'd like them to be and hips aren't great either. Anyways, I like the changes. Just gotta keep working and then do some polishing.   
    When we started changing sequencing and started getting some hip slide, thats when things started clicking. But we still had an issue with the arms getting left behind and with him throwing a bit. A really good drill that got it looking nice and shiny was gloves in the armpits and feeling the left shoulder stay down while #1 and #4 release.    Kid worked hard for those changes though.    Thanks. Will do. 
Look, I decided to start posting more over here because I thought I could get more positive discussion going. I didn't expect for people to publicly accuse me of whatever you guys are accusing me of. You didn't send me a pm, you didn't ask. Just something I thought I should point out in case you hadn't considered it.      Like most people he early extended for a reason. For one, he was physically getting closer to the ground. And the other being that he was making the...
Thanks James.   I've done #1 like a thousand times and got to where I actually started over extending to p3 and then from there it went right back to dropping. I mean its getting better, but for some reason I always start dropping hard after 3.    As for #2, like I said I was getting slightly better, but still wasn't great. I noticed the other day that inline at setup looked left and cf looked inline. When I focused on swinging towards what is actually inline, it got...
Thanks Dave. I appreciate the information you guys put out there for us. It has really helped me get better at what I do. 
Thats actually what I had been working on. I was getting a lot less steep as a result. Was getting to the point where I needed to adjust my lie angles, but kind of lost that progress after this 10ish days without hitting a ball. One of my weak points for sure. 
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