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Update on my progress (arms better in this clip, but lower body not where I want it):   And an interesting look at my foot/leg work from yesterday (trying to shallow things out):  
I personally would choose Frank Gasaway.  Hes in McDonough I believe, so that would be just east of you. Some other good ones in ATL though. 
My point wasn't about HOW they move, but WHEN they move. His shoulders don't even get to square until well after impact. Shoulders definitely need to get open faster, and for a guy that is used to having that drop move its going to feel OTT'ish when the left arm is where it should be.  Maybe I should have said it differently, but oh well.... 
Like I said on the other forum, I would feel your DS start with your shoulders turning out. Feel like you are spinning out with your shoulders... gonna feel like you are coming OTT. 
All things being equal it doesn't change a thing. However, for most people all things are not equal.
Well yea, he obviously teaches hip slide. However, he doesn't teach as much as S&T. 
  Differences that I'm aware of include:    Where to feel pressure in the backswing: S&T is progressively increasing in the left foot whereas Foley likes to feel some in the right leg. Transitions are pretty much exactly the same.    Set up with the driver: With S&T weight can be more forward. Foley says weight can be more back. Basically (IMO) boiling down into a disagreement on how to preset axis tilt and why. However, I do think I've seen Mike and Andy's...
Those weren't sound effects Michael... His swing actually sounds like a friggin rocket. I can only imagine how far that guy would hit it with some long drive black denim and The Hammer driver.
I kind of have a problem with the "no" answer. Just because someone uses video doesn't mean that they aren't "hands on."    However, in regards to the original question, I'd be weary of taking lessons from someone that doesn't use video. And my answer is coming from an instructors point of view more than a students. I make that point, because as an instructor I don't really understand how anyone could tell a student that they can do what a video camera does. With a...
You could try opening your feet up if you haven't already. However, I haven't really run into this problem, so I can't be of much help. 
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