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Those weren't sound effects Michael... His swing actually sounds like a friggin rocket. I can only imagine how far that guy would hit it with some long drive black denim and The Hammer driver.
I kind of have a problem with the "no" answer. Just because someone uses video doesn't mean that they aren't "hands on."    However, in regards to the original question, I'd be weary of taking lessons from someone that doesn't use video. And my answer is coming from an instructors point of view more than a students. I make that point, because as an instructor I don't really understand how anyone could tell a student that they can do what a video camera does. With a...
You could try opening your feet up if you haven't already. However, I haven't really run into this problem, so I can't be of much help. 
  Wow... now that is cold hearted. 
You guys got some weird people on your list. For me its only Sabbatini, but I don't get to get my Haterade on very much considering hes not really ever in contention. That dude has always and will forever rub me the wrong way.    However, I do root against Faldo and Miller all the time and they aren't even playing. 
Yea, going duck foot was one of the first things I did. I can't even get comfortable the old way anymore. Concentrating more on the feel of pressure in the left foot has helped a bunch... or at least I think it has. Before I had other things on my mind and I was just thinking about it too late.    And thanks Michael. 
Don't know about the OP, but here is my transition. In the second video I had been at it for like 4 months, and for the most part have done it on my own. I still haven't worked with anyone in person, but had guys like Erik, iteach, etc comment on it. Going to get a more recent swing up soon, but the weather has been so hit or miss. Still working on my release and hips, but yea.. I'd say its better.   
Keeping your inclination to the ground the same requires the "spine angle" to change. Thats probably the best reason for making the distinction. 
Faldo's less than educated remarks have been pointed out many times. The man knows his swing to some extent, but that seems about as far as it goes.  
As long as the face is closed to that path, yes.
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