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Famousdavis = Willy Loman
I bag a 3 wood (15 degree) and a 19 degree hybrid then 4 iron. I find that the hybrid can be slightly longer than my 3 iron and it is way more versatile, I can hit it from fairway, rough, shape better shots, hit it long, or a little shorter if i need to. definitely worth a shot.
I got a set of irons on ebay shipped from arizona to connecticut via usps and it was like 25 bucks
I recently bought my Ping S59 set and I play 4-PW and absolutely love them! Previously I hit the Ping eye 2 irons and although I did like those, I feel that my distance and playability have improved extremely with these clubs. I got my set for 275 slightly used and I feel I can't beat a deal like that.
I mark my ball with "4:13".....I can do everything through him who gives me strength. I use the sight lines that are already printed on the ball for putting.
Seeing that you from Iceland I can only speak for the US when saying that consumerism is fed into our life everyday. Kind of like "keeping up with the Jones," everyone has to have to newest and flashiest looking stuff just to say they have it.
Recently I've had the same exact problem with my wood/hybrid and by just going through trial and error of trying to fix the problem at the range I've found that interlocking my right pinky/left pointer on my grip really straightens out the shot to a slight draw. I'm no pro but I'm sure it couldn't hurt to try it out if you haven't already!
What would you want just for the baffler hybrid?
this seems like a good idea, I think I'm going to rig something similar up in my garage. what do you hit into there just a hanging sheet?
So me being 5'9" it would seem that the black dots would be the best fit since I am average height? I'm not sure if I should try a different degree to maybe help my distance.
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