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The anchors are not just the highest and lowest parts of the green but the highest and lowest relative to the pin location. Sometimes, high anchors can be in the middle of the green. Use your eyes to estimate slope direction and amount for approach shots. Then use midpoint once on the green to refine the read. Estimate then refine.  
I scored a 93.Argued with Mark intensely about wording on question 1. Got one wrong so i got 2 others wrong.Yes, I was pissed.
Very interesting thread. Enjoying reading it.
Hey guys,   I'll be coming to South Africa in late March to introduce AimPoint Green Reading. Currently looking for hosts and venues to get things started.   Contact me if you are interested or someone that is.   Thanks,     JG
Sean,   Thank you for taking the time to reread the post and write that reply.   Crow is never needed, in my book, for those that go the extra step and do what you did.   It's a tribute to your character.   JG   BTW-My life has basically been about learning by crow. =)
Honestly, in my discussions with outgoing Apprentices over the last 15 years, they have confirmed to me that this practice has continued. I'm hoping it has changed but i have my doubts. I was also reminded by others that many other National PGA's based their teaching on the information presented by the PGA of America not the PGA Teaching Manual. Around the world, I'm sure I have listed the amount of professionals that have received the wrong information too low.   I also...
Sean,   The article clearly states that the manual is mostly correct. Misleading maybe but not 'wrong'. It has 9 shot patterns and 5 Ball Flight Laws. The PGA of America was teaching us, the apprentices, their 9 Ball Flight Laws created by them in direct contradiction to the Manual that were incorrect. It is those 9 Ball Flight Laws taught by the PGA of America that are being called old and incorrect. Not Dr Wiren's 5 Laws in the Manual.   No one is throwing the Manual...
Here's the worst part in my opinion.   I received a FB message from a coach in Philadelphia saying she lost an up and coming junior player because his dad thought she was giving him the wrong information on ball flight cause and effect because of that episode.   He told her Brandel said it was this way so we are going to find an instructor that knows the truth.   Can you believe that?   I would be so pissed. I can't even imagine.   JG
Agreed Iacas.   I would certainly prefer he take note and maybe research a little and then discuss what he found. His opportunity to help many more golfers than we'll ever see is great.   So frustrating trying to convince someone that what they heard Brandel say on TV is incorrect. Makes our job much harder.   Rogers shot after the help is just perfect.   JG   PS Thanks for all the twitter followers out there.
Hey everyone,   Just a little update for August that, I know, is a little late.   Chicago August 12 and 13 a fundamental and advanced class.   Philadelphia August 14 and 15 a fundamental and advanced class.   Northern British Columbia August 20 and 21 both fundamental classes.   #JG
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