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That's handy - missed another GIR
Dropped 2 full points to 8.4. I had to career rounds back to back, a 74 and a 75. My lessons seem to be taking hold.
My round today was truly up and down. Shot 59 on the first nine and 39 on the second nine. I was really proud that I kept my composure while recording a 10 on a par 4 and a 15 on a par 5 the first nine. Funny thing is the money ended up even at the end of the day.
I saw his press conference today and when asked about his driver distance he said he had put on 3 kg of muscle in the last eight weeks. I know he is young and has the best trainers, but that seems like a lot of muscle in a short time. It is obvious he has put an emphasis on fitness the last couple of years and because I really like the kid I hope he is doing it correctly.
Up again to 10.4. I keep bouncing around between 9 an 11.
Still haven't received mine yet, maybe today. I am interested to see if this will allow me to play a full round without significant pain.
I still have not got mine either. I am starting to think it went
I bought the G-25's last July as my retirement present to myself. This was a great purchase on my part. They are solid and forgiving, yet you can tell if you miss hit the shot. I would suggest you make sure to get fit for whichever clubs you decide.
I laugh at myself all the time when I hit a bad shot. It is my way of letting it go, so I don't get overly upset. In a serious round with others I would not laugh at someone else's shot unless they did so first.
Didn't get mine today either. Hopefully Monday, this issue with my back is really starting to get to me.
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