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I laugh at myself all the time when I hit a bad shot. It is my way of letting it go, so I don't get overly upset. In a serious round with others I would not laugh at someone else's shot unless they did so first.
Didn't get mine today either. Hopefully Monday, this issue with my back is really starting to get to me.
New revision out this morning and it is back into the single digits. 9.6, it is funny how one really great round can lower the handicap. I need to work to keep it there.
My pain is due to nerve issues, but is directly in this area. I would be interested in trying this product.
Up to a 10.1, but I am still working on getting used to a change in grip and alignment. When they work they work well, but when I slip back to old habits it gets pretty ugly. I really want to be able to stay in the single digits.
I have no problem with removing trees from a golf course if it helps the course or they no longer serve their original intent. I play at a small town club in Central Texas that was built over 50 years ago. There are trees in the middle of several fairways that would have been in play for a long drive years ago, but now they are right in the landing area of a well struck drive center of the fairway. Two of them are so large that the best play now is to hit to the side of...
One thing I always worry about are those people who drive along with their left foot hanging outside of the cart. There is a member at the course I play who has a very bad limp and I found out it is because he ran himself over with a golf cart. He was hanging his left foot outside and hit a bump. His foot caught on the ground and it pulled him out of the cart. The cart ran over his ankle and leg. Surgery and a stay in the hospital. Even though driving the cart can be...
Today was my first experience with tournament golf. It was day one of our two day Club Championship. I shot an 88. Not my best day on the course, but it was really only two holes that did me in. I took an 8 and a 9 on two separate par fours, two OB shots on one and a lost tee ball on the other. Normally these two holes would ruined the entire day for me, but for some reason I was able to keep it together. I went par par after the 8 and birdie par after the 9. In the...
I have started wearing long sleeve Dri-Fit T-shirts by Hanes this year. They are fairly cheap and come in a multitude of colors. I live in Central Texas and it gets warm, but overheating has not been a problem. I did this because I don't like sunscreen on my arms, I do use it on my legs and the parts of my face not protected by a wide brim hat. I started having "spots" taken off at my last physical. I may not look cool in my long sleeves and hat, but hopefully I can keep...
My changing expectations have driven me to seek professional help, I had my first ever official golf lesson yesterday. Now I really see how much I have to work on. Maybe one day I can shoot that even par nine like you did.
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