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I have a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2.  32 inches 6 degrees of loft 2 degrees flat.  Love it, have nothing bad to say about it.  I have had it since the first week it came out.
I have the same problem, I got a vr pro driver used and it did not come with the settings chart.  So i just tinkered with it until I got it where I want it.  Also I am left handed, so if "R" is 2 open for a right handed driver, is it still two open for a left handed one? Or is it 2 closed?
04  Mercedes SL500
If over 99% of tour players wear shoes with spikes why question if you should wear them?
Carry distances in yards are:   Driver- 285 3 wood- 260 3 hybrid- 245 3 iron- 215 5 iron- 193 6 iron- 180 7 iron- 170 8 iron- 158 9 iron- 148 P wedge- 130 52- 118 56- 103 60- 85
Yeah, I know the rule, but they didn't agree with me on where it last crossed. 
I have not ever found a hybrid that I like.  I hit everyone of them too high, no matter what shaft is in it.  I am a natural drawer of the ball, and I think that all hybrids are hook weighted.  I can't control it with wind, and in Texas there is always wind.  I have a g10 2iron on order, can't wait for it to come in.  So I am with you on this, if you like the two iron, keep it.
Lateral hazard
I was playing in a tournament this past weekend.  We get to the fourth hole, a par three with a hazard that starts 30 short of the green then raps around to the right of it, right off the edge of the green.  And I start my ball at the left of the green and rope hook it into the hazard on the right (I am left handed), the ball clearly crossed the hazard line short of the green and then the wind took it and it hooked and went in the hazard pin high right of the green.  But...
It does not take as much time to put them on, because the grip doesn't have to be put on perfectly.
New Posts  All Forums: