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It might be better to post your question in a 5SK forum. Are you doing a S&T swing in the context of 5SK?
I also am bagging 13 clubs. I'm wondering if it's a good idea to go to 3 wedges. Given that my approach iron has a loft of 49, I'm thinking of adding 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges.
Sounds like you may be moving your head forward before contact. We all know you're supposed to slide the hips forward, but don't overdue that, because if you do, the head will go foward too.
I think the tilt keeps you stacked.
I recommend the X2 Hot Pro 5 wood. Easy to hit off the deck. Great club.
The X2 Hot driver was a good fit for me too. Also hit Slider S, G25, and Bio Cell.
Do others find that when you grip strong there is shaft lean at setup? Doesn't that deloft the club and cause a lower ball flight? I find that if I grip weak the ball moves forward in my stance and I get a higher ball flight.
Snowed in today, did like Paige, heard she is getting surgery on Friday, prayers going out for her.
These optimal #'s look great but how much trouble did you go through to get close to them given your swing speed?
I have the 14-way SM Hybrid bag for when I ride or push and the 4-way SM Three 5 bag for when I walk. When walking will watch out for the hit a 6 when I thought it was a 9 catastrophe!
New Posts  All Forums: