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I want to boost my game with Adipower Boost 1. Dustin Johnson -9 2. Rickie Fowler -8 3. Jason Day -7
56% on the front leg at setup seems like an attempt to limit the amount of backward weight transfer. I probably do the opposite. Even though I attempt to setup balanced, the right hand is below the left so I've got some backwards spine tilt and as a result more than 50% on the back leg.
To me it looks like his head is favoring the front leg. I get the importance of the steady head but one can do that and still load weight to the back leg on the take away.
Then I really wish Bennett and Plummer would publish their current understanding in a revised edition of the book.The S&T pattern does seem to work magic with irons.
Try it yourself and see if you drive the ball to low and lose distance.
Because it's not a conventional swing. No more than 45% of your weight on your back leg at setup and less and less as you swing. Some think you lose power by under utilizing your back leg. It also doesn't translate to the driver when most of us are trying to hit up on the ball.
The Stack and Tilt Swing by Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer. Looking for a quick fix to not being able to make solid contact consistently? This book has helped me year after year.
It does look like TWs short game technique is way off. Go see Rocco and Trevino. Use the bounce!
So far just thinking about getting Lamkin grips put on my 54 and 58 degree wedges. Heard about them on XM PGA radio.
Enjoyed that video. Thanks for sharing. Interesting what he said about avoiding reaching for the ball and the dreaded lateral movement.
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