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this year, been playing mostly with my dad who recently had a stroke. He has been paying red tees. So I enjoy the time with dad, so i play from the reds on the long holes and we play from the whites on the shorter holes. (he used to be a 5HC, now about a 13 or 14) we actually have a boatload of fun playing it this way and it works for both of us now.
  that would go for EVERYTHING in the world. Why even have message boards then ?
IMO the time it takes to play a round is whats killing it
no comparison, playing on a regularly played course is going to be easier for you. my dad was a 5 HC, on his course, he slaughtered me everytime, if i took him to a course he didnt know, id beat him the majority of the time. I think it has to do with comfort and lack of stress.
i only book online / via app
this is pretty much my biggest golf problem (concentration). Today, i shot par on the front 9, had total control of my head and gold ball, par'd the 10th and 11th and then completely lost any and all concentration. Typically I carry a few energy drinks to help me keep focused. A buddy who is a doctor and knows me well told me to try it and it helps but i didnt have any on me today. ended up shooting 78 which is good for me but not where i should have finished. 
so he has what 4 lifetime exemptions ?
I dont see the big deal in her comments. The woman behind them is clearly not attractive. Her comment was honest (god forbid)
thank god. now tiger can get back to biz.... 
more than he does now. he looks like an aids patient now
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