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the only time id ever take a practice swing is when its a very difficult shot like under a tree, around a tree etc... otherwise i get up to the ball and hit it. same as the OP, i dont wanna waste good swings.   so im interested in hearing others
  yup, same here
id like to see those three end it   DJ Spieth simpson
whenever paired up with "that guy" i find that one nasty/mean comment to them shuts them up for the round or they quit after a few holes cause i dont talk to them at all. its really pretty simple.
rarely ever take any practice swing unless its a very difficult shot like around a tree or under a branch or something like that. usually just step up, quick waggle and swing away
cant see her boobs in those pics....very annoying
i want them all to take steroids. the further they hit the ball, the more entertained i am. I dont care what they do, just entertain me !
50 and sunny here is my low limit. anything else is just not enjoyable to me
ive never played golf in anything but a pair of shorts.....so that kinda weather aint gonna cut it
my phone is always on. its always on silent and check it for emails mainly. I only ever call people back if its really urgent, most of my customers know to email or text me
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