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funny shin guards, ill give him that
flavored water like propel mostly, occasionally G2
my picks in order:   jordan DJ justin rose
Im all for tiger bangin any hot chick he can if it helps his confidence and game. and who says duffner didnt know and approve of his wife being with him ? maybe afterwards, it messed up the marriage. who knows or cares....its the duffner's life, not mine
 im not a lawyer but im pretty sure it doesnt change anything. true or false unless its in his prenup
i cant imagine caring what a bunch of millionaires do with their hard earned cash. hit the ball, entertain me !
this year, been playing mostly with my dad who recently had a stroke. He has been paying red tees. So I enjoy the time with dad, so i play from the reds on the long holes and we play from the whites on the shorter holes. (he used to be a 5HC, now about a 13 or 14) we actually have a boatload of fun playing it this way and it works for both of us now.
  that would go for EVERYTHING in the world. Why even have message boards then ?
IMO the time it takes to play a round is whats killing it
no comparison, playing on a regularly played course is going to be easier for you. my dad was a 5 HC, on his course, he slaughtered me everytime, if i took him to a course he didnt know, id beat him the majority of the time. I think it has to do with comfort and lack of stress.
New Posts  All Forums: