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I dont see the big deal in her comments. The woman behind them is clearly not attractive. Her comment was honest (god forbid)
thank god. now tiger can get back to biz.... 
more than he does now. he looks like an aids patient now
definitely leaner but doesnt look healthy to me. hope hes ok
hard to think tiger only made $610K on the course 
id like to think there is a time its acceptable but it never is. possibly hurting someone badly just isnt worth it
it was nice to see a pro play a round of golf like i do for a change
i travel fairly often for work with clubs. i find its just easier and cheaper to check them at the airport. the one time i did, i used fedex. i seem to recall it costing around 140 bucks round trip
for me, its strictly looks when using them. they just fit my eye better
I guess im lucky to be perfect and have no flaws.
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