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JT & MJ are both great ideas
another vote for bill
WRX, its pretty much straight out from the holland tunnel. not a bad ride at all.
if i had a choice id prefer the ball just stick and zero spin.   to spin back, hit down on the ball and accelerate thru the ball
not sure which hole he's on or if he even knows yet. i didnt ask.   my schedule really wont let me plan for something like that. id hate to commit and have to travel for biz that week. i will go one of the days though
porn ?...whats porn...LOL   any addiction is bad and can lead to loss of job, family etc. its nothing new.    
not yet but i will. im just fat enough to pull it off...
i personally dont wanna be the clubs match the bag guy but others dont mind. if you like it, you do it. dont worry about it.
i dont drink while playing golf so i certainly wouldnt smoke.
fun to watch him hit the ball but its painful to get to that point. being that slow and annoying is just rude IMO
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