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with irons i focus on the front edge of the ball. seems to help with making better contact. with woods, i focus on the back of the ball.
doesnt sound like fun to me but glad you like it. enjoy it  !
felt and sounded exactly the same to me except the spin around the green. i like the penta slightly better
well went and took a lesson this afternoon after not really touching a club since last year. the above post is pretty much spot on. things i had changed without realizing it were, grip, grip pressure, take away (with shoulders and left hand rather than pull with my right hand) taking the club too far back causing me to lift up a little and break my wrists to much, and the feeling of starting the swing with me pulling the club down with my left hand.   the grip, grip...
this is me but my problem is the front nine typically.   concentration is the absolute biggest problem with my game.
im not into manass or dick so we dont play it.   not to mention nobody wants to see my fat hairy ass...lol
gotta be tough to practice with gulbis around, id much rather spend my time on her
there is a lot of trump/haney commercials the last couple of days. almost like they are giving you the answer to this question.
id love to see some detailed pics of this driver to compare to the real one
doubt a regular joe is gonna happen.
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