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IMO the best twitterer is ian poulter, then bubba and ben crane (when ben doesnt get to preachy) vijay is also pretty good
my 97 year old grandmother would recognize michael jordan. banning him from that course hurts them more than it does MJ. to ban him on the 12th hole for crago shorts is pretty cheesy. i understand rules but to enforce them at that point is cheesy
i went from a nice draw to a lot of draw to a nasty hook regardless of club. pretty much out of control in the beginning of this year. had to force myself to learn how to hit a fade to fix it. now im so afraid of hooking, i only play a fade
i like him and i think hes good for golf. hope he pulls it off  
i agree on the issue being distance but what about a guy like my father, 74 years old, 200 yard max drives, shoots 75-78 every day of the week at his home course. should he be hitting from the yellow tees (one up from white) white plays around 6100 yards IIRC
i budget 150 per week for golf and it usually covers me to play, balls, clubs, lessons are extra of course  
  what he said. this goes for any and all bags checked on a plane. they are going to be checking inside it
basically this is the bag i travel with. i travel with clubs pretty often and have never had any issues. used well over 50 times here as well and never have to sign any waivers in the 5 years ive owned and used it. IMO this is the best way to go    
played apple mountain a few weeks ago that has a par 6 ~ 660 yards. hit the second shot on the green about 12 feet from the cup, two putts for an eagle. its actually quite easy if you hit it over some trees on the first shot.
i assume its the exact same issue tiger ran into....more wins = more girls ( not that there is anything wrong with that )  
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