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im not into manass or dick so we dont play it.   not to mention nobody wants to see my fat hairy ass...lol
gotta be tough to practice with gulbis around, id much rather spend my time on her
there is a lot of trump/haney commercials the last couple of days. almost like they are giving you the answer to this question.
id love to see some detailed pics of this driver to compare to the real one
doubt a regular joe is gonna happen.
never kept track of anything other than score and at the end of the round the card gets thrown away
i have played a couple of times without them. my right foot seems to slip out when using the driver if i dont have them on
bubba is one of my favorite players to watch (especially this year) i dont think he will be in the top 10 at the masters. maybe not even top 20. in the future maybe.
JT & MJ are both great ideas
another vote for bill
New Posts  All Forums: