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  what he said. this goes for any and all bags checked on a plane. they are going to be checking inside it
basically this is the bag i travel with. i travel with clubs pretty often and have never had any issues. used well over 50 times here as well and never have to sign any waivers in the 5 years ive owned and used it. IMO this is the best way to go    
played apple mountain a few weeks ago that has a par 6 ~ 660 yards. hit the second shot on the green about 12 feet from the cup, two putts for an eagle. its actually quite easy if you hit it over some trees on the first shot.
i assume its the exact same issue tiger ran into....more wins = more girls ( not that there is anything wrong with that )  
  in my opinion, the percentage of wins is what makes tiger the greatest. thats really the only fair way to compare the two. (and also majors)
jordan used things like that to motivate himself too. with the kind of cash these guys have, id never think twice about golf, i dont blame them for using things like that to help them get back into things
im not even sure what putting with a rattlesnake means ? hard for me to be insulted if i was ernie....
its not tigers problem. tiger has his reasons, thats all there is to it
congrats tiger.
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