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im not even sure what putting with a rattlesnake means ? hard for me to be insulted if i was ernie....
its not tigers problem. tiger has his reasons, thats all there is to it
congrats tiger.
IMO, haney will be hurt more (image wise) than tiger will be by this book. 
im not saying this is for everyone but this has helped me the last year or so keeping back pain away. this was after 3 epidurals to rid the pain.   http://www.healingbackpain.com/
tigers's a golfer, as long as he entertains me on the course, im happy. micelli got what he was looking for, a way to get his name out there, same as a lot of people do on tigers name.....
with irons i focus on the front edge of the ball. seems to help with making better contact. with woods, i focus on the back of the ball.
doesnt sound like fun to me but glad you like it. enjoy it  !
felt and sounded exactly the same to me except the spin around the green. i like the penta slightly better
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