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i like the mickelson captain/player idea
not real golf, i didnt hear any swearing
they should be able to play any tournament they want
I have been using a bag just like this one below for 6 years. I travel for a living and it comes with me on about 20 round trip flights x 6 years and it looks like its in great shape still. very easy to go from the rental car to the course. only difference is mine has wheels on the bottom that i dont see in this pic.   it fits all my clubs, dozen balls, hats, towels, tees etc... fully setup, ready to play   I can only speak for united airlines, they consider it another...
im spoiled by the GPS app on my phone. id have a hard time playing without it on courses i dont know well.
   what he said
paramus NJ is pretty good. been there 3 times and so far each time they were helpful
 I agree, my 75 year old dad plays 7 days a week religiously and works two of those days at the course. he has no problems
two geese died cause of bad shots and i couldnt care less about them
 they have done it for me a few times as well, with no issue
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