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i dont promote theft regardless of price
IMO, any list like this without Ai Miyazato is bogus...lol   I love that girl
< --- holly fan.   I didnt realy like kuselias all that much but i did like the old format better.
my swing by swing app keeps these stats for me
i feel i was in a similar spot. shoot consistent low 80's, cant break 80 (till this summer) swing is decent, chipping is pretty good. My problem is driver being erratic and putting (i hate putting) and i have a concentration problem.   This year i decided only to take driver out if it really is beneficial to my score and an open fairway on the hole otherwise take 3 wood which i hit consistent as heck and fairly long. If i can chip it closer, make less driver mistakes i...
I agree with some of the above comments. it would make me work twice as hard at practicing and id turn it around on him slightly. do it slowly and methodically and he will shut up eventually.....then turn up the volume on YOUR taunting to crush him
  Completely agree.
im hoping for two but im sure he gets one
im with fourputt, hes a strange duck
funny cartoon
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