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two geese died cause of bad shots and i couldnt care less about them
 they have done it for me a few times as well, with no issue
   I play with 3-4 other guys typically on sunday. we play like the above. I keep my score legit cause i shoot lower scores than the others do. I dont care what they do in their own game. I also havent kept a HC in years. i just dont need or care to.
tigers stinger. i just cant keep the ball low when needed.
shot 45/39 today. ill take it
for the most part i have no idea when its going to happen. typically, mine hit and stop.  i know if I have too much club in my hand and hold off on the swing, its backing up.   I can always tell AFTER i hit the ball if its going to but by then, its too late...lol
NY NJ MASS NH VT RI DE MD VA NC SC PA OH WV GA FL   also bahamas and bermuda
how do you know he doesnt have one already. you can be sure he would never let that out
  what he said
6800 yards, slope 123, rating 72.8   shot 83 with a ball hit in the water like a dope
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