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i kept my last set of clubs for traveling. I figure ill buy a set every 3 years and keep throwing out the oldest set.
I wouldnt hesitate to do that. thats gotta be fun and you get a cool helicopter ride too which is always fun
I almost always use golfnow
short sided, in tall grass
congrats, i know the exact feeling of breaking 80, i did it for the first time last weekend with a 36/38 = 74.
i see far too many people playing from the back tees that should be at least one tee forward if not two.
great video
his chances are the same as any other tournament, i wouldnt bet against him
personla favorite is TPC at the canyons outside of vegas
been holding at the same level for a few years. Mainly for lack of practice and caring. my issue is and has always been concentration. i just dont have much and to focus for 18 holes is tough for jerks like me..lol   I kinda wish i cared more about the scores, maybe ill get focused more this year with more time to do it. (i think)
New Posts  All Forums: