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scary how much kim didnt know. guess thats why one is super successful on the course and one isnt
what would the reason be that its not street legal ? rollcages are legal, orange paint is legal.....
definitely one of the coolest things ive seen in golf in a while
I agree, danielle is a cutie.  
im a feherty fan, loved this show. i have met jack a few times, always talked fishing and boats
  im shocked that the media would do such a thing to sell advertising or for any other reason
hard to find a hotter chick than that thing....damn. good for him
if there is no snow on the course, my father plays year round in northern NJ
I know this is the reason for my lack of game but i never practice in the winter, its just too cold for me to care. I have a trip coming in early feb to florida so i'll probably hit a few buckets the week before but thats it. I tend to go to the range a little more in the spring but not very often at all.
getting old sucks
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