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  what he said
6800 yards, slope 123, rating 72.8   shot 83 with a ball hit in the water like a dope
originally took it up to spend some more time with my father, now i do that but mainly to relax. its all about the sunglasses, shorts and sun
my back allows 18 holes. I try not to hit many balls before the round to make sure its not hurting when im done.,
mine is probably fairy accurate but the truth is i haven't kept a real HC in 6-7 years. I just dont care.
about 20MPH
sergio and bubba is slowly climbing up my hate list. I think its all a front with him.
bubba is a fat guy hater apparently
i kept my last set of clubs for traveling. I figure ill buy a set every 3 years and keep throwing out the oldest set.
I wouldnt hesitate to do that. thats gotta be fun and you get a cool helicopter ride too which is always fun
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