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I agree, danielle is a cutie.  
im a feherty fan, loved this show. i have met jack a few times, always talked fishing and boats
  im shocked that the media would do such a thing to sell advertising or for any other reason
hard to find a hotter chick than that thing....damn. good for him
if there is no snow on the course, my father plays year round in northern NJ
I know this is the reason for my lack of game but i never practice in the winter, its just too cold for me to care. I have a trip coming in early feb to florida so i'll probably hit a few buckets the week before but thats it. I tend to go to the range a little more in the spring but not very often at all.
getting old sucks
unique and still impressive how far he can hit it at his age
IMO the best twitterer is ian poulter, then bubba and ben crane (when ben doesnt get to preachy) vijay is also pretty good
my 97 year old grandmother would recognize michael jordan. banning him from that course hurts them more than it does MJ. to ban him on the 12th hole for crago shorts is pretty cheesy. i understand rules but to enforce them at that point is cheesy
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