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I'm pretty open about beer, I love Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. I also love Fat Tire but then again there are times when it is a PBR night.
I'm pretty sure that this year's finals will be the Celtics and Lakers again. Lakers are hurting now but when Bynum gets back into playing shape and into the flow of things they will be the team to beat in the West again.
I thought I was going to play through the winter until I actually got on the course and felt first hand what it was like to try to swing a club in 4 degree wind chill. I look forward to March/April.
Although I'm a loyal UK (Kentucky) fan for college bball. It kills me to say that I think Duke will take it again this year.
I'm sure it's been covered before but the e6 is the same thing as the e6+, correct? I've been looking all over for the e6 but all I could find was the e6+.
hahahaha I finally caught on to my mispelling. Thank you for the humor. I didn't realize that we had a spell check function in our reply box.
No she isn't asking for an upgrade but the clubs are pretty old so I'm thinking she needs an upgrade. We use to live in Japan so for irons, she only had Honma's and Maruman's. I'm wondering if I could open her mind to Tayloremade or Calloway irons.
I'm looking to getting my mom some upgraded clubs (she currently uses Honma). She is a 8 handicap and wasn't sure what to get her. I was looking strictly had senior or lady styles... any suggestions?
I have my current ones: The VR Full Cavity 4-GW and the 1996 big bertha calloway irons 3-SW as my spare
I started playing golf again about a year ago and couldn't hit the Odyssey White 2-Ball putter to save my life and had to change back to my old Dual Force 990. Was I the only one that couldn't putt with it?
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