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I give it an 8 because it makes me not want to be at work. 
Ha! Love the avatar, nothing makes your buddies more jealous than a good POV shot. 
I agree!! Those range balls helped more than you can imagine. 
Nicklaus Travel, the travel arm of Nicklaus Design golf courses, provided TheSandtrap an opportunity to experience first hand how relaxing a golf vacation should be. As we launch the Dream Destination contest and before I could tell the TST members about the whole experience I had to take a look for myself. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, here I come.  Choose from the many destination Jack Nicklaus designed courses and begin planning. Nicklaus Travel brings together...
Iacas -13 MVMAC -12 Woods -11
Nice job guys!
Here are a few more pics from the Taylor Made event.... ROCKETBALLZ!!   mvmac and Tom Kroll Getting the R11s dialed in   R11S and RBZ Drivers fresh out of the box   mvmac ready to get on the course.   We want to thank TaylorMade for giving us the opportunity to test drive the R11S and RBZ line.  
Hey, Check out the Brush Caddy Video I found on Youtube. For a day on the range it looks like a pretty good idea.  
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