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Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!
 I'll buy!
 Thank you RulesMan, I have nothing but respect for you. In hindsight, I was being very thin skinned, and I apologize for not taking your post in the spirit you intended. May I please have a mulligan?  Kevin
 That would be fine. Golf professionals live at the golf course in order to cater to golfers just like those on these websites. We work very long hours because we love it, and I don't feel we need to be ashamed of spending "90% of our time minding the store" as another posted and deleted. I don't care to post where I am thought of as irrelevant because of my profession. For the record, I don't believe the PGA or the PGA Tour needs a larger role in the rules. Too much...
 Please let me know your handle on other forums so I can start avoiding you...
 I always appreciate your posts. I wasn't aware of that decision (20-2c/0.8) and very happy to have learned from you again today! Kevin
This software will do the job, and the company is very responsive and user friendly.   http://www.golfsoftware.com/products/lm/golf-league-software.aspx
 I can't afford an attorney, so I fixed it. ROTFL Cheers!
I bought the hardcover version this summer, thanks for the reminder. This thread is giving me the push I need to find the time to read it...   Kevin
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