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 Looks like we just posted on top of each other David. I like your detailed explanation. Cheers!
27/16 Ball Declared Lost Is Found Before Another Ball Put into Play Q.A player searched for his ball for two minutes, declared it lost and started back to play another ball at the spot from which the original ball was played. Before he put another ball into play, his original ball was found within the five-minute period allowed for search. What is the ruling? A.A player cannot render a ball lost by a declaration - see Definition of "Lost Ball." The original ball...
LOL   It has to be a joke. Fourputt, calm down, your going to have a heart attack!!!    
...and actually, it's gotten worse. Am I the only one who thinks it may be a bad joke? Nobody could be this far off on legitimate answers, could they?
LOL Nope, the hits just keep coming. You're going to be busy again when you get back...
Too funny!!! LOL
Oh my gosh. You really need to quit posting answers, rules man can't keep up, and may give up...
Rulesman, clean up needed on isle 7! LOL
The answers take Mario's video from good to great. Thanks very much for posting them. I learned stuff!
24/5 Boundary Stakes Having No Significance in Play of Hole Being Played Q. White stakes installed between the 7th and 8th holes define out of bounds during play of the 7th hole, but they have no significance during play of the 8th hole. Are such stakes obstructions during play of the 8th hole? A. No, the Definition of "Out of Bounds" states that such stakes are not obstructions. However, in this case it is recommended that, by Local Rule, the stakes be deemed immovable...
New Posts  All Forums: