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That has to be some kind of record for the longest round in history!
Debate for the sake of debate. A question was asked and answered from more than one viewpoint. Just follow the culture of the course you're playing...
No See the decision referenced in post #5. 20-3d/2.
Great idea.
Good find FourPutt.
If you are the Greens Superintendent, you want them left in the bunker. If you are a rules person who has read decision 20-3d/2, you are an advocate of leaving them out of the bunker.
  WOW, that's amazing... Years ago, you had to prove you had the financial backing to travel on tour for the entire year, about $40,000 if you ate at fast food places and stay in the cheap hotels. No wonder that's no longer an issue!!!   Kevin
After writing and using my own tournament software since the late 1980's for my Mac, I have had to make the move to a PC. I have found a company who writes great software, is reasonable, and is very responsive to end user requests.   http://www.golfsoftware.com/products/tm/golf-tournament-software.aspx   Kevin  
WOW, the answers to many questions I was afraid to ask. You know how much I love TGM and it's derivatives. I enjoy your work very much and appreciate all the information you and Chuck have shared over the years. I'm very anxious to find the time to watch my 5 Keys DVDs in depth.   Thanks Dave, Kevin
Apologies if this has been asked before. I am enjoying the DVDs. Any chance of them being released in downloadable form that we may put into iTunes to run on other devices?   Thanks, Kevin
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