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They did not play the back tees at Carnoustie. Also remember that a lot of the challenges were not on the Championship Course but rather the Budon course - which is shorter. They played one up from the back tees (professional/championship tees used in the Open). White is as far back as it goes for the rest of us there.
I think the European team is stronger by far. It is way too hard to watch having to listen to some guy talk about what he was thinking or what he tried to do after slicing a ball 40 yards right on 18 and leaving their partner 200 hundred out. I think the guy that wins is going to be the British Am champ from 96 (Wayne?). He obviously has some game.
Here is the probability scale by the USGA Odds of Shooting exectional Tournament Scores I used this link in my post on how people don't understand the handicap system at all.
This is a whole different topic but remember that the highest handicap hole is not necessarily the hardest hole on the course. It is the course with the highest vairance in scores. Ex: When they did our hole handicaps we took everyones scorecards for a few months and looked at what the scores were on all holes. Our 8th (a par 5) had the highest difference in scores on average. It is not the most difficult by far though. Since it is on the front side it was given...
This has gone from how people understand the handicap system as it is today to complaining about member-guest tournaments and net events. Every course has someone that lies when they turn in scores to boost their handicap up - thus no one wants to play them with those strokes. We have a member who does that - he never plays anyone at our club but when the net events come around he always wins. What joy can someone get from cheating? Let him cheat he has to live with it....
I wonder how many golfers actually understand the purpose of US golf handicaps. Many seem to think that the handicap is to show their average score. This is incorrect. A golfer's handicap is to show potential. It takes great odds to better one's handicap twice in their previous 20 scores. Not that it can't be done but the odds are against you. Obviously with a higher handicap it can happen more since there is more of a variance in scores and improvement is easier to do....
76 - 39/37 at Riverchase CC in Birmingham AL yesterday. Was there visiting a friend. 1 double, 4 bogeys, 2 birdies. The course is not rated too hard so I did not reach my potential handicap wise but it was an ok day. The putter sucked.
72 twice last year. First one - 34-38 E 72 73.7/140 7,018 The Frog Resort Villa Rica, GA Second - 35-37 E 72 72.8/130 6,970 Farmlinks Sylacauga, AL
I have played at Cruden Bay on the 18 hole course. Definitely want to play it a couple of times though. The fourth hole is very well known in the world of golf as a picturesque par 3. There is a whales back in the middle of the 17th fairway, plenty of blind tee shots on holes. It is a great "short" course.
I think Baker Finch won other tournaments (not majors though). So I would have to go with Lawrie, Micheel, and Curtis as the top three for now.
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