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do an ebay search ... ebay defines what the market bears when selling anything.    Subtract shipping & there ya go ...
I played a course recently at close to 6300 from the whites & I managed to get through it, but man, it's an exercise in hitting long irons, hybrids and woods into greens.      Great practice with the longer clubs, but wouldn't want to do it all the time.   Problem was the next set of tees was around 5700 - strange layout.   I find I'm much more comfortable around 6000 yds.
 I like your way of thinking.   Same here ...
Out of area:   - Wolf Creek, NV - Rio Secco, NV - World Woods, Tampa - Sand Hollow, UT   Local:   - Conklin Players Club - Ballyowen - Royce Brook - Jack Frost National
Seasons winding down ... if we're lucky have a couple months left.    I've got in about 85 rounds so far - feeling kind of beat up.    Kind of glad we don't play in the winter - the old bones need an off season to recover (I'm sure my sentiments will change about late January when there's 2 feet of snow on the ground and I'm jonesing to play...)
Finally got the monkey off my back tonight.     #10 Royce Brook (par 4)  ... 134 yd approach to elevated green.     Holed a 9 iron.     Sucky part is that the green was slightly elevated, saw it disappear, so we thought it went off the back of the green - couldn't see it go in the hole ... oh well, not complaining.    Finishing up my 4th season - missed a bunch of eagle putts (10-20') on par 5's over the last couple years - never really had a short enough putt to really...
my best (and longest) drives are always when I swing easy - I focus on TEMPO - smooth backswing, and similar paced downswing.     Nothing good ever happens when I speed up or overswing ... think tempo on the backswing and downswing
I used to shank pitches and chips on a regular basis - I fixed the problem by setting up as usual, and then walking about an inch closer to the ball - just that little bit helps dramatically.    maybe it will help you on full shots
I saw it ... the incessant blubbering was a bit much.    Best part was the female judge ... she said her husband loves golf and she HATES golf - so true of so many couples (except mine   :-)
sounds like a blast - I miss 9 hole courses, all but 1 has closed in my area ...
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