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Just take it slow.    Remember, good golf is about hitting the sweet spot of the clubface - don't have to swing hard to get respectable distance.    Work on a slower, smooth tempo swing & you'll be surprised what you can accomplish ... just don't rush it - glad you're back on the course.
my tendency when I start blading is to lean back & stand up slightly = blade city.    Make sure you're not doing that ...
  Vikings is ridiculous good.     Last episode when Ragnar finally took care of Yar Borg was epic ... he took it like a man - gotta give him that.   INtroduction of the new Earl Lagatha is a nice twist - I think Ragnar still has a thing for her ...
  I would have to agree ... that comment was not uttered loudly - seemed like it was between him and his caddy.   I don't know if I would have been even that calm under the circumstances ... and then, when he was visibly irritated, he stuck the approach shot to 18" - LIKE A BOSS
THIS is why I dig Bubba ... it is not just hitting driver off deck - it is playing a 50 yard intentional slice off the deck so it enters the green from the front on the only acceptable line  ------------------->  
Bubba seems to be the most polarizing figure in professional golf today.     He has fans & haters ... for a multitude of reasons.      I know some may be ambivilent on the issue, but for the sake of the poll, lets keep to fan or no fan.     I'm curious how this turns out ... let me break the ice - as a fellow home made swinger, I like what he's able to do with that swing ... fan.
Yep - golf is a game of highs and lows.      I can shoot low 80's one week and have a blow up high 90's the next ... what really gets under my skin is that I just can't manage to turn it around when it really starts to go bad.    
Being that I'm not used to super fast greens - wouldn't even break 100 - no way.
amazes me why some people participate in internet forums - they must just have adversarial personalities and like to fight without contributing anything ...
^ I would agree with the budget mindset of golfnow.     Golfnow works for up to foursomes in most cases, more than that in your group, it would be difficult to use.     To me, golf is always sweeter when I find a deal on it ...
New Posts  All Forums: