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 I was against this way of thinking at first (thought the short game was the key to golf), but after so many far better players than myself chimed in ... I started to reconsider.     I'm a believer now - the long game / GIR's are where the most gains can be had.    I shot a 38 last night (way better than my average) - reason being is that my tee shots were all decent, about average; putting wasn't great, about average;  but my approach shots were stellar.     I agree with...
shot a 38 last night (7 pars) - pretty close to being satisfied (which is highly unusual in my case)
 Not picking on you, but I find it odd that there's this apparent disdain for Dubuisson - not many seem to like him.    He is killing it on tour this year ... last I checked he was 2nd in the Euro points.     Seems like a nice enough guy & I think it's good for golf - I don't ever recall a really good Frenchman in European golf ...
Good thread - I'm regressing and haven't broken 85 in a month or more.    For me, it happens on the good putting days.     Other biggie is limiting the doubles and NO triples.
If the Euro's pick Langer ... with Watson's performance at the Open, I think he should pick HIMSELF !!    Talk about a matchup !!
 agree - River Oaks is the best of the "budget" courses I played last time in MB
Dubuisson is 2nd in the Euro points right now - he's got my vote
Both my bro's played - I never had any interest whatsoever (down deep, I knew I couldn't aford the time for another hobby).      I  always heard from everyone you can't fish and golf, I always fished - I'm talking serious hardcore tournament bass fishing (amateur level only).      So, at 45 years old, my boss guilted me into playing a company outing & I loved it.     The hook set was immediate - LOL.    Played 100+ rounds the first 3 years I played, will probably get there...
Sorry, just terrible coverage the final day ... they didn't even show the three hottest players who were on the course at the same time  (Ai, Azahara & Beatrice) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      They were so fixated on the wrong Miyazato, I almost threw my shoe at the TV.    Fail was strong on sunday  ...
 I bought into all the hype about hybrids being easier to hit than long irons for too long, so I never gave my 4i a fair chance.      My modern hot faced cavity backed JPX-825 4i is really surprising me lately - it's got such a great feedback when struck well off the fairway & is loooooong.      I'm loving it... wish I committed to it earlier.
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