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I've been playing the Duo last few times out in near freezing weather.    It's a good ball, especially in the cold ... and surprisingly long (won the long drive contest with it in a scramble outing).    No complaints ... well only one, the color of the yellow ball is very dull by comparison - not as optically bright as every other yellow ball on the market (and I've played most of them).
well, based on these misguided comments, it's clearly time to bring back my old avatar
 you just made the list ...
been playing in the high 30's (WITH HIGH WIND) last few weeks - not all that bad if you dress for it.     As long as there's no snow (like 2012 here), I'll find someplace to play all winter ...
42°F yesterday, clear but with 10-15 mph winds which made it pretty brutal.    Had some time in the afternoon after a job, so had to do it.      Like my buddy always says .... gotta man up & capitalize on the few opportunities left this year - unfortunately I feel golf slip sliding away for 2014 ...    PS - almost had my first ace ... knocked the flag down from 145.
thing is, I bet I could hit it 40 yards further.    Problem is there's a 90+% chance it would be in the woods left or right.      100% probability I'd wake up car wreck sore the next morning from swinging like that more than a few times ...
 you're dead to me ...         ... if you're referring to Sara
douche move - totally unacceptable & I'm shocked Golf Digest EVER published that ... there's one golf magazine I won't be subscribing to again.
 Nope - but I've tried them.   I play into the 20's, and bought a regular leather golf glove for my right hand - just play with 2 normal golf gloves, not the heavy winter gloves.    Coleman propane cart heater helps with that  ...
Great info - thx Erik !   One question about putters ... do you have a preference between slightly heavier vs. slightly lighter ?    I've switched to an oversize heavy putter this summer & have never putted better - my lag putting is dramatically better.
New Posts  All Forums: