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Bottom line ... would YOU take him on your fantasy team right now ?
 Aw common ... a Camry ?!?     Thats harsh ... a guy that shoots low to mid 70's has to be at least a V8 Mustang compared to a Nascar stock car ... I'd be the Camry
^^^ I see what you did there - LOLOLOL
 Furthermore, I think it would show maturity and gain him a lot of fans that realize he's playing smarter and using the body he has left to his advantage by adapting to a more realistic playing style. ^^^ To the post above with regard to world ranking ... is there a danger he will lose his tour card if he continues at this rate ?   He will certainly have exemptions ... but I would like to know if losing his card is in the cards for who many consider the GOAT  ...
 this. Plus he's swinging too hard.    I would like to see him develop a more control game rather than trying to regain his youthful power game now that he's aging.    A drive 285 on the fairway is better than 310 in somebody's backyard ...
Nay as one does not have "multiple" 59's in his amateur career ... he has an EXACT number of 59's when asked about it (as there have only been 5 or 6 in PGA history)
 This is an interesting point ... I think we all have a peak at which we eventually reach our best hcp based on time available to dedicate to the game.    
Seems after almost 500 rounds, ive peaked at 12 hcp. - whatever improvement I see is coming slow and hard now - would just like to see single digit hcp one day ...
The worst thing somebody can say to me on the golf course when I'm looking over a 2-1/2 footer is "I'll give you that" ... just seems to put extra pressure on me & I miss it more often than I would otherwise for whatever reason.    Then they always say, I gave you that, you're good.   Yeah, right.   WHY DON"T YOU SHUT YOUR BIG YAPPER and let me putt without all the quasi-gentlemans gimme's - really really hate that.
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