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I've been playing the TF Gamer 3 piece for the last month or so - seems like a fine ball to me.
My bag is pretty much same as yours (I just play a 4i vs your 4h). I would be lost without my 3 hybrid - depending on your gapping, I'd probably start my quest there. If you really want your mind blown... I would try a good 3 wood, 3 hybrid and 4 iron on the low end (to me, having one hybrid as a go to club is enough).
 Funny, how we're all different. This is exactly opposite of what causes hooks for me with woods. When I try to pick the ball clean or swing slightly up - my right wrist turns over too much & I hit the most brutal snap hooks I've ever seen. Consistently & predictably. The ONLY way I've been able to establish a nice straight ball flight with woods is to hit down on the ball.
100% agree - the armchair call-in's need to stop - I have a huge problem with that
interesting ... but I bet it would come down to a putting contest - those who could belly a wedge would have a huge advantage
 If I had to use only 2 clubs, I'd go fishing .      Trying to think how I could putt without a putter - probably use a 3 iron as it has the least amount of loft - I'd just make my way around the course hitting low liner punch shots at various distances  (I've become very proficient at that shot out of necessity), and an 8 iron (God help me if I ever wound up in a bunker)
2 clubs is kind of silly - the putter should be a given.   In addition to the putter, I would take a 3h and 9i
 That's the whole thing - from what I saw, she put the mark about a half inch left of the ball, and then placed the ball a half inch left of the mark. In actuality, she cheated twice !
OK, went back & watched the video repeatedly, agree the cheating allegation is pretty obvious. You gotta admit it was pretty slick move though. Improperly marking the ball and then improperly placing he ball ... gained her about an inch to better her line & she went about it without hesitation - she had the whole exercise down pat ... doubt its the first time she's done it being that she did it so well. She just got busted. I still think she was either really...
 This falls into my theory.    Like me, maybe she has a BIG problem with viewers calling in rules infractions.     If it were me, as soon as the rules official started his sentence "John, we just got a call from a viewer that you may have broken the rules, and after subsequent review, we are going to instate a penalty" ... as soon as I heard "we just got a call from a viewer" ... I would have seen red and it would have been off to the races in my head - no telling what I...
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