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I try to use a S&T (centered pivot) type swing ... wouldn't worry too much about maintaining perfect centered head position - as long as you're head is fairly well centered & you're not swaying back & transferring a large percentage of weight rearward, that shouldn't be too big of an issue.     As for folding arms too early on the follow through ... think of it as reaching forward with your arms - really focus on creating a "long" swing feeling.    The natural tendency is...
Is your 5 wood fairly new or an older model ?       I played with a guy this week who played an older steel 5 wood that was absolutely tiny compared to modern fairway woods. 
Sorry for the pga guys losing their jobs - nothing good to say about that in this economy.     However, this is aimed at the industry, and Dicks by default.    Golf equipment just costs too much.     To charge $399 for a SLDR driver that's mass produced by the thousands (probably tens of thousands) in China is ridiculous in this economy.     If they charged $159 for a new driver, I would have to think hard about buying one.    It's reverting to a rich man's sport.    ...
 ... VICTOR DUBUISSON hey, it could happen - Sergio, DJ and Ricky seem to be laying down.   VDub was the only guy who really killed it last couple days (other than Rory).     It will be interesting to see if Rory's putter stays hot & he stays out of the fescue on sunday.   If Rory does win, it will open the floodgates ... he will have earned ultimate confidence in his Nike equipment and the sky's the limit then.
When I started, I kept buying the Wilson balls in the red mesh bag at Walmart - beginners tend to lose alot of balls, and these are just fine (heck, I went back to them last fall when I got sick of losing better balls in the leaves & they play better than I expected).
I saw Roger alot on TV - dude's got game !   nice job
 The easiest way to shorten a backswing is keep your left arm straight.     Eliminating all bend from the left elbow will automatically reduce the length of the backswing (unless you have freakish flexibility like Rory and other tour guys) ... EDIT - seems I'm late to the party ...
TGC ... Sara Brown would make a great replacement.      Her golf career isn't going anywhere on the Symetra Tour, so ...   tap tap tap, is this thing on at TGC ... SARA BROWN !!
I get nervous - just concentrate on tempo, eye on the ball & swing EASY.    My one thought is just get it out there somewhere on the fairway on the first tee... then later when I get warmed up, start to stand on it.
 Nope - didn't bother.     Martin's show will flop - I don't mind him, but lets be honest, Holly was the main draw.   If I was in the back or on the computer, my wife would call me in to the TV room if Holly was wearing something especially revealing - LOL.     It will be interesting to see if TGC had a contingency plan to replace her with someone of similar assets, or if they will flounder trying different people.  This was such a bad decision on TGC's part - it amazes me...
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