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sheesh ... as long as it doesn't disrupt a players swing, whatever, doesn't really bother me.    The absurdity of some of the comments amuses me (like the usual "in the hole" on a 600 yd par 5).        I need to loosen my collar, it's a bit stuffy in here ...
Dufner -10 Lingmerth -10 Danny Lee -10   I want to boost my game with Adipower Boost.
Consistent mediocrity
yelling stupid things at golf tournaments is just an American thing that's not going anywhere - almost a tradition.   Don't have that problem in Europe or elsewhere.     Cracks me up to hear the guys that yell IN THE HOLE on a 610 yd par 5 !!
.22 short rifle, 4x scope.   Lights out, curtains drawn, window cracked open.    End of problem ...
just opened a beautiful links course under the Pulaski Skyway in Jersey City.   Probably could find cheap public transportation to get close to there ... and it only costs $24 to play.   Ridiculously good deal ...
^^  I'm with you on not being able to adjust to fast greens.   I play so many different courses - it's always a struggle to adjust to green speeds, fast ones are the toughest for me.   I actually like slow, non-rolled, borderline shaggy greens...
should have went fishing
As an older dude and new golfer, I missed the whole Tiger in his prime thing ... its just hard for me to believe he'll ever be the GOAT after seeing him play the past few years - seems like it would have to tarnish his record.    I just wish they'd show more of his great golf from his early days on TV - hardly ever see any of it.
 Ah ok ... thx for the clarification
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