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My worst debacle of the year.  #4 at Fernwood ... tough uphill blind par 3 - tiny green & to left drops off 60 ft as soon as you step foot off green.   Hit fantastic 8 iron to 8 ft.   Looking bird in the eye.   Didn't notice severity of slope and that this is like a Pinehurst #2 green - domed.   Putted JUST past, kept rolling ...and rolling.   OK - so I'm left with an uphill 25 footer from the collar.   Left come backer way short due to slope.   Gassed putt...
when this happens to me (most often with the lob wedge on full shots) ... it's because I'm flipping, and not lagging the club head.
I am Furyk ... actually fairly representative - and the guy I would have picked as closest to my game ... pretty cool  
I'm seeing way too much of this in my area as well ...
I saw the previews - looks like TGC is trying to keep the theme going with another tall brunette hosting Playing Lessons.  This tuesday at 7 PM it airs ... anybody have any intel on the host ?   On a sideline note ... anybody pick up on Paige's hair extensions recently - all of the sudden, she has hair as long as Holly's ... seems TGC is trying to doll her up
GG has TF Gamers 2 for $25 now - like the ball a lot ... Spun a full 7iron back 2 ft last time out - they check nicely
 hooks are creeping into my game as I'm improving, so I can relate ... love the last sentence above !! Only thing I can add is that if you ever wanted to see both Nicklaus & Woods, the old saying was just stand about 300 yards on the RIGHT side of the fairway.  THey both played the power fade, which in their case seemed to be plenty long...
 My new favorite internet acronym - never saw that before.   BTW,  Tiger loves that one ... his latest on mic rant after an OB drive & throwing the club in his backswing ... muttering to himself "FFS Tiger" - LOLOLOLOL !!
Rory is the outlaw who speaks softly but carries a big stick ...       ... personally, I think he's already endeared himself to the golf world - he's a nice guy, a humble guy, and a fierce competitor when in the hunt ... I don't think he has to worry about star power, he's got it already
if he really wanted to make a statement - he should have ripped a 3 wood which would have probably challenged most everybody else's drives ... YOU'RE WELCOME !
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