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agree - maybe you don't need to hit it that far for now.    Back it off until you're hitting fairways consistently.    THEN and once you get your swing mechanics and tempo dialed in, then you can ramp it up if you feel the need to.   
http://www.ironfinder.com/home.htm or eBay is your best bet
set up with the ball closer to the toe & stand about an inch closer to the ball than your normal setup.   I occasionally get the chipping shanks & this is how I fix it...
In top center pocket of golf bag - has a zippered phone pocket - pretty slick.    Don't get a lot of personal calls on my cell phone, so if I get one, I need to take a quick look & give it proper attention if necessary.
Last night, par 5 #1 on Shawnee white course ... nice drive, then bombed the 2h, left me with an approach shot that seemed 30-40 yards closer than I've ever been before.    I must have somehow hit that 2h close to 230 yds with little rollout due to the wet fairways, medium trajectory, slight draw - it was ridiculous.   Took care of the easy approach & made the birdie putt.   The 5 keys must have been in alignment for a fleeting moment in time on that hybrid shot ...
The one constant in my game has always been lackluster putting ... BUT ... I have discovered something recently that has helped me make the short ones (<5 ft) more reliably.     I FOCUS intently on a spot on the back side of the hole - I think in the past I've always just aimed generally at the hole ... now I'm focusing on a specific point on the rear of the cup.   Maybe this is something everybody else knows & I'm the last one to the party     but since I started doing...
thanks guys - appreciate the info !
There are so many GPS apps ... just wondering if there's a basic no frills GPS yardage app that is better than the others.  Thx !
same here - when I sweep across a 3 wood - I hit hooks every time - hitting down straightens my ball flight.
I like hybrids for the 2 iron/5 wood & sometimes the 3 iron slots in my bag. I see no reason to use a 4 or 5 hybrid, as I play modern game improvement long irons.
New Posts  All Forums: