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 Not sure about that.     I played 102 times this year - vast majority were for dirt cheap on golfnow.com.    I'm pretty dedicated ... PS - I've looked into joining local clubs and EVERY single one of them have a cart fee - that would rub me wrong bigtime - if I join a club, I want the cart thrown in.   Even if I pony up & joined one, I'd still have to probably pay more for the cart fee than I typically pay for online tee times that include the cart. PSS - there are...
I'm probably more of a Bubba fan than most ... didn't make it as far as you
if my playing partner is farting & fumbling around and wasting time getting to his ball, I'll hit mine even if I'm slightly in front of him if I'm clearly to the ball first & am a few seconds ahead of him (rather than just standing there with my hands in my pocket waiting).   I make sure my hitting the ball doesn't make him wait though ...
rather than adding wraps, I just use midsize grips - get the same feel, and are much easier to change.
If you don't have mineral spirits or paint thinner in your shop (do NOT use lacquer thinner - that will remove the finish from graphite) ... go out to your garage, put a little gasoline on a rag & voila, goo gone.   For steel shafts, laquer thinner is the fastest common solvent to use
I used to belong to a nice muni ... gave it because golfnow.com makes golf a lot more affordable in my area
 its amazing what you pick up watching a frame by frame video of yourself.    Although my driver swing has become much better recently, I found out its creeping up on more vertical.     I need to work on getting it back closer to on plane - funny how you don't notice these things, but video picks it up ...
I bought the Coleman this year too - works fine, but somewhat disppointed.  Without a cover, it's nothing more than a big handwarmer.    
blowhard - ridiculous comment for someone of his stature
For me, two areas come to mind that need my utmost attention:   1. Full wedges - leaving too many really long lag putts from the easy 80-110 yd layup range.   2. Chipping - just can't get the easy greenside chips to easy putt range often enough - leave too many in the 6-10 ft range, when I'd like to see them in the 3-4 ft range.   Getting both of these areas  tightening up would take a lot of pressure off my lackluster putting, so they are my top priority going into...
New Posts  All Forums: