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Won closest to pin in the final league play event of the year.   155 yd severely downhill par 3 - 2 clubs less than usual for the distance (makes club selection tough).   Plopped it in there nice and tight ...
I just bought a 4k super HD 55" ... picture sucks.    The picture is only as good as your cable signal (which in my case is nowhere near as good as they have in the stores where the TV's look awesome)
His quirky one liners crack me up.   Hope he lands something bigger
As a fellow musician - totally agree.     I could practice, I'm talking dedicated practice for 8 hours a day for years & never approach what Yngwie Malmsteen or Paul Gilbert have been able to accomplish on guitar.    For elite musicians, I think their nervous system must in some way be wired differently than the rest of us - they do things that seem impossible ... or maybe, they all just make a certain kind of deal at "the crossroads"  
amazing ... proves my point that like any sport, golf at the elite level requires a very high level of natural talent, far beyond what most mere mortals possess.    Amazing looking swing for a 12 yo...
 LOL !!    This would be my death row last meal (I think the secret ingredient must be crack ... these are the most addictive snack I've ever tried, by far) ... two bags of ---->
First time I ever intentionally tried to cut off a dogleg by going upstairs with driver & OVER trees.   Apple Mtn - #5.    The tee shot distances were correct & just figured it ought to work ... set up for a fade - committed to it & hit a great downhill drive ... cleared heavy trees easy - must have cut over 100 yds off my usual approach shot - left me with lob wedge in (instead of a hybrid).   Awesome feeling to figure something new out by myself that add a whole new...
 Love it ... I bet you get a lot of balls returned to you !
 On the flip side, a lot of people died for what that flag stood for & there are a lot of relatives that still fly it all these years later for that very reason.   To be clear, I'm not one of them at all, but if I was ... I would probably feel differently than most that have outspoken opinions and didn't have "skin in the game" as some of those who lost relatives may have.  As for Bubba ... heck yeah - it's THE GENERAL LEE - my favorite car growing up - leave it be
 does that ball say on it what I think it does ... if so, LOL LOL LOL !!!!
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