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It was mainly the fit that bothered me with the 14 line. The Vegas I found ran so small and were very stiff and I did not like the toe box at all. I never tried the Gents on bit did try the oxfords and own a pair of the lyt Drys. The oxfords fit ok I just had no need for another non water proof shoe. Sad about the dry lytes wore them for 1 round and haven't tried to even go to range With them because of the high backs
So I have made True Linkswear my exclusive shoe apparently. I now own 4 in total. I think the 14 line was the weakest and look forward to the 15 line. That being said I find the Senseis which I now have a 2nd pair coming are the most comfortable and have replaced my regular trainers. The Senseis do run a bit on the big size so I went a half size smaller for the 2nd pair. Anyway to those who are true fans my question is why wouldn't True continue or bring back certain...
Thank you all for the responses and link to other post. I will try to get a video up or at very least a pic of me at setup. Just out of curiousity why if it is so bad would a teaching pro promote ass out chin up?
I have 2 more lessons in the package. In your expert opinion iacas is it possible to take the grip and turn my current instructor helped me with and marry it with a new instructor for setup and take away? I have been on this site for a few years now and have seen a few of the 5 keys videos you post. It does seem that besides the grip and shoulder turn everything else seems to be different. I rememeber thinking when he said chin up and butt out that it goes against what I...
Thanks again for the reply boogie. I will have to check out the 5 keys video. It is odd that my instructor wants me to stick my butt out more and keep my chin up. My head definitely drops on my back swing.
Such a shame about those shoes and most of the 14 line for that matter.
Thank you for the replies. Boogie may I ask what specifically you would practice to eliminate your head from dropping. I am still working with just irons right now to get the basic grip and turn right so those pics of posture while helpful just don't register as far as what I look like with a 7 iron. I will try to get a pic up. Thanks
I have been taking lessons during the winter season on LI. I have had my grip, turn, and posture corrected. With regards to posture I can't seem to grasp the concept of get taller. I apparently lean over too much. Any advice on how to get taller at set up? Thanks
I love the Ryder Cup. Could do without all the build up and hype prior to.
I use the 3.0 and NO it is not worth it. I liked the 1.0 better. The feel of the grip is terrific in my opinion. The price is not worth it to me at least. I find distance is the biggest issue for me.
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