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Wtf wtf. I have a tee time tomorrow morning. Woke up today and there seems to be more snow coming down. I hope this turns to rain real soon. Not cool snow
@iacas tgw my friend. $39.99. I just ordered the black and Grey. Just to have.
The Sensei is my everyday sneaker now. The most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.
For sweaty hands the Iline grips from Lamkin are solid
If they are anything like the cp 2 pros. Than they will become very slick. Sweat and or a little rain and they are aweful.
I am not an Eagles fan and feel a lot of Eagle fans may feel the same as me. Wtf did you bring Bradford in
Macklin is gone. Heading to KC
Pgatss has last years e6 at $21.99 and and additional 50% off
It was mainly the fit that bothered me with the 14 line. The Vegas I found ran so small and were very stiff and I did not like the toe box at all. I never tried the Gents on bit did try the oxfords and own a pair of the lyt Drys. The oxfords fit ok I just had no need for another non water proof shoe. Sad about the dry lytes wore them for 1 round and haven't tried to even go to range With them because of the high backs
So I have made True Linkswear my exclusive shoe apparently. I now own 4 in total. I think the 14 line was the weakest and look forward to the 15 line. That being said I find the Senseis which I now have a 2nd pair coming are the most comfortable and have replaced my regular trainers. The Senseis do run a bit on the big size so I went a half size smaller for the 2nd pair. Anyway to those who are true fans my question is why wouldn't True continue or bring back certain...
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