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I was in Golfsmith today and gave the RSI 2 a go on the simulator. Asked which was the game improving irons and was told the RsI 2. I hit it with a stock kbs 90/reg. Wow miss hits with a 7 iron went 157 solid hits over 172. Perhaps a juiced up sim. Would have likes to try the rsi1 with the 90 TT shaft.
Did anyone see the preliminary photos of the Taylormade R15?
The 2015 line up and the current line up don't really look like past models. Someone had mentioned that the new hybrid looks like Oakley golf shoes. Where did the larger toe go?
I currently play the Amp Cell irons and have tested the Bio Cell irons against the Amps. The Bio Cells are a bit more clunky looking. I personally didn't like the feel. It could have been me but I didn't like how the club felt with the 90 TT shaft. In my opinion not as forgiving or easy to make pure contact as the Amp Cells. The new line up from Cobra looks good. The Fly Z or someting like that.
And these also.
Looks like the 2015 True line up has surfaced.
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure birdie. l
I found the entire movie to be great. The cast was well out together. Mark wahlbergs character dignam had some of the best lines. The music also played really well per scene. DiCaprio was great as the lead and Damon held his own as the rat. Great movie all around one of my favorites. Marty done well.
Figured as much. I wonder if they will bring back any of the older models with an update. Any word on how the current line sold?
When does True show off the new line up?
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