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@wutiger. I have a somewhat moderate swing tempo and 77-80 mph swing speed with 8 and 7 iron. I have Cobra Amp Cell irons with the made for 90 dynalite shafts in stiff. I think I would benefit from regular shaft flex. I bought a set of pulled Tt Xp 95 shafts in regular flex 370 tip. I looked up Amp Cell irons and they are listed as universal as far as shaft tips go. This should be a relatively easy re shafting. I guessy question is how different a feel will these be and...
The 2 tee ball guy. Or group. It drives me nuts when the group in front of me thinks it is ok to hit a 2nd ball because they don't like the 1st.
For some reason I hit the TM cb's with XP regular shafts better than any other model out right now. Granted off mats indoors on a suspect launch monitor but the contact always feels good. More than likely it it the shaft. Just found it odd I can hit them so well. Damn golf and club testing is confusing.
Bumping this old thread. I have a driver swing speed of 92-95 mph. I am currently using a R1 black driver with a stiff flex shaft(the shaft from the SLDR). I bought a used 909 d2 driver in 9.5. Not the correct loft for me by I did like the Diamana blue shaft in regular it came with. Besides having the correct TM adapter put on the Diamana would this combo work? Obviously without seeing my swing and only off the bare minimum info I gave. I am hoping for at least 220-230...
Wasn't sure where to post this and didn't want to start a new thread. I can't seem to find what type of tip shaft I would need to get in order to re shaft my Cobra Amp Cells. Most likely looking to get true temper dynalite xp model either the older version or the new 95xp.
Long line at the john
Going to watch round 2 replay later tonight. I hope my dvr recorded it. Overheard some scores for the day. A lot of big numbers.
@dkolo. I hear you on the trek to Westbury. I just moved to Babylon so it is a bit farther now. I bought the $99 member card opening week and they had a deal where they hand you a $75 gift card it was a no brainier.
@dkolo @mikeranaldo any of you guys head to the Carle Place GS? That was the one I was referring to by the mall in my earlier post I heard they moved up the block I wonder if the service is any better. I go to the PGASS in Westbury now. Awesome store a lot of the employees are knowledgeable and seem to enjoy golf and always willing to help
The Lake Grove GS was always good to me also. The one in East Northport is ok I can't recommend the one by the Roosevelt field mall. Not a big fan the associates never seem to want to help and seem out out when asked a question.
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