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I want outrageous speed with a Call away XR driver! Rickie Fowler -8 Phil Mickelson -7 Rory McIlroy - 5
Anyone else run into your normal pant length becoming too long when wearing Trues?
Draft Day. Birdie for likeability of Costner. I watched this movie the other night and am watching it again as we speak. Ending most likely not how the draft goes down but I enjoyed the hell out of this movie.
Iacas thank you and the site for the info on True shoes. Probably wouldn't have tries them or heard of them without this sites support and reviews.
Kind of bummed the pgass doesn't have the new line in store to try on. I still say the Sensei is the most comfortable shoe made
So 11.5 Sensei, Proto and True Pro would be 11.5 for this years Hybrid?
I am hoping the PGATSS gets the new line so I can see what size fits me best in the bee line.
Wtf wtf. I have a tee time tomorrow morning. Woke up today and there seems to be more snow coming down. I hope this turns to rain real soon. Not cool snow
@iacas tgw my friend. $39.99. I just ordered the black and Grey. Just to have.
The Sensei is my everyday sneaker now. The most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.
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