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Those pics you posted look cheap compared to the latest pics posted. Sorry
I keep a very limited bag because I can't hit certain clubs. Driver. 5 wood 24 degree hybrid 6-gw and 54 degree wedge and putter.
All done
agreed this kid needs a W. Playing great golf now.
Just out of curiosity why not send them back to Ping for the correct specs
I actually like the green/ blue patch pair the best. Not a fan of the striped blue ones. Phil should like them. He normally wears the thin striped pants. I am very eargerly anticipating the Ryder Cup.
In the past years the putter has been a revolving door in the bag. I have settled on Odyssey Rosie. Love it. Have used it all season. It is the older 2010 model.
Those 4 were the front runners but was hoping there would have been a wild card picked. I like the Bradley pick not sold on Mahan and really don't care for Simpsoms game.
Good to hear jball. Some clubs just feel right with your swing.
What distance are you trying to add? 3 hybrid and 3 wood won't automatically get you the distances you want. You will be surprised what a 5 wood will get you and better accuracy.
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