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Good to hear jball. Some clubs just feel right with your swing.
What distance are you trying to add? 3 hybrid and 3 wood won't automatically get you the distances you want. You will be surprised what a 5 wood will get you and better accuracy.
Push carts are fantastic for walking. makes the round very enjoyable.
That's a shame. I really am enjoying my proto's.
Thanks Owen will check them out. Carrying a hybrid right now is hysy taking up a slot in the bag very frustrating.
Playing through would have worked today since the course was open. That was just an example of todays round. I see this a lot when the courses here on Long Island are jammed. Players dropping a 2nd multiple times in a round without regards to other players.
Are they similair in shape to the Pings g hybrids?
Having extreme trouble hitting my hybrid. Hit a Ping g15 well the other day. It has been a revolving door of hybrids from new to old.
Have the Protos been discontinued? Loving the pair I have.
You may be onto something Valley. If you hit your 4 wood or 3 hybrid center cut each time but knock your driver 30 yards off the fairway each time why not leave it out of the bag. You know you will pull it every chance you can on the course. If it is out of the bag you can't.
New Posts  All Forums: