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Why doesn't GC go after the model from one of the Big Breaks. Blair something can't remember her last name. She was good looking sponsored by Puma also and plays golf. Seems like a solid fit.
Would you say it is just a matter of getting used to the style of shoe?
Off topic but I guess since the question was answered. Did I take any of you a bit getting used to for the large toe area and do You find a more stable almost of the heels set up with these shoes
Correct. I was comparing standard soft spikes to the unique low design of the true Protos. Very comfortable just need to get used to the wide toe area
I would have to agree with iacas post. Not a good way to start out with a club.
Thanks for the response.
This may be an odd question, does the fact that the True Linkswear Proto shoe is so low to the ground have an effect on current lie and length of clubs? Particularly irons. Thanks
eBay could work for shaft pulls. I bought a set of TT XP 95 shafts in regular with shipping for less than $60. Those shafts go for $25 a pop so obviously well under market value. I had my 5-ow done and new grips at $4.45 a piece. Labor was free since I have the Pga Superstore member card they offer. For about $85 I was able to redo my irons with the flex I needed.
I would retire it and get what you felt comfortable with. Not your fault the product was unavailable.
I broke down and bought a pair of True Linkswear Protos,another box of TM project A balls and a TM hat.
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