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PGATSS is in Westbury on Corporate drive
Yes we were supposed to get 3 ft thankfully it wasn't that. Still a giant pain in the ass here on LI
The only good part about the offseason is thinking and trying out different clubs.
Knowing your price point should be all you need going in. Let the fitter figure out the rest.
Global golf has 140% trade in bonus on 2015 clubs
Why has TM stop making 4 woods?
February on Long Island sucks. Last nights storm reaffirmed that Feb will be a pain in the ass
Thanks. So I should be ok with 11.5 in the 2013 tours?
I play worse when it is just me. I do however enjoy hitting a few more balls if the course is that empty. Favorite time to golf alone is October when it is a bit overcast or even some rain. Throw up the 68 inch umbrella attach it to my push cart and rock my rain gear. Perfect to hit a bunch of balls at the Greens.
You are a smarter man than I @treebound. I have been telling mylsef for the last 2 seasons to grab one. Sadly I don't make the investment and instead make small purchases for other golf related goodies.
New Posts  All Forums: