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The golf scene from I love you man. This is my nightmare.
The g25 and 30 are pretty good choices. I spent the better part of the evening hitting them and they are very forgiving. Curious how they perform on the course.
Bigger picture? I understand what you are saying about that wouldn't bug you as long as they make it up during the hole or round. I find people who take too many practice swings or camp out in the cart with their buddy don't make it up or even attempt to.
Pace of play is an issue because golfers take to much time with practice swings waggles and 2 tee shots. The cart crew who doesn't understand that both don't need to go to each ball and wait for their cart buddy to hit and get back in the cart and go to the other guys ball. Pure pain when you witness this cart picnic take place.
Playing golf on Sunday will always beat out anything else going on. Luckily not much happens as far as sporting events early morning on Sunday. If the Jets are playing early which happens often I will miss the kick off to 1st quarter if a round goes long. Especially in November here on Long island. Going out before 10 am is a no for me too chilly.
I actually enjoy getting paired up than playing alone. I play better when I get paired with others. As a single walker I am alway paired with strangers. I will say I prefer other walkers but don't mind if you ride.
Play yes. Watch. Tough one will take the NYR over golf.
Ended up playing. Umbrella was uselass because the course I play is by the water so the wind is usually a factor. My umbrella went inverted so I put it away. The bad stuff didnt come till later. It never fails that I always come to a halt on the 15th tee box. No one on the course except a 4 some who I didn't see once till the 15th. Man were they slow. Anyway back on topic. Weather was ok until the 17th and 18th. Complete downpour and extreme winds. Glad I played but man if...
Always go for it. If a slot is available take it. If the people you get paired with it don't like it. Tough. Golf is always fun with others. Even the a holes of the world can't ruin it.
It looks like it will be my 1st golf rain day. I haven't played in the rain in a few years. Anyone else on LI heading out today? Hope the thunderstorms don't come. That is the only thing to keep me off the course.
New Posts  All Forums: