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I think Phil picked the right time. He obviously has more information from behind the scenes. Watson made some poor coaching decisions and most likely didn't take anyone else's input into account. Top that with losing over and and over.
The uniforms were unimpressive.
I think while poor timing Phil was just fed up with losing. I do think the matchups were ilconceived today as well as the pairings. Yes the Euros beat us and deserve to be commended for the win. They beat us. That being said we had many many opportunities. Fowler should not have played Rory. The year Rors had and the fact that Fowler has only beaten him once says a lot. Fowler is making huge improvements to his game but isn't there just yet. I wish Watson would have had...
GlobalGolf.com. get used and put together a set as you want
I don't think Phil should have played both sessions day 1. Should have been out there day 2 morning session. Still not liking the captains picks. I understand Bradley for the spark he gives Phil. Can't really say either way about Spieth and Reed not playing 2 times day 1. They have played well together. Tomorrow seems very daunting 12 matches 4 wins it. Tall task and the match ups are not in our favor. As much as I get the Fowler McIlroy match up 3rd match out could be...
There is something about those matchups that have me nervous this will be over quick tommorrow.
5 hrs to go.
If it is to improve your game to be more competitive than absolutely play.
I respectfully disagree. If I can tune my driver more loft and also to have a shut face and an upright lie this allows me to correct where the ball hits the face. I do agree that once dialed in leave it be. Bad shots will happen. But by no means does a standard loft lie and face angle help my particular swing path
Those pics you posted look cheap compared to the latest pics posted. Sorry
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