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I was tempted to re grip clubs yesterday but winter is right aroundb the corner and it would be foolish just to let them sit
Thank you both for the responses. I figured a video of my swing would be necessary. I almost would prefer to have a re start from set up to grip than figure out how to uload a video from there. I will look into more info on how to do the online instructions. I like a lot of what is said on this site just not really grasping the concepts from the free posts. Evolvr? Is that what the instruction is called? Sorry for hijacking this thread. Very interesting all the same. Thanks
How does an online lesson work? For example I don't have access to a video camera so how would that work with an online lesson? Do you give access to particular lessons that can be viewed and practiced? Would that even work if you can't see the progress? May be wrong thread for this but was intrigued by the online lesson
The course I regularly play is about 6400. Not too long I suppose.
Driver 10.5 5 wood 23 hybrid 7-gw 56&60 wedge Putter
New ball, putter, and an actual wedge combo. Going from only PW,gw and sw to adding a matching lob and sw. Always new grips and shoes before new season. Maybe another hybrid of the 20 degree variety. The hybrid is doubtful since I don't like to carry all 14 allowed clubs. Driver, 5 wood, 23 hybrid, 7-gw sw and putter. Adding LW. So 11 clubs maybe 12 if I find another hybrid I like.
I second the used clubs. I am 6'2 and was using Callaway X 22 tours half inch longer. I am currently using Cobra Amp Cells and they are standard length which is .25 under my old X tours that were lengthened. If you were to get last years models in either Cobra or Taylor made they should be .25 over what standard used to be
I use hand sanitizer and a cloth. It takes sme time but always works. I hate the stickers from used clubs
Sadly True Linkswear didn't have any Protos left so they are sending me out a pair of the lyt drys. Not sure if I am going to like them but it was still nice that True honored a defective shoes and is sending me out a new pair.
I was in Golfsmith today and gave the RSI 2 a go on the simulator. Asked which was the game improving irons and was told the RsI 2. I hit it with a stock kbs 90/reg. Wow miss hits with a 7 iron went 157 solid hits over 172. Perhaps a juiced up sim. Would have likes to try the rsi1 with the 90 TT shaft.
New Posts  All Forums: