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What a difference in my iron play by stretching my left thumb down more. Before, I never thought much about it and wondered why my right hand never seems to stay in place on follow through.I have large, proximal knuckles on my thumbs so with a short thumb, my right hand slips off easy. Ball flight has a little tail to the right, missing greens on well struck balls. When I placed the left thumb in a more stretched position, I am able to cover it better with my right hand...
Great stuff! I tend to think of my right rear shoulder turning behind head but I think it leaves hips not turning enough. Does focusing on right rear pocket only make it work better?
Big Phil fan here. Although, I like what he said, I feel better with him on the team. He is like another coach of sorts. He gets juiced up playing with a younger teammate alongside him. He still is the most exciting player to watch in my opinion.
I see him do it and wonder why he does it that way. I think its getting the club under the heel pad and in a strong position. I've done it but not sure I do it just like he does or its effectiveness.
I wish her the best of luck. Sure she was easy to look but she showed knowledge and enthusiasm to go along with it.
Excellent thread and video. Thanks.
Does club length have anything to do with posture?If say a club is a 1/2" over length or under length. Would that affect how much you bend or straighten up? Do you just adapt rightly or wrongly to club length?
Did anybody happen to see the Golf Magazine June issue? In the your game section there is an article called how to fix your death move. Maintain your right knee flex yo blast your irons longer than ever.   Best two things I got from you guys is to let it straighten and flare my feet.  Mags and tips can driven you crazy.
I voted yes. I like his style of play and his not being of the cookie cutter variety in his golf swing. Twisting and turning all over the place is so different. I followed him up close twice at the Travelers in Hartford, CT. Seems to be a very tense individual while playing. Little or no interaction with anybody other than his caddy, who he appears to complain to or berate often. I don't know him but he seems to offset this intensity with some quirky and fun things other...
Been working on the drill. I assume it's to help acquire a better shoulder turn in the backswing. Winter I think has come to an end and I now can golf yeah!! I have a question in the full swing should I strive to keep the left heel planted in the backswing?
New Posts  All Forums: