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I voted yes. I like his style of play and his not being of the cookie cutter variety in his golf swing. Twisting and turning all over the place is so different. I followed him up close twice at the Travelers in Hartford, CT. Seems to be a very tense individual while playing. Little or no interaction with anybody other than his caddy, who he appears to complain to or berate often. I don't know him but he seems to offset this intensity with some quirky and fun things other...
Been working on the drill. I assume it's to help acquire a better shoulder turn in the backswing. Winter I think has come to an end and I now can golf yeah!! I have a question in the full swing should I strive to keep the left heel planted in the backswing?
Got a good tip years ago from long distance runners. Most of them are not drinking straight water on a very hot day. They mix Gatorade with water 50/50. Too much water alone flushes out the electrolytes your body has lost. Almonds, cashews, a protein bar or trail mix works great. I even bring along a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sometimes.
If you still want an R7 ST 3 wood, contact me?
Tour Edge Exotics CB2 3 wood is a bomber. A great option off the tee on bad driver days. I will also say that the V-steel is a great club. Another solid performer is the Cleveland Launcher.
When I see the pro's in person and on TV, first thing I see is how still they remain while being able to turn so far in their backswing. I got a little off topic and perhaps was a little unclear in suggesting that the right knee straightening was only for flexibility challenged individuals to adopt. Your thread shows many supple players doing it. Sorry for clouding it up a bit.
The flexibility of the pro's is so much more than the typical amateur. The amount of coil they can achieve with less hindrances is so obvious. Any amateur, may need to bend their left elbow, lift their left heel, flare feet and straighten their back legs, to allow a decent backswing of sufficient depth. Some of these things might create too much of a good thing for the pro's. Trying to emulate what they do is a futile task for most of us. Sure if you are young, supple and...
Wow! You posted a link to the bible of training for me. Bill Starr's 5 x 5 was the program I adhered to the most.
You are right. Should have read the whole mini-rant more closely. Good points in that.
Not enough time in my life to be a range rat and besides due to the couple points you make about hitting too many balls I don't like to do range work. Due to time constraints, two week nights of 9 hole league play and 18 holes on Sunday is about all I can manage. I do work on the things advised here for me and use an orange whip trainer in between now. Playing for the first time tomorrow in CT. Layers of rust to remove but it will be great to get out.
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