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Don't agree. I like action, and that is well done. I like corny movies and TV shows, so that is where we may differ.
Daredevil is the best comic book series so far. Even better than Arrow which is great.
I was using the ten finger grip last season but have gravitated to using the interlock. I felt that I was pulling the ball a little more than I like, though everything feels so solidly hit. The biggest con or concern for me was the amount of stress it places on my right pinky. I have strong hands, but the pain was enough to tell me that I either am not used to it or its not for me. So I use it mostly on chips around the green.
I also recommend V-steel.Others to consider are Cleveland Launcher or Tour Edge CB or XCG series.
Went to the heated range the past two weeks focusing on turning more. My bad shot is a pull hook. When I thought of moving my right hip back and turning behind me to the target I stuck the ball much better without pull hooks. Took away my focus on front side turning. Hope it is something constructive and lasting for my swing.
There are so many styles of 3 hybrids out there that I think you should sort through. Certainly, one of them will be easier to hit consistently well than a 3 iron. There are some more iron-like and some more wood-like, whichever you prefer. I like to hit an old 2 iron I have but it is not as forgiving and versatile as a hybrid so it's in the garage. Good luck.
Sure it was a dumb call but the Seahawks only got that close after that ridiculous miracle catch. It was a great game with a lot of twists and turns. Well done Patriots! Anyone here think that most of the commercials were bad. I mean, "Cats in the cradle " song is about bad fathering and we see a good father's actions. Made no sense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Admitted Pats and Brady fan here that was initially disturbed by all the recent "deflate gate " news enough that I felt less inclined to defend them. Much of the contempt stems from the success they have achieved and the persona of the head coach, so they are an easy target. I am not happy that their legacy will always be tainted no matter what they do. It's sad in away that whatever good or great is there no one wants to see it or believe it. One thing that I find utterly...
Thoroughly enjoyed Taken 3. Good story and love the action. Made better by the presence of Liam Neeson. A solid birdie.
Great topic. I wonder which way is better, trying to keep left elbow straight or trying to keep right elbow less bent on backswing. I know there are training aids for either one. Both ways create tension I don't normally have but could be a good one to help me turn more. I am plagued with a poor left shoulder turn so perhaps by focusing on one or the other I might turn my body more and use less arms. I will work on this at the heated driving range today. Its all I can do...
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