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I most certainly will. Thanks.
iacas and mvmac, I did work on the setup you advised and had my best ball striking season with irons. It was a tougher to adhere to when I used a driver though. I'll be honest reverting back to an old habit may have felt better ( left foot straight/ right foot flared open)trying to hit a draw. Although, I reported in the foot flare thread some success,topping the ball did happen a little more than I liked. Thanks again for your help.
iacas, I should have clarified my post better. The setup I described was done with my driver in a closed stance. Reverting to what felt comfortable I guess. Your reference to my swing and your advice was adhered to in my iron setup. I had my best ball striking with irons in years. I should have reported back sooner to tell you that and thanked you.
Through experimentation of my own, I like to flare my right (back) foot and keep my left (front) foot straight or less flared. I know its the opposite of what is commonly taught but it seems to work for me. When I also flare out my left foot I come out of the shot easier and don't release the club as well. My left foot ends up more open in follow through so I spinout a bit but ball contact and ball flight are better. My right foot flared helps with a deeper backswing,...
Driver- off inside of left heel Fairway woods- off logo of shirt Long irons-off left cheek Short irons- middle of my stance Wedges-one ball back of middle I tend to come out shots with early extension so a little back helps me stay down and through better.
Excellent post. Especially, the video accompaniment. You are so right about how closing the face in all the ways you often hear about is not the way to do it. I tend to setup in a partially closed stance to get the right path but the ball will stay there or fade a little. I come out of it a bit. I am going to work on this. Thanks.
Herman Williams, Martin Chuck, and golf evolution ones are very good.
Recently, went to the 10 finger grip from the interlock. Ball striking has improved enormously. I am not not fiddling with my grip as much and can stay connected through the ball better. As for you. 1. You may want to add wraps under the right hand. For comfort, or maybe to lessen right hand release. 2. Potentially. There is no hindrance to your game using this grip other than what others think or that it did not work for them.  I don't know how old you are or how much...
What a difference in my iron play by stretching my left thumb down more. Before, I never thought much about it and wondered why my right hand never seems to stay in place on follow through.I have large, proximal knuckles on my thumbs so with a short thumb, my right hand slips off easy. Ball flight has a little tail to the right, missing greens on well struck balls. When I placed the left thumb in a more stretched position, I am able to cover it better with my right hand...
Great stuff! I tend to think of my right rear shoulder turning behind head but I think it leaves hips not turning enough. Does focusing on right rear pocket only make it work better?
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