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"I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver".    Hunter Mahan: -11 Thorbjom Oleson: -11 Ross Fisher: -11
Congrats to both winners. I knew Kaymer had a chance but not at -9. I picked him at -4. I think that's the benefit of picking later
Well I didn't think Kaymer would play this well I need him to come down to -4 or -5
Dang it. Wake up this morning to find my third pick in he competition is not in the field haha. Wonder where he went
Kaymer, Martin: -4 Moore, Ryan: -4 Sterne, Richard: -4
Patrick Reed -11 Scott Stallings -11 Thongchai Jaidee -11
  I was there.  Needless to say pretty speechless haha.
I do feel as if I hold back a little bit.  When I want to I can go 100% and get an extra 10 yards out of a shot with no ill effects.  I always have a high shot type, a low penetrating shot is one that I cannot get.  This may be due to the fact that I hold my weight back on my back foot as you pointed out. 
Any other thoughts or comments
You are correct this is the one shot that I do not have control of at all. It only comes up 2-3 times in a round where I truly need this type of shot, but its frustrating that I cannot hit it. The odd thing is I can hit both a controlled draw and fade with the driver 8/10 times.
New Posts  All Forums: