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Patrick Reed -11 Scott Stallings -11 Thongchai Jaidee -11
  I was there.  Needless to say pretty speechless haha.
I do feel as if I hold back a little bit.  When I want to I can go 100% and get an extra 10 yards out of a shot with no ill effects.  I always have a high shot type, a low penetrating shot is one that I cannot get.  This may be due to the fact that I hold my weight back on my back foot as you pointed out. 
Any other thoughts or comments
You are correct this is the one shot that I do not have control of at all. It only comes up 2-3 times in a round where I truly need this type of shot, but its frustrating that I cannot hit it. The odd thing is I can hit both a controlled draw and fade with the driver 8/10 times.
My list would be 1. Green fees. Some of the local courses around here are ridiculous for the shape the course is in. 2. A course that allows walking. I hate it when I course doesn't allow you to walk and forces you to pay 14 dollars for a cart 3. Course condition. Nice greens come first then tee boxes (odd I know but I like a level tee box). Fairways I don't really care about would be nice if there was grass though haha. Bunkers are hit or miss around here. 4. Pace of...
  The only reason I bend my knee so much is to prevent myself from really pushing the ball off to the right and the occasional shank.  The knee bend helps promote a slight draw in my swing.  Why that is I have no idea but it has worked for me.
  That tee shot really isn't that bad.  Its about 15-20 yards narrow, but it does extend for about 125 yards when playing from the tips.  I have measured that before.  When I bring people to play there for there first time they always get nervous about the tee shot because the tree line on the left extends 300 yards down the fairway so the miss is right. However, if you push it right off the box you will be in a lateral (woods).
As requested I made the video shorter here.    Mods if you can replace the original video feel free to.  I would but I can't figure out how to edit my original post.  
My apologies if this isn't the type of quality you guys are looking for but its the best I can come up with.  I just shot myself swinging during one of the rounds I played last week by self.  There is a variety of shots (DTL, face) with my irons, wedge, and driver.
New Posts  All Forums: