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Yep.  There are others, but that one came to mind first.
Not quite.  Playing from the hazard is an option. Especially if your name is Bill Haas and you really, really want to win the FedEx cup in 2011   For the rest of us, though, ....
Could also just carry a spare battery (if your phone lets you change the battery--sorry, iPhone).
@short ironInstead of a book, start by checking out the following threads: http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video-golf-pitch-shot-technique http://thesandtrap.com/t/70998/chipping-with-a-putting-method Also, welcome to TheSandtrap!
You deserve it because you hit a great shot.  No one at the moment deserved it more!  That's golf...Congrats!
I'll be there watching this weekend.  (Since I couldn't schedule time to fly to Aberdeen for the Scottish Open)
But we've been told over and over (not here on the TST) how amateurs are supposed to get rid of 3 and 4 irons because we can't hit them well.  Be careful you aren't setting yourself up for emotional anguish...    Just kidding.. congrats on the new sticks!  
 A course at Purdue figured out a way around this problem  
Accomplished #1 tonight.  Was going to do a few holes at my local muni after dinner.  Playing well, so played all 18 past sunset. Shot an 86.  Thank you, @cbrian (evolvr)!
Yesterday I played a par 4 hole with an angled or sloped fairway (right to left as you look down the fairway from the tee markers).  Straight fairway, lined by trees and rough (read that as rocky soil with enough weeds to lose your ball) on both sides.  And OB left beyond the rough.  Fairway dry and firm enough that the ball can roll a bit (downhill to the left).   I was concerned that a straight shot down the center of the fairway would end up in the left rough or OB. ...
New Posts  All Forums: