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Here's one option: https://www.bridgestonegolf.com/product/ball-fitting/live/us
 How about Anthony vs. Mary from BB Florida? That might produce some drama.
Rules of Golf define it as a hole, not a cup. You're right about the sandtrap versus bunker terminology. (Although I've heard Arnold Palmer refer to it as a sandtrap, so if it's good enough for Arnie I won't disagree with him!) Welcome to The SandTrap, by the way!  
Incredible Acceleration Causes Awesome Speed
Roughly hip or belly button height.  From "Filming Your Golf Swing"
I think the OP is asking about the downswing instead of the takeaway-- A6 instead of A2.  Is that right, @jclark ?
A dual meaning:  The problem of not having left-handed golf clubs is not a good thing (okay, "sinister" may be a bit strong), but using a word that in/from Latin means "left."
It's downright sinister!
But if they were partners, the penalty goes to player A, not to player B (rule 18-2a).  So that doesn't work either. 
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