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I can't watch it .. without a tear coming to my eye (sob).  Yust makes me so homesick, I vant to moof up nord again.
Is Patrick57 available?
But it's better than everything that's called a "weird trick." Or "unpack this" instead of "explain/discuss this."
At the next lesson, tell the instructor exactly what you're telling us.  Tell him what sort of misses you're having--for example, shanking to right, hitting fat, hitting thin, solid contact but slicing, low hooks.  That may tell him what to look for as likely causes of your swing breaking down--things that might look minor during the lesson (look like lower priority), but are actually worsening again after the lesson (and so are higher priority).
  Too bad there's no little booklet, or maybe even a website or smartphone app, that could make this information available to those broadcasting.  
 I've seen a couple posts about having more right elbow bend early in the takeaway/backswing.  How does this balance with Shorter (Probably Better) Swing? Keep the Right Arm Straight? Is it a matter of balancing one versus the other (overdoing one leads to undesired outcomes, so then the swing thought needs to change to the other? Or getting the "right amount" earlier, and then keeping that stable during the rest of the backswing? Thanks.
Yeah, that mini-trampoline industry must be a lot more lucrative.
A bit more discussion about that here:  PureStrike 5SK, Stack and Tilt, Etc.
That was very impactful. 
Be careful.  That's how dictionary entries end up getting changed.
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