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That was my thought looking at the OP image as well: this looks like a par 3 hole. It looks like almost as long a tee shot to the fairway as to the green, and the forced carry distance looks identical. And 171 yards is easily a par 3 distance, even for me. Edit:  Also, there aren't any safety issues in going directly for the green.
 That's relaxed?!      Yeah, GMac's thought sounds a lot like the old Rickie Fowler takeaway/backswing "feel" that's been discussed from time to time here. I had the same thought as EJ--I thought it helped to get my downswing more in-to-out. And Hunter's is clearly from watching the 5SK "Squish the Ball to Strike it Solid" video!
Or at least know which way the wind is blowing. And stand upwind. 
I just saw on The Big Break Invitational that Sara will be co-hosting School of Golf.
 Now that would be time well spent!
Welcome to TST! I can't speak to how many ended up here looking for info about Haney, but lots of great instruction here. There are (at least) several former and current military members are on the site.  Thanks for your service!  Here's some info for new members (which I lifted from one of the moderators): 
   Do we need to set up an RGI (Real Golfer IndexTM)? It would be based on our behavior over the last 20 rounds, of course, taking our best behavior-laden rounds.  Probably need to set up a set of rules to allow for some deviations from place to place:  different courses would have different ratings (some things tolerated or not, based on the local social environment and setup of the course).
 Jack Nicklaus keeps his glove on.
Golfing Union of Ireland
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