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 Could start plotting the price action like a stock or commodity...
Just my take on what I don't need to hear.
Just a heads up:  In the android store, there are two apps with that name.  Yours is the second one (listed with "Quasarc" as the developer)--at least the icon matches your link.   Thanks for the info.  Downloading now, and I'll check it out later!
There will be some forearm rotation (there has to be some).  I'm not qualified to give a full explanation, but the "feel" probably depends on which action you need more of to put you in the right alignments. Take a look at the thread on forearm rotation A2-A3. It may give you the info you're looking for.
Take a look at:     http://purestrike5sk.com/videos   Look under Key #4 for Simple Takeaway Drill with an Alignment Stick Wrist Hinge (Kuchar) Takeaway Drill
From the latest ConsumerReports:  I'm not thrilled with the idea of an organization thinking it has the genetic material of an organism.  Not even metaphorically.  I'm not really even sure what that is supposed to mean as a metaphor. I'm also not sure DNA strength is a quality that's usually measured, but those who work in molecular biology may have more insight into that.
I haven't gotten this yet (my game isn't consistent enough yet, I don't think), so this question is more out of curiosity than need to know:   How does this system handle provisional balls? (Especially if you use a different club for the provisional than you did for the original shot.)  Just use the yardage for the provisional and then edit the club later and add the penalty?   There are a couple scenarios that could come up with a provisional (e.g., found original...
 And if it's not clear ... 
The point is that the first guy was answering the question "does everybody want a beer?"  (That is, are you as a group ordering three beers.)  If he didn't want one, he would say "no." (Meaning not three beers won't be ordered--it doesn't matter if the other two guys want a beer or not--this answers the bartender's question: the answer to the question about everybody wanting a beer or not is "no."  It's a poor way to reply to a bartender, since he might misinterpret it,...
 Hey! Careful there... I'm a Vikings fan.  That kind of stings!   Back on topic, I'm trending gradually downward this season (thanks evolvr).  I keep my handicap on one of those "other" sites.  I tried a couple times to get in touch with the Missouri Golf Association through their website to get a GHIN---no response (just lonely cricket sounds).  Anybody here know what's going on with them?
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