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  Yeah, but sometimes they overdo the hype.  The Weather Channel said this was going into the "hall of fame" and that it was "a historic storm" (before it happened). Good to be prepared for the worst, but sometimes the drama gets overdone.
You're not saying that out of bound stakes are movable obstructions, are you?
The stake is an obstruction.  The same applies to stakes used to mark ground under repair and water hazards.  Note that the same rule doesn't apply to a stake used to define out of bounds (not an obstruction, so no relief). At least that's what I see in the Rules.
To hit the drone, of course! Otherwise, they would have just have attached it to a tree branch or something.
         A small string (or fishing line), as others suggested.  I thought about attaching it to my ankle, but then figured I'd trip over it, or get tangled in it either in in my setup (especially if it's windy) or in my follow through.  Might work attached to the tee marker.  (Not many hockey pucks in my garage.) It's similar in concept to what they use on the Golf Channel (that one's kind of an inverted cone, I think).  So it might also be useful for driving range work...
 1.  Practice putting and chipping indoors.  Practice priority piece in front of mirror.2.  Watch TiVo recordings from last summer's tournaments.3.  Think of what the Cape Cod course in my avatar must look like now.
From the same show:       Which sounds vaguely familiar (from Bennett and Plummer):  
From USGA.ORG: I think that the device is "unusual equipment" or an "artificial device" and that it is not allowed during a round.
I think it looks similar to Dave's "roll those ankles" key 2 video.
1.  Success!  Twice.  2.  Nope.  Would have if I had done #1 more. 3.  Nope.  Life (family, work, illness) got in the way, as it should.
New Posts  All Forums: