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If this is the same as the android Golfshot Pro, it now has club selection recommendations.  Doesn't that put it in breach of the rules of golf? (see http://www.usga.org/uploadedFiles/USGAHome/equipment/DMD%20flowchartv1-3.pdf )
 That's clearly wrong.  Everyone knows it's "POW!" 
 How about trimming the shaft down to 43.5", and lofting up to 12* or 14* with a 260cc head?  How about Phil's "Phrankenwood" last year?  Would those count as drivers?   As was pointed out earlier, it may be that some of these clubs are coming closer to what used to be a driver (pre-Bertha) than the more recent drivers.
So ... the same as the rest of my game!?   [Disclaimer:  I'm actually working with evolvr to NOT do that anymore.]
Is this designed to be hit "down" (like a fairway) or "up" (like a driver)?   Related: How high do they recommend you tee it up?  (Link to TM shows a tee height halfway between a driver and a 3 wood.)
 But is the graphic being put up for those people who don't know what par means?  If they don't even know one of the basic terms of golf scoring, then is that the target audience? My first thought would be that people who don't even know "par" won't be the people watching TGC/NBC (in which case, don't design the graphics for them). Unless the suggestion is that this is a form of "outreach" to those who wouldn't otherwise watch golf; to make the game a little more...
I think it would depend in part on what yardage you'll get from your longest hybrid:   Would there be too much difference between what your longest hybrid gives you and the 4 wood?  Or not enough between your longest hybrid and the 5 wood?
Welcome to the forum!   Lots of good info around here.   And the conversation gets quite lively at times, too!
 This.  Matched set to go with the golf ball in your avatar.
Do you have a link to Cobra that shows the difference you're describing? www.cobragolf.com shows only a hybrid category, with the Baffler, BioCELL, and AMP CELL club lines all listed as "hybrid."  I don't see that they use the term "rescue" for any of their clubs.  (You might know different--I'm just sayin' I can't find them when I try to look for them.)
New Posts  All Forums: