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      IIRC, Greg Norman uses a thought of "Right Pocket Back" on the backswing, which sounds like it could have a similar effect.
 Done.  I'm just happy you've got an android version out already.  A lot of apps make it to iOS and then the android version shows up when ... well, for some apps, I'm still waiting.  From what I've seen, your crew is quite responsive.  Just glad to know folks work on things to improve them. And thanks for being willing to answer questions on the forum here.
I’ve played a few rounds with the android app.  I’ve got a few questions/comments regarding the phone app:   On starting the app, the selector for a new round (“Play Golf”) is subdued, and I can't see it in daylight outdoors. I clicked the area where I remembered it should be (which worked), but it would be nice to be able to read it. (Why have any of the top row buttons subdued? The subduing doesn’t seem to serve a purpose, since the active button is highlighted with...
Does it bug anybody else that Photos doesn't show the file name for each picture? (Yes, I can secondary-click to Get Info individually, but sometimes it's nice to have them all to look at them quickly.)   Or is there a setting in Preferences that I'm not seeing?
Yeah, but the trick is to know which thing to correct first, since some are lower priority.  Sometimes fixing one thing will take care of others along the way. So the knowledgeable and trained eye is probably the most important accessory.
Does it matter much if the instructor is a "level 1" vs a "level 2" (or higher) instructor?   I'm considering taking the AimPoint Express X1 and X2 course.  Trying to figure out of if the schedule works for me (3 hour drive each way), plus the cost ($175), but I'm curious about what the instructor levels refer to.
These guys should get in touch with the guys discussed in another thread, where we were told why Rory is such a poor golfer:  http://thesandtrap.com/t/75116/goofy-rory-video-knee-angle-measurement-in-golf-swing   They need to get their stories straight.    
Welcome to the site!   Craig
That sounds correct.
But how long is "too long"?  I once had 18 holes interrupted by a brief thunderstorm after 9 holes, and then play resumed.  Does that count for 18?  If so, how long until my thunderstorm or hot dog break is too long? As noted before, it really only matters if you've got an "unmatched" 9 hole score waiting out there.No, posting your 9 hole rounds is required (as shown by the USGA rule you quoted) and will be combined with another 9 hole round that is used in calculating...
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