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Or just more of the same?  Maybe another 15 yards with this driver? 
   I emailed him and he replied: 
Be nice? Moi? 
Get a video. Bet it shows more wrist action than you think and arms in better position at the top of the backswing. (Just my guess based on the fact that a lot of us overswing and it takes something like that to get it to where it should be.) It might not look as strange as you think.
I got an email today with a link to an instructional video. (Here.) As I was watching it I could see he was teaching things right out of LSW, and he said he would mention a good book at the end. Cool, I thought, that LSW will get a little shout-out. Unfortunately, he didn't mention LSW--he credited Broadie. I feel a little miffed that Erik and Dave didn't get the recognition they deserve.
      Looks like it may be just in some browsers in OS X, but not in windows.  I tried it in IE and Chrome in windows 7 and it looks fine there.
    I see the same problem using Chrome, but not in Safari.  I'd vote for emailing GG support about it.
Thanks for getting this going.  I just signed up and got my membership verified already.  Look forward to using it.
There's a separate thread for that discussion: http://thesandtrap.com/t/72535/british-open-vs-the-open-championship
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