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Here are a couple of other forum threads that might be helpful:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/80448/rules-for-a-new-caddie-to-learn   http://thesandtrap.com/t/16159/caddying
I told you not to do it all at once! Like a bourbon or whisky--just small sips is enough!
RayG was being sarcastic.
The other thing I've learned to do is to set up golf channel to record (also) after the regular broadcast is supposed to be over. There have been a few times when cbs or nbc cut away to something else and "we'll continue broadcast of the playoff on the golf channel."
I did like the graphics showing distances:   
Lying 19?Kidding.
Too bad. That's like a DQ for signing an incorrect score card.
  Mike--There are some videos in this thread that aren't in the purestrike5sk web page.  A couple examples are "Key #2--Follow through turning rates" (post 196 of this thread) and "Key #3 (inline impact) with a hockey puck" (post 315).  I don't know if there are others.  But it would be great if that list could be kept complete--you guys make great material! Also, is there a link to the videos on the purestrike5sk.com home page?  (I finally bookmarked the video link in my...
I was downloading a round yesterday and my boys asked what the unit was. I told them what it did and that "they got it for me for Father's Day."One of my boys said "we get you the coolest stuff."
Watching a tournament with vintage equipment? How retro!
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