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Looks like it was actually in 1954, Pat Fletcher according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Open_(golf)   We have a ton of golfers in Canada but not too many seem to make it to the highest levels sadly.Graham DeLaet is our current hopeful I think!
 My guess is this would be pretty difficult without a really stiff sole.  Otherwise I could see horrible pressure points all across your feet on even moderately firm ground.
And bring back the sensei!!
I post everything that is played according to the rules of golf (to the best of my knowledge).  I have at least one practice round per week as I seem to end up by myself Friday afternoons with an essentially empty course - I play 3 balls and don't keep score.
None.  I've spent years looking for a hybrid I don't hook the crap out of.  I have no issues hitting a nice high 3i off the deck, once that becomes an issue I'll begin the hunt anew.
Quite so.  I'm clearly lucky this hasn't come up for me before.  Fortunately (I guess) I seem incapable of keeping my ball in-bounds in those situations. If it does happen I'll definitely take the drop then regardless of the playing scenario.  I hate going back to the tee since I walk.
If it's a competitive round I would play the provisional.  There is too much uncertainty for me with not only the drop but the following recovery shot.   If it's a casual round I would take the drop every time.  That's how you find out if you can make those shots and get practice at them.  
Your other thread actually got me remembering how much I loved practicing putting in my fivefingers.  I have an old model of KSO's that just keep on going.  I decided to play in them today since we had some torrential rain earlier today and the course is absolutely soggy.  It was so much fun to go marching through all the puddles and standing water without worrying about my shoes getting wet!  I found like you did that I felt much more confident reading greens, I sunk more...
Great to hear about the Motion, that's the model I wanted.  Nobody in Canada seems to carry it (at least not in Southern Ontario that I've been able to find) so I'm going to have to order online.  I feel much more confident of that now. How have you found the spikes on the Motion?  They look much more aggressive than they have in the past.  I've never had grip issues before but more can't hurt.
I've got quite a few eagles but no bunker hole outs.  I've come close a few times but I'm just too inconsistent on the speed the ball comes out of the sand.
New Posts  All Forums: