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2-4 years but definitely closer to 4 than 2.  My last change was only because I wanted to get in on the low spin revolution after seeing my numbers with a fitted SLDR.
2-4 years.  I don't get along well with hybrids but I do keep trying them.  I'm currently using an Adams Super DHY driving hybrid but it doesn't really work well from anywhere but a tight lie so I'm not sure it really qualifies.
Voted 1-2 years.  I play 4-5 times per week and I practice quite a bit so my sand wedge tends to take a beating.  My stupid brain likes my wedges to match so I replace my perfectly good LW at the same time.  I usually donate it to a friend or colleague who's getting started with golf or just wants a new toy.
I seem to be sitting around 3 years right now.  No particular reason I could give, it just works out that way.  If Mizuno would stop coming out with such awesome looking clubs that number would probably go up significantly!
I can't say I've given it much thought.  But I'm a sucker for a good par 3 so that may be why.  I'm curious to hear why people might not like it.
I voted 5+ because I have used a couple different putters so I can't say never.  However I got my Scotty Coronado Mid Slant when it was new with a proshop voucher I won and I fully expect to be buried with it (I'm only 35 so knock on wood it'll be a while).
I picked neither/both/other.  I'm definitely a digger with my wedges (beaver pelts galore!) but they get progressively more shallow and by the time I reach my 3i I'm just giving the grass a trim.
My stock shot is a draw, I hit it 98% of the time.  So I would hit my draw starting towards the water and have it turn back onto the green.  However my usual miss is a straight push so rather than starting over the water I'll start on the flag (assuming it's in the center).  If I get my usual draw I'll be left of the flag but away from the water.  if I get my normal miss I'll be left of the water and hopefully on the right side of the green.   Most of the time the...
 I'm having a similar issue sourcing them up here.  Golf Town only carries a single model (Vegas) on their online site and nothing at all in any of the 4 GT stores I have access to.  I'm loathe to buy shoes online without trying them on, I did that with the Lyt Dry and got totally burned by the problem you mentioned.  The good news is according to (I believe) @iacas , they've returned to the pre-2014 sizing models.
Never.  I play 4-5 times per week so I just stretch to loosen up and take some practice swings.  Half the courses I play don't have a range and I couldn't be bothered to take the time anyway.   I used to always hit a small bucket when I only played once per week, but I play enough now it doesn't seem to matter one way or the other.
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