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Not a poll option but in the console of my push cart on vibrate.  I hate having anything other than a pitch tool and ball marker in my pockets.
I think most likely it was due to the range balls.  They will be limited flight so the ball speed won't be very high compared to the club head speed (hence the low smash factor).  Next time you make it to the course try it with a real ball and (assuming the strike is good) that number should be substantially higher.
1-2 years.  I can't seem to find a 3W that I really love.  Currently using a Nike Covert Tour (original version) that I'm getting along well with at the moment.
2-4 years but definitely closer to 4 than 2.  My last change was only because I wanted to get in on the low spin revolution after seeing my numbers with a fitted SLDR.
2-4 years.  I don't get along well with hybrids but I do keep trying them.  I'm currently using an Adams Super DHY driving hybrid but it doesn't really work well from anywhere but a tight lie so I'm not sure it really qualifies.
Voted 1-2 years.  I play 4-5 times per week and I practice quite a bit so my sand wedge tends to take a beating.  My stupid brain likes my wedges to match so I replace my perfectly good LW at the same time.  I usually donate it to a friend or colleague who's getting started with golf or just wants a new toy.
I seem to be sitting around 3 years right now.  No particular reason I could give, it just works out that way.  If Mizuno would stop coming out with such awesome looking clubs that number would probably go up significantly!
I can't say I've given it much thought.  But I'm a sucker for a good par 3 so that may be why.  I'm curious to hear why people might not like it.
I voted 5+ because I have used a couple different putters so I can't say never.  However I got my Scotty Coronado Mid Slant when it was new with a proshop voucher I won and I fully expect to be buried with it (I'm only 35 so knock on wood it'll be a while).
I picked neither/both/other.  I'm definitely a digger with my wedges (beaver pelts galore!) but they get progressively more shallow and by the time I reach my 3i I'm just giving the grass a trim.
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