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Had the most freakishly awful round today.  Playing a short par 62 executive.  I hit 14 greens in regulation and I three-putted every single one.  I three-putted 16 times today, once from only 4 feet.  If that isn't the yips I don't know what is.  Been pretty consistently shooting only 3 over at this place normally.   Tomorrow is another day and I think it will be spent on the practice green!  Might be time to demote my current putter to the closet for a few rounds...
I absolutely love my G15 4 wood.  It's a monster off the tee and a beast off the deck.  My stock shot is a push-draw but I find I can hit a fade with little difficulty as well.  I always had trouble with my fairway woods (Diablo 3 and 5) until I tried the G15.
Shot a great 41-41 (par 70, 65.9/111) yesterday.  That included two penalties and two 3 putts which were incredibly disappointing.   Also only hit 6 fairways and 6 greens.
Haven't read the article just yet, but I'm wondering what it means that just as I opened this thread, a delivery driver with some clubmaking tools knocked on my door...
Just shot one of my best rounds ever!  It was only on a par 61 executive (59.1/97) but +3 is pretty sweet regardless!  I shot even par on the back 9 though I had a bogey/birdie split to even it out.   My handicap plummeted from 14.1 to 11.2 though, I'll have to get out and play a little more to bring it back up, no way it should be that low right now!
Great round today on a beautiful day!  Shot an 86 from the blues (par 71, 69.0/130) at Savannah Golf Links.  My dad didn't have quite so great a round but as he said: "I'd rather play badly on your dime than mine."
I went to 2 golf towns in 2 days and couldn't get any Gamer V2s either.  Not sure if that means anything but seems strange.   I've recently switched to the Srixon Trispeed Tour (yellow) balls, I find they are a nice balance between distance and control and the price is great.
I had this problem with my hybrids initially as well.  They were nice and long and easy to hit but nowhere near as accurate as I wanted.  I was able to solve this by re-shafting them with the same shafts as my irons (DGS300 in my case) and cutting them down to the same length so they fit right into my set (so my 3H and 4H shaft lengths matched the lengths of the 3i and 4i respectively).  When I purchased the hybrids I made sure to match the lofts which also helped them...
There is a practice facility in Cambridge that charges to use the chipping and sand areas as well, though it's nowhere near that expensive.  I think it was around $3 per hour or so.  For what that place charges I'd rather just find a cheap 9 hole course and just walk up to the greens and throw a bunch of balls in the traps.
I only recently started carrying the 7W myself and I have to say I absolutely love it.  I hit it 230 (220 or so off the deck) off the tee with a nice draw.  I love how softly it lands compared to my 3H.  There is an infamous short par 4 at one of the courses I frequent.  It's only 235 with a slight curve to the left and I've more than once just dropped it right in the middle of the green with that 7W!  
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