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OK I thought I'd give this one last attempt and see if anyone bites.
It's supposed to be good weather through this weekend.  After that it's just borrowed time basically, with all the snow down in the US lately I'm kind of surprised we haven't had any yet.  I'm going to get at least 36 holes in this weekend and just hope that it's not the last time this year.
I've been using the E5 since my supply of Pentas ran out.  I quite like it.  My preference is actually the Tri-Speed Tour (yellow) in the ~$30CAD price range, but I can't seem to find them up here anymore.  I wish they made the E5 in yellow!   I tried the Q-Star but just didn't care for it for putting and chipping.  I didn't try it until recently though and I'm wondering if part of the problem was that it doesn't handle the cold that well.  I've heard people say it...
I think the real key is you need both types of drills.  You need the repetitive ones to ingrain your stroke so that it's predictable for the more dynamic act of reading the green and rolling the proper line.   My putting practice usually starts by doing the ladder drill I described, followed by a variation of that circular drill, then longer and more complicated putts on particular breaks I may have been having trouble with lately.
The putting drill I really like is about reinforcing your stroke and distance control.  I have a couple of those 'tour sticks' (or driveway markers in my case) and I put a mark every foot.  I lay them end to end giving me marks every foot for 8 feet from the cup.  I make sure it's on a flat piece of green with no break (again this is about your stroke and distance control, not green reading).   Starting at the 1' mark, putt in 3 balls using your full putting...
I bought my CG15 wedges in the black pearl for the look.  The black pearl finish does wear on the sole and leading edge of the club face and impact position.  Something to keep in mind if that would bother you after a while.  It probably wouldn't be nearly as bad on the standard set of irons mind you.
When I realized I was choking down, I decided to just trim the putter length.  I use a tapered and oversize putter grip and I wanted to make sure I was holding the proper section of it.  Not much point in using an oversize grip if you're choking down on it to the point it's almost normal grip again.
I found this video incredibly helpful for those shots.  He has a video for ball above your feet as well.   http://www.videojug.com/film/golf-how-to-play-the-ball-below-your-feet
I use a golf dome up here.  Unfortunately it's quite expensive ($25-30 per hour) and rather far away (30 minutes) so I only go once every couple of weeks.  I tried a simulator league last year as well but it wasn't as fun as I'd hoped.  I don't think I'll do it again this year.
My MP33 serial numbers are on the ferrules.  If the heads were removed for some reason (new shafts?) the originals would be cut away.
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