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Looks great!  That putter is so long you almost lose the scale and it looks like a normal putter with a standard grip on it!  Most of the belly putters I've made have been in the 40"-42" length.   I hear you on the availability of grips.  I was doing so many conversions for a while there that I bought a dozen because I got tired of driving all over the place.  I think I only have 1 left.
56.14 for me.  Though I've been playing around a ton lately with my 62.12 and having a lot of fun with it right around the green.  I don't think I'd switch it to my normal chipping club, but it's great to have those extra shot types in the bag if need them.
It's hard to say, what I normally do is have them roll putts and we add weight slowly until it feels good to them.  You may not need any at all, quite a few didn't, it seems to depend on the putter head.  My brother's 2-ball ended up needing 18g added to it before it felt right to him.  My Yes! Carolyne didn't need any.
If you have an old putter laying around that you like you could always convert it for yourself.  All you need is an old iron shaft (to use as an extension) and a grip.  I've done quite a few conversions for friends and family.  You will want to pick up some lead tape as well, some putter heads need more weight added or they feel a little 'dead'.  Some lead tape on the bottom brings the feel back.   Regarding your question; $60 for a copy can be good or bad.  I've...
Welcome from Guelph!  I'm hoping hoping hoping to get a final round in this weekend.  Most courses have started shutting down this week though, it's not looking good.
Glad to hear you're [mostly/will be] OK.  Your buddy was right, in the back of the head it will drop you for sure (I've seen that too).  It wouldn't take much to kill you either in the right place.   I was hit in the leg this year with an errant drive, wow did that sting.  I walked funny for a week and couldn't do any serious weightlifting for 2 weeks or I'd get a major cramp in that leg.  I also had a ball come through the windshield on a cart I was riding in,...
I've done a bunch of conversions for friends and family (both belly and long putters).  With the long putters I found that once you extend it the head will usually feel far too light and it will actually feel dead when rolling the ball.  Add weight a little bit at a time until you like the feel of the roll.   My brother has a 2-ball that we made into a belly putter and ended up having to add something like 30g of weight to the head.  Fortunately we were able to...
I've seen it as well, we bought a complete set of Adams Golf ladies clubs for my mother for Christmas last year, one of the irons had the F missing.  There was no question it was a legitimate set as we bought it off the rack from Golf Town.
I have DG Spinners on my 52deg (GW) and my 56deg (both are CG15's).  I've been using the shafts since about July and I really like them.  The first few times you hit a ball you can actually feel the shaft flexing right below the grip.  It was really strange initially but you don't notice it after a while.   I did find that it generated more spin.  With my previous shafts (whatever the stock shaft in CG15 wedges were, I can't remember off the top of my head) I would...
What type of spike are they?  The fast-twist I've found need an extra little 8th turn (basically one click) once they feel like they're fully seated.  Not sure about the other types, but I've never lost a spike and I change mine once a month.
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