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Wow is golf down there that bad or is there some rule about not revealing you live in Florida?
Hey guys,   My brother and I are making the drive down from Ontario, Canada to the Daytona area (New Smyrna Beach specifically) in December.  I've been looking at GolfNow and there are quite a few courses on there and some I definitely want to hit (the LPGA courses for example).  Maybe there are some courses on that list I want to avoid?  Here's a link to the list.   http://www.golfnow.com/daytona-space-coast   We're fine going some distance from there as...
This is what I've found as well. My swing is in no way consistent enough that the spine would be the deciding factor in where the ball goes. But since I can do it, I do. It's part of the fun of building clubs I think.
The Penta is my ball of choice, I much prefer it over the ProV1.  However I only buy them when Golf Town has them on sale (usually 2 dozen for $65CAD, I normally will pick up 4 dozen).  Otherwise I'm either using the E5 or the Tri-Speed Tour.
This is probably a long shot, I'm not sure how many Southern Ontario golfers are on here.  But I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Tri-City Golf Club (or the sister clubs GTA and London).  It looks like a pretty great deal but my real concern is availability of tee times and how it works if you're booking with non-member guests.  Basically I guess I'm just wondering if it's worth the $200 or so and if you've had good experiences with it.  Right now they...
I find if I keep my grips clean (regularly wash them with dish soap & water) I rarely need the gloves (days of >80% humidity notwithstanding).  When I do use a glove I find they last significantly longer if I don't wear them between shots.
For me a hole must be over 400 yards and straight (or the straight portion has to be at least the length of my average drive).  I want my approaches between 150 and 100 yards, I will use whatever club will give them me that.  On the course I like to play the most, I only use my driver on 3 holes, they are all par 5 and all straight.   I do have one sucker hole I just can't resist the attempt to drive though.  298 to the middle of the green but it has a 265yd forced...
Sadly despite the popularity, golf is pretty expensive in Canada.  I imagine it has something to do with the fact the course is sitting empty 5-6 months of the year.
All the courses around here that I've played (which is quite a lot) assume you're walking unless you specifically ask for a cart.  Carts add between $15-$20 to the cost of a round (per person).  I can only think of 2 courses off the top of my head that require carts, both are upscale and pretty expensive already.  With that said there are a couple courses I would never play without a cart, the hikes between holes or the incredibly hilly terrain just demands it.   I...
Do you always go to the same course?  You could see if they offer club storage to non-members.   I have no idea if the straps on a decent carry bag would be sufficient for trips like that but maybe others have direct experience.
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