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All the courses around here that I've played (which is quite a lot) assume you're walking unless you specifically ask for a cart.  Carts add between $15-$20 to the cost of a round (per person).  I can only think of 2 courses off the top of my head that require carts, both are upscale and pretty expensive already.  With that said there are a couple courses I would never play without a cart, the hikes between holes or the incredibly hilly terrain just demands it.   I...
Do you always go to the same course?  You could see if they offer club storage to non-members.   I have no idea if the straps on a decent carry bag would be sufficient for trips like that but maybe others have direct experience.
Welcome from Ontario!
You heat the hosel with a torch or a heat gun until the epoxy breaks down and use a shaft extractor to force the head off.  You can do the same with steel shafts though the shaft extractor is simply a hand in a glove.    
Fun round today!  The front 9 went from sunny to crazy windy with horizontal rain back to sunny (just as we made the turn).    The back 9 was about the same but with more rain!  I almost turned my umbrella inside out but managed to catch it in time!  Through all that I managed to finish only 10 over par.  Not great but not too bad either.   The highlight was hitting a 410yd par 4 in one shot (it was actually on the fringe but my buddy decided to count it).  Downhill,...
As long as some one puts the pin back I'd call it a victory.  I was following a group a couple/few weeks ago that failed to do so 4 times.  No marshals that day so no one to help out.  And they somehow managed to clear the tee boxes before we got there every time so we couldn't have words either (we were walking, they had power carts).  Gotta love only going for center mass on the green because you have no idea where the hole is.
I use a golf dome that is semi-local to me (30KM away).  It's not heated and it's rather expensive ($30 an hour, unlimited balls) but it's better than nothing!  I try to go only every couple weeks because of the price, but sometimes I'm there a couple times when the urge is too strong.   I don't like what it does to my swing though; by the end of the winter I'm picking the ball instead of hitting down on it.  It takes a bit of time to get back to taking divots when...
Well I had a rocking round going with a starting string of 10 pars.  Then I got hit in the foot with an errant drive and didn't do better than double-bogey on any hole after that.  Oh well, such is life on the golf course!
Had a fun round today.  Was playing with 2 buddies (one plays maybe twice a year), the other probably a 25 handicap or so.  We decided to make things a little more interesting and they played a 2 man scramble against me in match play.  I also gave them a stroke on every hole.   We only played 9 and I ended up shooting +2, they were somewhere around +11 (gross) and ended up beating me in match play! lol  Fun stuff and made pretty exciting all the way through the round!
The courses (again at least here where I've talked to the owners/managers) authorize the rates.  I imagine it comes down to getting a guaranteed booking for some money rather than taking a chance on an empty tee slot.  They definitely make money otherwise why would they do it?  Anyway we're pretty OT, better not continue this discussion here.  Cheers!    
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