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I always prefer to, though it's not always possible (tee time too early or no range or warm-up net).  It takes me about 20 balls before I feel fully loose and my swing is grooved in.  A small warm-up bucket is usually all I hit with the last couple being whatever I'm about to tee off with.  Then it's over to the putting green to get my putting and short chips dialed in.
I was once told by a course owner that the broken tees were bad for the mowers.  I have no idea if that was true or if he just didn't like the litter.  But ever since I've always tossed my broken tee pieces into the garbage can next to the tee box.  Takes only an extra second of time and it helps keeps the course looking nice so it's never bothered me to do it.
Just be careful though. I started with regripping and am now building clubs for myself/friends/family and have lots of fun new tools and supplies on my workbench. Slippery slope and all that.     With regards to the OP: up here in Ontario at Golf Town it's $1 plus the price of the grip.
I have 3 putters that I rotate through (I really like them all and don't like to stay away from them for long).  I'm really getting into clubbuilding so I think I'll probably start changing out clubs fairly often to test new builds.
47C (~116F) with the humidity here today.  I brought my clubs to work hoping I can hit the range on the way home, but I'm not too hopeful!
Has anyone had any direct experience with knetgolf recycled mint vs refinished mint?  I like the idea of the refinished mint but I'm wondering if it changes the playability of the ProV1 at all.  Or maybe it's just not worth the extra bit of money compared to recycled mint.
Had the most freakishly awful round today.  Playing a short par 62 executive.  I hit 14 greens in regulation and I three-putted every single one.  I three-putted 16 times today, once from only 4 feet.  If that isn't the yips I don't know what is.  Been pretty consistently shooting only 3 over at this place normally.   Tomorrow is another day and I think it will be spent on the practice green!  Might be time to demote my current putter to the closet for a few rounds...
I absolutely love my G15 4 wood.  It's a monster off the tee and a beast off the deck.  My stock shot is a push-draw but I find I can hit a fade with little difficulty as well.  I always had trouble with my fairway woods (Diablo 3 and 5) until I tried the G15.
Shot a great 41-41 (par 70, 65.9/111) yesterday.  That included two penalties and two 3 putts which were incredibly disappointing.   Also only hit 6 fairways and 6 greens.
Haven't read the article just yet, but I'm wondering what it means that just as I opened this thread, a delivery driver with some clubmaking tools knocked on my door...
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