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My stock shot is a draw, I hit it 98% of the time.  So I would hit my draw starting towards the water and have it turn back onto the green.  However my usual miss is a straight push so rather than starting over the water I'll start on the flag (assuming it's in the center).  If I get my usual draw I'll be left of the flag but away from the water.  if I get my normal miss I'll be left of the water and hopefully on the right side of the green.   Most of the time the...
 I'm having a similar issue sourcing them up here.  Golf Town only carries a single model (Vegas) on their online site and nothing at all in any of the 4 GT stores I have access to.  I'm loathe to buy shoes online without trying them on, I did that with the Lyt Dry and got totally burned by the problem you mentioned.  The good news is according to (I believe) @iacas , they've returned to the pre-2014 sizing models.
Never.  I play 4-5 times per week so I just stretch to loosen up and take some practice swings.  Half the courses I play don't have a range and I couldn't be bothered to take the time anyway.   I used to always hit a small bucket when I only played once per week, but I play enough now it doesn't seem to matter one way or the other.
It's about the feel of the grip, not just the size.  Some people (myself included obviously) are picky about our only connection to the club. For example I no longer use 9 wraps, I started using Lamkin UTx grips and find that midsize +3 wraps gives me the feel and size I'm looking for.
First round of the year today!  Just got out to an executive course, nothing exciting around 5500 yards and par 67 but they were open and beggars can't be choosers!  Shot level par which was nice, looks like all that work I did on the simulator over the winter was worthwhile.
Headcover on my fairway and driver, always.  I can count on one hand the number cart rides I had last season, with my push cart I do take the putter cover off though.  My bag has a putter well on the side and it doesn't bump into anything so no worries there.
 There's a trick to it.  You sort of pinch an inch or so before the end of the grip while pushing it over the end of the shaft at an angle and it kind of pops on.  Then slide it on like any other grip.  That's a terrible description but it really does work.
I agree with what's been said by other posters but also wanted to add: the SLDR really punishes you on off-center hits because the weight is so far forward.  It's not a 'forgiving' club like most modern drivers and I'd say your strike is causing more issues any anything.  Your numbers with the "SLDR 11" aren't too bad but I bet if you looked at the smash factor average for that one it's quite a bit lower than the others.  Work on getting your strike more into the center...
Great job!   I've had exactly one as well though mine isn't as nice as yours.  I had about 215yd in with a strong head wind so I hit my 3W (236yd carry normally).  The wind died to nothing as I was in my backswing and I flew the green, pinged off a tree and watched it trickle back onto the green and into the cup.  I got sh*t for that one for weeks but a 2 is a 2!!  
I've played a few courses with similar features.  It's certainly cause for a bad word or two when it happens but ultimately I'm the one who hit the ball there.  Sometimes it means a hero shot hitting a low punchy cut to get on the green, sometimes it means taking your medicine and laying up into a better position.   Personally I like features like that in courses if they're done well.  They make a course more unique and interesting.
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