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I like the idea. Especially if you integrate some kind of ring or eyelet to attach a line.  I use the winter-cone style tees when the ground is too hard up here.  I attach it with fishing line to a hockey puck (hey, I'm Canadian, what do you expect) so I don't have to chase it down.  I'd try these out for sure, I never liked looking at the cones much.
That's completely normal up here.  I've never even heard of a course around here that allows non-playing riders.  It's understood that you're paying a 'riders fee' rather than for a cart.  It's a train ticket rather than a rental car.
I've had similar issues with mine.  Combined with the smaller toe-box and the added overall stiffness I've relegated this model to the back of the closet.  That crazy high heel just can't fit properly for everyone unfortunately.   I'm also searching for a replacement for my Protos.  The new barefoot shoe in the 2015 lineup is looking pretty awesome, can't wait to see them in person!
Gotta feel bad for the poor guy who had to climb way up to the upper right.  Based on the amount of raking that was done he must have had a rough time of it!
I'm liking the look of the Motion Sport line in the white and black!
To each his own I suppose, I want less shoe not more for myself.  The Proto (at least for me) were a great balance between the two.  The Lyt might be leaning a little too far in the wrong direction for me, but I own them now so I'll certainly use them.   I'm not sure what other options there really are at this point anyway.  Got all winter to look at this point sadly.
I wasn't really complaining, as I said I found them quite comfortable.  Just compared to the sensei I'm usually wearing they felt as stiff as plywood. Time will tell I suppose and if they are moving away from true minimalist shoes I wouldn't be surprised for the very reason you mentioned.
Has anyone tried the Lyt/Dry model?  They had a sale on golftown daily deal a few weeks ago.  I quite liked the look so I decided to buy them without having seen them in person or tried them on (none of the GT stores carry True in stock).  I finally received them yesterday and headed over to the simulator to hit some balls and I have to say the soles are incredibly stiff.   They don't have any heel drop but I wouldn't call them minimalist shoes by any stretch.  I can't...
All the time, it's great fun!  I play 5-6 times per week and about half are match of some sort (at least for another couple weeks, stupid Canadian winter!)  Favourites are:   four ball 4-2-1 match skins   Mostly it depends how many players there are.  Often it's just 2 or 3 so match and 4-2-1 tends to be the most used.
I just drink water, I never have beer at the course.  If it's really hot and humid (normal for southern Ontario summer) I usually bring 4 bottles with me.  1 of which is half frozen to keep the rest cold.  I'll have finished them all by the end of my round.   If it's not too hot I will usually go for 1 bottle per 9 and 1 bottle at the turn.
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