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Wow very cool.  For $100 I would pick up those tags just for my own programming fun, let alone to use with their app.  The only reason I haven't gotten a gamegolf is the price point, this is much more attractive.
I play all winter at a golf simulator that also has a couple active pool leagues and is always playing music.  I don't think much of anything distracts me anymore so I voted #1.   My normal group of playing partners all play there too so we don't even stop talking when people are hitting anymore.  We have to be careful on the rare occasions we play with people we don't know to make sure we shut the hell up. :-D
Tarandowah Golfers Club is my go-to.  It has the seal of approval of some actual Scottish golfers I know.   If you play there don't let your ego dictate your tee selection. ;-)
I don't see why it matters if there are alternative products or not.  There are 50 different types of standard wood tees when I look in the isle at Golf Town and they all co-exist just fine.  I can't stand those zero-friction tees but I see lots of people with them.
@Shorty I guess you haven't had to use tees like this before?  They're visible below the ball as well, I've not heard anyone make that complaint about them.  Well aside from having to use them to begin with, but that's another issue entirely!      OP I'm digging those, if you ever want a Canadian tester let me know!  Though I can't do much until late March or April sadly.  Any thoughts on an iron version?
I like the idea. Especially if you integrate some kind of ring or eyelet to attach a line.  I use the winter-cone style tees when the ground is too hard up here.  I attach it with fishing line to a hockey puck (hey, I'm Canadian, what do you expect) so I don't have to chase it down.  I'd try these out for sure, I never liked looking at the cones much.
That's completely normal up here.  I've never even heard of a course around here that allows non-playing riders.  It's understood that you're paying a 'riders fee' rather than for a cart.  It's a train ticket rather than a rental car.
I've had similar issues with mine.  Combined with the smaller toe-box and the added overall stiffness I've relegated this model to the back of the closet.  That crazy high heel just can't fit properly for everyone unfortunately.   I'm also searching for a replacement for my Protos.  The new barefoot shoe in the 2015 lineup is looking pretty awesome, can't wait to see them in person!
Gotta feel bad for the poor guy who had to climb way up to the upper right.  Based on the amount of raking that was done he must have had a rough time of it!
I'm liking the look of the Motion Sport line in the white and black!
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