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I'm liking the look of the Motion Sport line in the white and black!
To each his own I suppose, I want less shoe not more for myself.  The Proto (at least for me) were a great balance between the two.  The Lyt might be leaning a little too far in the wrong direction for me, but I own them now so I'll certainly use them.   I'm not sure what other options there really are at this point anyway.  Got all winter to look at this point sadly.
I wasn't really complaining, as I said I found them quite comfortable.  Just compared to the sensei I'm usually wearing they felt as stiff as plywood. Time will tell I suppose and if they are moving away from true minimalist shoes I wouldn't be surprised for the very reason you mentioned.
Has anyone tried the Lyt/Dry model?  They had a sale on golftown daily deal a few weeks ago.  I quite liked the look so I decided to buy them without having seen them in person or tried them on (none of the GT stores carry True in stock).  I finally received them yesterday and headed over to the simulator to hit some balls and I have to say the soles are incredibly stiff.   They don't have any heel drop but I wouldn't call them minimalist shoes by any stretch.  I can't...
All the time, it's great fun!  I play 5-6 times per week and about half are match of some sort (at least for another couple weeks, stupid Canadian winter!)  Favourites are:   four ball 4-2-1 match skins   Mostly it depends how many players there are.  Often it's just 2 or 3 so match and 4-2-1 tends to be the most used.
I just drink water, I never have beer at the course.  If it's really hot and humid (normal for southern Ontario summer) I usually bring 4 bottles with me.  1 of which is half frozen to keep the rest cold.  I'll have finished them all by the end of my round.   If it's not too hot I will usually go for 1 bottle per 9 and 1 bottle at the turn.
I'm up in Guelph and if there was a course of that quality around here offering that deal I would jump all over it!  We don't get great deals like they do south of the border, gotta take advantage when they do come up in my opinion.
 That's a great looking shoe.  I will definitely check those out.  Ouch on the price tag though.  This is my plan, I won't need new shoes this year but I will definitely need to pick something up for next season. Complicated by the fact that Golf Town (all of my local ones anyway) have stopped carrying TRUE.  I won't buy without trying on first so may have to switch brands anyway.
Anyone know any reasonable equivalents to the Tour and Proto shoes?  I kinda stopped looking once I found the original TRUE Tour model and have remained brand loyal until now.
That is disappointing.  I have both Tours and Proto's and love the super-wide toe-boxes.  I have a pair of sensei as well but they are definitely narrower on my feet.  I don't much care for any of their other models, I guess I will have to start looking elsewhere for shoes next season.
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