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I'm up in Guelph and if there was a course of that quality around here offering that deal I would jump all over it!  We don't get great deals like they do south of the border, gotta take advantage when they do come up in my opinion.
 That's a great looking shoe.  I will definitely check those out.  Ouch on the price tag though.  This is my plan, I won't need new shoes this year but I will definitely need to pick something up for next season. Complicated by the fact that Golf Town (all of my local ones anyway) have stopped carrying TRUE.  I won't buy without trying on first so may have to switch brands anyway.
Anyone know any reasonable equivalents to the Tour and Proto shoes?  I kinda stopped looking once I found the original TRUE Tour model and have remained brand loyal until now.
That is disappointing.  I have both Tours and Proto's and love the super-wide toe-boxes.  I have a pair of sensei as well but they are definitely narrower on my feet.  I don't much care for any of their other models, I guess I will have to start looking elsewhere for shoes next season.
Seems odd that we would both have the same problem with the mesh version.  I'm going to Golf Town later this week, I'm definitely taking my shoes along with me!   I remember when I bought them the guy at Golf Town even warning me they weren't waterproof.  I wonder if they made a change to the mesh model at some point.  I notice the website says they're waterproof.
I have the type that look kind of like burlap and they are definitely not waterproof. I don't wear them unless it's late on a hot dry day and hasn't rained in a while.
Which is why I maintained that it needed to be looked at as a possible issue.  I didn't say what pressure it should be.  I agree I was probably incorrect before, my problems most likely stemmed from incorrect grip size. Too tight a grip is just as much of a problem in my opinion, it restricts free movement of the wrists and forearms.  But that's moving OT for this thread. Back on topic, OP said he's thinking about lessons with a Pro which I think we will all agree is a...
 That wasn't my experience.  But thinking back I was using grips that were too small as well.  That had much more to do with it I imagine.  I stand by grip pressure being an issue to be looked at however.
In addition to what @saevel25 has mentioned, check your grip pressure as well.  Squeezing the club too tightly can cause blisters too.
I imagine everyone has had those kinds of rounds!  It's probably the main reason I don't add my score until the round is over when I'm playing stroke play.  I never do well when I'm thinking "you just need to X" before I hit a shot.
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