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I have the type that look kind of like burlap and they are definitely not waterproof. I don't wear them unless it's late on a hot dry day and hasn't rained in a while.
Which is why I maintained that it needed to be looked at as a possible issue.  I didn't say what pressure it should be.  I agree I was probably incorrect before, my problems most likely stemmed from incorrect grip size. Too tight a grip is just as much of a problem in my opinion, it restricts free movement of the wrists and forearms.  But that's moving OT for this thread. Back on topic, OP said he's thinking about lessons with a Pro which I think we will all agree is a...
 That wasn't my experience.  But thinking back I was using grips that were too small as well.  That had much more to do with it I imagine.  I stand by grip pressure being an issue to be looked at however.
In addition to what @saevel25 has mentioned, check your grip pressure as well.  Squeezing the club too tightly can cause blisters too.
I imagine everyone has had those kinds of rounds!  It's probably the main reason I don't add my score until the round is over when I'm playing stroke play.  I never do well when I'm thinking "you just need to X" before I hit a shot.
I have the precursor to them, the Super DHy.  I picked up the 21 to replace my 3i and hit it so bloody well that I went back and picked up the 18 and 24 to replace my 5W and 4i.  I love that they fit into my set in terms of both club length and loft and they offer enough forgiveness that I don't worry about slight miss-hits.   I don't bother with a fairway wood on most courses now and just use my 18 (2i) off the tee.  The ball flight is absolutely gorgeous.  Such a...
 It absolutely won't save that many strokes.  I wasn't putting forth a complete solution.  The simple fact is you need to everything that has been mentioned so far to get into the single digits and stay there.  I was simply adding some focus to something that doesn't often get any spotlight. And punch shots are a tool that every mid-high handicap should have.  They are the ones MOST likely to need it multiple times per round.  Like I said I'm not advocating hero shots, I'm...
Some great stuff mentioned already but I think this needs some highlighting:   Recovery Shots   You need to practice these just like any other shot.  Work on low punch shots with your 4-5-6-7 irons.  Learn how far you carry them, how far they roll out.  How high/low you can hit them.  How much they will curve right or left.   You're going to get in trouble, that's just a given.  Give yourself confidence to get out of trouble and suddenly those tee shots that worried...
Golf Town simulators used to be pretty bad for this.  I always took in one of my own clubs where I knew what they did to use as a control.  They're much better now though since they've changed to a GC2-style launch monitor on the floor.  I still bring in a control club though.
I just thump the ground with my club to pop up a small amount of turf and use that.  I actually do this for everything except my driver unless the tee box is in pretty nasty shape.
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