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Some great stuff mentioned already but I think this needs some highlighting:   Recovery Shots   You need to practice these just like any other shot.  Work on low punch shots with your 4-5-6-7 irons.  Learn how far you carry them, how far they roll out.  How high/low you can hit them.  How much they will curve right or left.   You're going to get in trouble, that's just a given.  Give yourself confidence to get out of trouble and suddenly those tee shots that worried...
Golf Town simulators used to be pretty bad for this.  I always took in one of my own clubs where I knew what they did to use as a control.  They're much better now though since they've changed to a GC2-style launch monitor on the floor.  I still bring in a control club though.
I just thump the ground with my club to pop up a small amount of turf and use that.  I actually do this for everything except my driver unless the tee box is in pretty nasty shape.
The MP FLi-Hi was fantastic for sure.  My father has the JPX version and they're definitely not a driving iron anymore.  Great hybrids in their own right though!  He has his with shafts matching his irons (also JPX) and they fit right into the set.
I've been using the Adams Super DHy driving hybrids in 18, 21, and 24 and I absolutely love them.  I find they're closer to a super game improvement iron than a hybrid. In addition they're designed to fit into your iron set so you don't get that annoying yardage gap.  They hit about 15yds longer instead of 20+ like my traditional hybrids.  They're marketed as driving irons but I find they launch really well off the deck too.   I carried a 2i driving iron for a while and...
To get feedback on hitting the ball heavy try laying a towel on the ground about 2" behind the ball.  Works on grass too with the added benefit of negative re-enforcement when you have to ask people to stop hitting so you can run out and grab your towel. 
These were on pretty darn cheap so I thought I'd try the Footjoy 'minimalist' offering.  I love all my various pairs of True Linkswear but I quite liked the look of these.  They are definitely NOT zero-drop heels but for Footjoy they are pretty low!  
I picked up the Adams Super DHy 21 and 24 degree long-iron-hybridy things.  They more resemble super GI irons than hybrids but wow do they hit a nice ball.   I've been banging away on the simulator with them all week and I'm seriously considering going back and getting the 18 degree.
I bought one back in the fall when they went on big-time discount at Golf Town.  I really like it and the Kurokage shaft is just fantastic (for me anyway).  The tour model was my preference looks-wise but I had better numbers for spin and launch with the non-tour model so I went with that.   I tried the 2.0 versions as well but I just can't get past the looks.  It's probably all in the paint they chose but to me it just looks like it's made of cheap plastic or something....
I've seen damage like this before from people playing on snowed/frosted greens.  Fortunately most often the footprints are that of deer or coyote but sometimes it's people too.  
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