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I've spoken to a few people who really got their money's worth but it seems to depend on how flexible you are for tee times.  I could never get onto a course in my area when I was availalble to play.  So for me it really wasn't worth it (I didn't even make my money back in savings).  I've decided on golfnorth.ca this year, I know lots of people who do really well with that.
Here is a pretty good read if you find this kind of thing interesting.  I don't have any real interest in surfing but the stories about them and the scientists are pretty cool.   The Wave by Susan Casey   http://www.amazon.com/The-Wave-Pursuit-Rogues-Freaks/dp/0385666675
Golf Canada had a blog entry about it a year or two ago.  I don't think our rules differ much [if at all] from USGA so I'd say it's most likely legal for you guys as well.   http://www.golfcanada.ca/blogs/rcga-rules-of-golf/article2840.ece   I messed around with it on the practice green a bunch.  I found it worked quite well as long as the fairway was cut tight enough.
With all-grain you can start getting into some really fun stuff like decoction mashing as well.  They make for long days but are so much fun!  The end product is amazing too.  My first full decoction mash was a Vienna Lager.  After an 8 hour brew day, 2 weeks of fermentation, 3 months of lagering and another 2 weeks to carbonate the keg... we blew through the whole thing in one night at a poker game because no one could stop drinking it!  Totally worth it though!
You can make a session beer in as little as 3 weeks.  Though 4-5 is generally best for a nice session beer (ordinary bitter, mild, etc).  I got out of homebrewing to get into golf but I was a full all-grain brewer.  I actually miss it but I put on an awful lot of weight having all that delicious beer around.  Especially once I moved from bottles to kegs!   I also made FAR more than not only I could consume but even more than I could give away!  I still have a pretty...
If you're trying to cure yourself is hitting it fat, try putting a towel a couple inches behind the ball.  Move it progressively closer as you get more and more confident striking the ball.  Nothing cures hitting it fat like the shame of having to retrieve your towel repeatedly from down-range.   Otherwise definitely painters tape, I'd hate to use a mat after someone covered it in chalk or flour or something.  I don't really want my clothes covered in it.
Have you tried Teksavvy (if they're available in your area)?  I dumped Rogers for them and I have unlimited bandwidth for about what I was paying Rogers just for internet.
You're right that was a little confusing.  I mixed comparing numbered size vs fit without really differentiating. Doesn't change the ultimate point though that you'll most likely want to buy a half size smaller than you normally wear.
I have both the 2011 and 2012 TRUE Tours and I found they run a half size smaller.  I take an 11 boot (and shoe) but a 10.5 TRUE Tour.  Not sure about the other models.  You'll find they are bigger in the toe box than you're used to, but that of course is the point. 
I joined a local simulator place for our long winters too.  I enjoy playing the big name courses I'd never spend the money to play.  Our place uses hdgolf.com simulators so the imagery is really nice (actual HD photos from the courses).  The course I find I play quite a lot though is a compilation course called 'Famous 3's'.  It's pretty cool to play those holes from all the famous courses.  Really shows you why a par3 doesn't need to be 230yds to be...
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