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A couple hours north of OP in Guelph and it's been a pretty nasty winter for sure.  I'm resigned to not getting back on the course again until April.  I'd be incredibly surprised if it was earlier.
I've never seen bottles for carry.  I think that might just be on courses with sandy soil types where a divot disintegrates.  Here any divots are beaver pelts you just pick up and put back in place.  I rarely even see bottles on carts up here.  When I head down south though every single cart has a couple bottles or a container with a scoop.
With the GolfTown sale on now I decided to try out the new Lamkin premium grip.  http://www.lamkingrips.com/max-performance/utx   I put one on my 6i and I'm really liking it so far.  I'm a gloveless-cord-guy and though these aren't nearly as aggressive, I've been enjoying it quite a bit.  Time will tell if they hold up to Southern Ontario humidity in the summer but I think I will outfit all my clubs with them.  At only $6CAD during the sale it's a tough price to beat too!
I carry 4 including my PW.   PW (45deg, part of my iron set) GW (CG15 52 bent to 50, 8deg bounce) SW (CG15 56.14deg) SW (CG15 62.12deg)   I carry the second high lofted sand wedge because some of the courses I play have very high sided bunkers and it makes my life easier.  It also doubles as my lob wedge so it's not wasting a spot in my bag.
Cross-country skiing for me.
I'm sure you'd get arguments on both sides of that one.  The Merkur HD (and similar) is sort of the 'gold standard' I think.  They're nice and weighty and have excellent construction. When it comes to blades they are so many the best thing is to get sampler packs (most only shops offer them) and try a bunch out.  Your face will like some and not others.  Lots of good brands to try at the link below. http://www.fendrihan.com/razor-blades-blade-samplers-c-116_4_14.html I...
Looks like (or very similar to) the Merkur HD.
I rinse the head off when its too covered in shave cream.  It takes a lot to clog up the head with hair (assuming you shave regularly anyway), I rarely find a need to rinse the for that. And as long as you follow the no extra pressure rule there are no issues with the jaw line and chin.  The blade isn't as exposed as you might be thinking.  Take a look at some pictures of safety razors on google and you'll see what I mean.
It's not difficult at all. The number one rule, well number two actually.  Number one would be: the blade NEVER travels sideways!  The number two rule is: no pressure!  The weight of the safety razor itself provides all the pressure necessary, don't press the blade against your skin.  If you do this you will never suffer razor burn unless you are using a dull blade.  Just get your face nice and hot and hydrated (right out of the shower is my personal preference), apply...
I'm a member at simulator place up the street.  I joined for the same reason as you, winters up here are long!  I tried using a golf dome for a while but it was way too cold and way too expensive.   My simulator place uses HDGolf.  Absolutely amazing visuals since they take actual photos at the course.  The trade off is they only have 20+ courses.  I love playing in the leagues (I play in 2 leagues during the week).  Met some great guys and a few new golf buddies that way.
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