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84, Par 70, 72.2/129, 6622yds   Had a rough round today, didn't hit many greens.  Really windy with gusts up to 45KM/h at times.  It was really bad on the front 9 where I shot +11.  The wind died down a bit and I was +3 on the back 9 which was actually better than my previous round at this course.
I use one at the range if I'm working on my driver.  I hate chasing my tee down all the time.  Never used one on the course though.
82, Par 70, 72.2/129, 6622yds   Played a really challenging scottish links style course yesterday.  Really windy so I didn't hit many greens, also had putting issues (didn't drain anything over 8ft).
64, Par 62, 59.7/98, 3990yd   Played a fun and challenging (very hilly, lots of hazards) executive course today.  My parents are members so with the long weekend early twilight and members discount it's a great deal.  I had 4 bogeys and 2 birdies, each split evenly per side.  Nice and consistent and my putting was excellent today.  Going to find something longer tomorrow, but the executives sure do give you a great idea of where your iron game is.
I carry a 17deg 4W that I rarely use (I don't carry a 3W). I carry 230yd with my 7W and 275yd with my driver and rarely seem to find myself in need of the 250yd shot of the 4W. It probably has to do a lot with the courses I play though. I remember on my trip to Florida I pulled it out a lot more, long holes with huge fairways aren't the norm around here.
81, Par 71, 71.0/131, 6200yds   Not a tough course by the numbers but you need to be pretty exacting with your tee shots.  The landing areas are small and the trouble is plentiful.  I lost a couple strokes to bad club selection hitting through fairways into hazards.  A couple questionable 3 putts I should have taken more time on.  I swear breaking 80 must be mental, I keep doing stupid things costing me a stroke or two to keep me out of the 70's!
85, Par 71, 70.1/121 6450yds.   Another weird day.  My driver was singing (13 of 13 fairways) but I had four 3 putts.  Seems like the more fairways I hit the worse my putting.  I just had no feel whatsoever with the putter today, it felt like I was swinging a mop or something.   Part of the blame though goes to my approaches which just weren't tight enough; I was hitting greens but almost always left the longest first putt possible.  I think tomorrow I'm going to...
82, Par 72, 70.6/132, 6420yds.  Fairly tight parkland style.   I had a miserable day off the tee, I hit only 3 fairways and 6 greens in total.  I still managed to scramble my way to an 82 though so at least my short game was working.   I loved the course but the bunkers were awful.  They were filled with - and I'm not kidding - brick sand.  Might have been a choice based on the history of the area, or maybe it's just because it's cheap since it comes from down...
I spend usually 1.5-2hrs to hit 130 balls.  I start off with wedges and skip a club all the way up through the bag, hitting 3-5 balls with each.  I always do my normal pre-shot routine with every shot.   If I have something specific to work on I'll then do that for as long as I need.  Then I usually do a ladder through my bag.  I will hit driver, wedge, driver, PW, driver, 9i, etc. all the way through the bag and then back down again.  When I get to the longer clubs...
You won't hurt a steel shaft.  I just heat with a heat gun (torch works too but careful not to get it too hot) and pull the clubhead off with a work glove.
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