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85, Par 71, 70.1/121 6450yds.   Another weird day.  My driver was singing (13 of 13 fairways) but I had four 3 putts.  Seems like the more fairways I hit the worse my putting.  I just had no feel whatsoever with the putter today, it felt like I was swinging a mop or something.   Part of the blame though goes to my approaches which just weren't tight enough; I was hitting greens but almost always left the longest first putt possible.  I think tomorrow I'm going to...
82, Par 72, 70.6/132, 6420yds.  Fairly tight parkland style.   I had a miserable day off the tee, I hit only 3 fairways and 6 greens in total.  I still managed to scramble my way to an 82 though so at least my short game was working.   I loved the course but the bunkers were awful.  They were filled with - and I'm not kidding - brick sand.  Might have been a choice based on the history of the area, or maybe it's just because it's cheap since it comes from down...
I spend usually 1.5-2hrs to hit 130 balls.  I start off with wedges and skip a club all the way up through the bag, hitting 3-5 balls with each.  I always do my normal pre-shot routine with every shot.   If I have something specific to work on I'll then do that for as long as I need.  Then I usually do a ladder through my bag.  I will hit driver, wedge, driver, PW, driver, 9i, etc. all the way through the bag and then back down again.  When I get to the longer clubs...
You won't hurt a steel shaft.  I just heat with a heat gun (torch works too but careful not to get it too hot) and pull the clubhead off with a work glove.
If it's straight away I like my approaches on par 4's between 150 and 100 yards so I'll hit whatever club will get me in there.  Otherwise I will let the hole design dictate the club to lay up or carry a hazard or whatever.   For a par 5 I will hit a driver unless the hole design dictates otherwise.   If a fairway is really tight I'll probably drop down to my 7W which I'm really comfortable with in terms of accuracy.
I make sure my temples and the back of my head are protected by my arms and turn away from wherever I think the yell came from.   A few years ago a buddy got hit in the back of the head with an errant tee shot.  He just collapsed to the ground out cold.  We seriously thought he was toast, never seen someone do that before.  Paramedic said he was really lucky.
To add a contrasting viewpoint, I ended up swapping out the graphite shafts for matching steel shafts with the rest of my irons.  The lofts on my 3i and 4i were the same as the 3H and 4H so I matched the shaft lengths and swingweights into the set as well.  So basically they ended up being a drop in replacement and I was really happy with them.  I found them much more accurate that way.  Sure a bit of distance was lost because the shafts were shorter, but I'll take more...
My basic procedure is to measure out and place the solid white lines at 100 and 200 in google earth using the path tool.  Then I save a copy of the image out of google earth and crop it however I need it for the hole.  Then in Inkscape you add the other stuff overtop of the images as objects (makes them easer to move around as required).  I use google earth to do any and all measuring.
I used a combination of Google Earth and Inkscape to create a yardage book for one of my home courses.  
I have this one as well and it is fantastic.  The extra pockets in the hood are really handy for things like gloves and scorecards too.
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