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To add a contrasting viewpoint, I ended up swapping out the graphite shafts for matching steel shafts with the rest of my irons.  The lofts on my 3i and 4i were the same as the 3H and 4H so I matched the shaft lengths and swingweights into the set as well.  So basically they ended up being a drop in replacement and I was really happy with them.  I found them much more accurate that way.  Sure a bit of distance was lost because the shafts were shorter, but I'll take more...
My basic procedure is to measure out and place the solid white lines at 100 and 200 in google earth using the path tool.  Then I save a copy of the image out of google earth and crop it however I need it for the hole.  Then in Inkscape you add the other stuff overtop of the images as objects (makes them easer to move around as required).  I use google earth to do any and all measuring.
I used a combination of Google Earth and Inkscape to create a yardage book for one of my home courses.  
I have this one as well and it is fantastic.  The extra pockets in the hood are really handy for things like gloves and scorecards too.
Guelph checking in!
A trickle of water out the faucet and a nylon brush is all I've ever needed.  A few seconds scrubbing and then dry off the club head and it's done.  I use a wet towel on the course after each shot though so there's rarely much to clean later on.
I bring them out when the sky is fully overcast.  I can't see the white ball at all on those days and I hate waiting for the flash of white falling past the tree background to hopefully locate my ball.  I haven't noticed coloured balls (the yellow Z-Stars at least) being any easier or tougher to find in the rough.
I like to have mine hanging down at the small of my back.  I found the trick was to get it just high enough that it doesn't bounce when you walk, just sort of hangs there neutrally.  I have the straps adjusted so that it's basically level but just slightly higher to the club head end.  I tend to drape my arm over my irons to prevent chatter so I've never had much worry about clubs falling out.  I think the Woode top on my Ogio bag helps with that too.   If I'm just...
I used to carry 2, now I don't carry any.  I've started carrying a 7W and a 9W instead.  I'm considering getting a new 24 or 25deg to swap out with the 9W on certain courses though.  I'd just use my old ones but they were hook machines.  I need to get a new one without all the offset.
I used the towel method as well.  Nothing will cure you of hitting fat like the shame from having to repeatedly get people to stop hitting so you can retrieve your towel from down-range.
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