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I'm waiting for a few more quotes to come in (I gather it's a holiday today for you guys) but I think we're probably going to go with the big cats courses at Ocean Ridge.  The courses look great and they gave an excellent price (assuming the accommodations are decent) of a little under $300USD per person.  3 nights and 6 rounds (2 on each of the 'cheaper courses' and 1 each on the other 2) all taxes and fees included.  No food or anything but that's fine and should put us...
@Harmonious, wow that's embarassing!  My US geographical knowledge is worse than I thought! :-D And if that was what you consider chilly I think I can deal!  My last round this year was -4C with snow flying and a wind chill of -12C.  Anything above 0C now will feel like shorts weather to me.   @iacas I think I came across a thread you posted a couple/few years ago mentioning those courses?  We will definitely check them out,
We were originally thinking the area around Charlotte (sp?) but mostly because it was the first name that came to mind (we usually stop for lunch there on our drive to Florida). Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach of course were near the top of the list but there are so many options it's hard to know where to start. Really we have no preference and recommendations from locals are usually the best.  You guys (and gals) tend to know the local hidden gems!
Hi Guys,   My brother and I don't have time to do our usual Florida trip this December so instead we thought we'd try North Carolina since we've never done anything but drive through it.   We were looking for a relatively inexpensive stay&play from Dec20-23 (so 3 nights).  Hoping to spend no more than $300-400 per person.  The problem we're having is the number of choices is rather mind-boggling!  I was hoping someone could help us narrow it down a bit.  We're not...
I've got over 100 rounds in on about 15-20 different courses.  My membership includes a number of courses I get to play so I'm usually on those as they don't cost me greens fees, they number about 10.   I think my handicap travels really well as I shoot the same relative to the ratings pretty much everywhere I go.  I have a couple buddies who are members at a single course with a similar handicap and their handicaps don't travel nearly as well.  I imagine after a long...
I use the VRPro II 4H and the VR Pro Ltd 3W and 5W (Ahina shafts) and I absolutely love them.  I used them all this season to great result.  I decided to try the Covert driver last week since they just dropped below $200CAD at Golf Town.  I wasn't sure about the cavity on the driver but I love the red head and shaft combination.  Turns out I hit it incredibly well too so I have that driver in my bag now as well.   As others have mentioned I don't care much for the balls...
 I'm not sure about that particular one, I just did a google image search.  The particular one I use is by Monk but it looks almost identical.
I used the sun mountain one for a while but found things still got a bit wet.  I use one of these rain covers now over my Ogio Gromm.  I just leave it folded up in its pouch in the bottom of my bag.  I was concerned at first about leaks through the top where the shoulder straps come out but never had any issues.  
No witty comebacks here sadly.  I just sarcastically mutter to myself "that'll play".   This thread made me think of this video.  
Lamkin Crossline Tour Cord on everything but my putter.  I hate wearing a glove and these work great even in 98% humidity in southern Ontario summers.
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