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Scotty Cameron Newport 2 TOUR ONLY  60 grams, 35 inches         
PING IN Anser V2, 35", Blackout grip, standard lie/loft
i have never carried a 5w. i have thought about a 4w but so far have decided to stay with a 3w (15*) and 3h (20*). 
try turning your shoulders in a tighter turn, like your in a barrel and you want to flip from your stomach to your back.  you might also want to experiment teeing the ball a bit lower and not tilting your spine too much...
I play the Cobra Baffler TWS 3h 20*.  It is a great club, very solid, long, and forgiving. I upgraded the shaft to a UST V2 72 gram. It goes about 205-210. I can't vouch for new hybrids but this one is a winner and you can probably get it $100 or less.  I have heard great things about the Titleist 910 hybrid and the Callaway Razor has great reviews....
My suggestion is this...   Wait a few months until the price drops a $100 or so and in the mean time tell a couple of golf stores in the area to be looking for what it is you want.  There are always the guys out there who will drop $2000 in a heartbeat for a new set and then trade them in 2 weeks.  I play the '08 AP2 4-PW, great clubs...I bet you could get the '10 AP2 for less than $500 on ebay or used at your local golf shop.  New clubs are great but way too...
I play a Ping In Anser V2 blade style putter.  I've only played with a blade and like how it feels compared to the mallet style putters I have tried at the golf stores.  I like the weight and the look of a blade over the bulky looking mallet.  
I dropped my 5w and 3i added 3hi and 52 wedge.    My set is as follows:   10.5  PING G5 Driver 15.5 Cobra HS-9 3w 20 Cobra Baffler TWS 4-PW Titleist AP2 52 Vokey 56 Vokey 60 Nike SV Tour In Anser V2 PING
Go JByrd!!!  
40 degrees is my cut off. Wind is a factor, but I've practiced in some pretty bad stuff. 
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