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I agree that looks matter. I play the AP2's, 4-PW, and when I look down at them from address I know that I am about to hit a club that can do anything my ability wants them to do.  Bigger GI irons may go straighter more often but they won't allow you to improve your shot making. I think most golfers who play once a week and hit balls every so often have the skills to play a "players iron" like a Mizuno MP-63 or Titleist AP2. If you can't play that much and don't practice...
3 hybrid 8 iron  52* wedge   
no putter?
Try using a 17* hybrid if you have trouble hitting a 3w of the turf. 
1. Driver 2. 3hi (20*) 3. 8 iron 4. Gap wedge (52*) 5. Putter   I might switch the 3hi for a 5 iron based on course length and conditions. 
If you could only play a round with 5 clubs what would they be...?
Jonathan Byrd. Long hitter, deadly irons, great guy.  
Balls absolutely matter, they are they only piece of equipment used on every swing.  It all works together though, the swing, the lie, the club, and what you want to do with the ball.  I think that for most people a mid range ball like the Titleist NXT or NXT Tour or Bridgestone e5, e6, e7, would fit well.  Most folks don't have the swing or sharp groves on their wedges to take advantage of the performance that a top end ball (Pro V, B330, etc.) has to offer.  I think...
I play a PING G5. It's around 5 yrs old and is just a long and straight as any other club I've hit. I have tried buddies' R9 and SuperTri, 910 D2, 909 D2, and my driver is just as straight.  The only difference is shaft, set up, and swing.  Drivers now days are maxed out on size and face thinness, the only thing left to change is material and all the adjustable stuff which doesn't really help the "straightness" of the ball flight, mainly just forgiveness. 
What I HAVE to have in my bag:   1. Titleist NXT Tour balls 2. Footjoy gloves (at least 2)  3. Tees  4. Water-I drink water like a camel 5. Yardage book
New Posts  All Forums: