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He's been fined and undisclosed amount for the spitting.   http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/golf/9397212.stm
I'm just back from the range and worked on keeping my wrist flatter. There's definitely an improvement, all I need to do is practice it so that it flattens naturally, at the moment it feels contrived which is to be expected. I'll post a few pics when I've had the oppurtinity to refine it.
Hey, I've been playing for a year now on and off because of the weather we get here in Scotland. I've had a few lessons, working on posture, grip etc. One thing that has plagued me invariably is slicing and it's only recently I noticed that I have the worst cupped left wrist imaginable. Here's a pic Now onto my question. Should I have it cupped, bowed or flat?
I was talking to my local pro about certain rulings and he posed a scenario which stumbled me somewhat. Hypothetically of course, say you mishit your teeshot and then faced with a shot to the green with a glass window directly at your target. Instead of navigating the ball around the obstacle could I play the shot through the window? Please forgive the improbableness of this actually happening
Someone's a fan of Ben Hogan's Five Fundamentals :P
Hey fine people, I've been watching golf for the best part of 12 months now and I've never seen any player with notable tattoos on their arms. You could denounce this as a silly topic and I wouldn't blame you, but I was wondering if there was perhaps some sort of rule forbidding tattoos on Tour. Are there any players with Tattoos on Tour?
My putting could improve. But the thread title is the club that gives you the most trouble. Trouble being the operative word. I'm not particularly troubled by the putter.
I like Mike Weir and his pre-shot routine and was suitably impressed why the way he played at Congressional. On the other hand, Stuart Appleby yet crashing and burning going into the last round as leader. Shame.
Great shoulder turn at the top of the backswing but I agree with erik on this one. My right leg doesn't straighten at any stage of my swing which helps me have a nice hip turn (belt buckle facing right toe). Any pics of the downswing and follow through?
I'll never forget the time when I was trying to navigate down a massive slope with my cart, losing my footing, falling on my arse and my bag fell over with my clubs scattering everywhere. I just started playing the game and never had any golf shoes so was sliiping up all over the place.
New Posts  All Forums: