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If it wasn't taken out of context you'd have quoted me in full. :PI absolutely 100% think it could be a real injury. When the body is doing things it's not done before it can cause injury and he's changed his swing a fair amount. He even said he felt his explosiveness had come back which suggests too much strain on the body.I also 100% think it could be Tiger having had enough of how he's playing and withdrawing through frustration.I can also see him having an injury which...
Taken out of context much? How about we add the rest of the quote in there? Here, allow me:
Funny; whenever he's playing to a half decent standard he'll soldier on in case he can win but whenever he's playing like a weekend hacker he has an injury which conveniently crops up. Either that or he's playing like crap and the change in how he's playing really does cause injury.
Orange. Definitely orange!
Bring it!
I play golf to beat the game fair and square. I like the challenge of golf so to make it easier with non-conforming drivers, straighter-flying balls and whatever else manner of cheating there is just doesn't appeal to me.
Saw this earlier. Made me chuckle!
You'll get a feeling for which of the "suitable" sets you prefer. It could be how they look at address, it could be that they feel more balanced as you swing them, it could be that you can feel where the clubhead is a little better throughout the swing, it could be that the technology on one set makes you feel more confident with them or even something as silly as the sound when you hit them. You'll know. :)
If you go in with preconceptions of clubs you like you'll likely give yourself reasons why they're preferable even though they may not be. I know this through personal experience when I went to a Mizuno DNA fitting and had the idea that I liked the MP-59's which Luke Donald was playing at the time, although that wasn't the reason I liked them. I then got fitted and the suggested club at the time was the JPX 800 to suit my 22 CONGU handicap. I persuaded myself that I would...
This.Becoming a professional golfer is akin to becoming a professional gambler; with a lot of hard work, dedication and patience there's a possibility it might all go well for you and if it does you might be minted for life. There's also a very high chance that you'll invest a large amount of money, hard work, dedication and patience just to watch it all crumble around you and you'll end up working a job solely for money, bitter about how you "nearly made it" and how you...
New Posts  All Forums: