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It's not just slanted tee boxes, it's tee box divots, sand/seed mix patches, uneven mowing etc that would cause an issue with it balancing I'd say. Also what about grass height? If it sits *on* the grass there'd be a fair amount of height difference (on the very same tee box) between a freshly mown vs one day before the next mowing surface. For me the lack of consistent height for each shot would irritate me; that's also why I moved away from Castle Tees. On a positive...
Someone once told me "drive for show, putt for dough" and I want lots of dough so I carry 14 putters. 
Big golf chain for the following reasons: - DNA fitting on my new irons (Mizuno JPX 850 Forged) - Golf range as part of the facilities to try the irons with real(ish) ball flight - Fantastic trade-in value on the old irons - Excellent staff knowledge and always friendly and helpful - 5 minute drive from my home
Same. I even have the "Student Workbook" from the day. I also paid out for the Midpoint read when that was released and that made the whole "walk around the flag several times" thing quicker. lolIf I played important rounds enough I'd fork out again for Express but realistically a single round with family once per month at the absolute max and not being a member of a club at the moment for roll-ups or comps doesn't warrant yet another payment.
When I played off 28 I felt I was a duffer and wanted to play off 20; that would have made me a good player. When I played off 20 I felt I was a duffer and wanted to play off 16; that would have made me a good player. When I played off 16 I felt I was a duffer and wanted to play off 13; that would have made me a good player. Now I play off 13 I feel I'm a duffer and I want to play off 10; that will make me... oh wait...
ProtracerThat's my local range. Great facilities, nice staff, excellent pro's.I completely ignore the ProTracer distances truth be told as I'd much rather measure out my real distances on course or find them out on a real Trackman/GC2 device. ProTracer for me is about seeing my ball flight and curvature to understand what I changed in a certain swing. Unbelievably it's free to use too!
- No (see below)- Estimate from the score during a playing lesson with my teaching professional.- I'm not a member of a golf club. I don't plan on joining a club as I have no time (3 month old firstborn to help with), nor the funds to waste joining one if I don't have time to play anyway. I don't play enough rounds per month to stack up scorecards to post off to an "official" (hah!) website for a handicap. I prefer practice to play.- Yes. I'm not.
I pulled the trigger on a Wilson Staff Nexus today. Pretty much every review I'd read said it was by far and away one of the best bags for 2014 and the fact that I got it for less than half price is a massive bonus. For me the important features were: - Stand - I wanted the ability for it to stand upright, e.g. without legs while fully loaded (it's stored in a cupboard and I hate having my current Sun Mountain Three 5 leaning on stuff in there!) - Weight - As I walk 99%...
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