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I had a heavy toe-hang putter (Ping Anser iWi) which felt like it tended to push everything to the right unless I adopted a different ball position. I swapped that for a face-balanced Ping 1/2 WackE and that tended to pull everything to the left for me. I swapped that out for a mid-toe hang Mizuno BC2 and had excellent results with it for a long time as it allowed me to play my preferred ball position on each putt. I then decided to change my putting grip to a Runyan style...
I was fitted for the majority of my clubs at AG New Malden and they've always been top notch. They're happy to let you chop and change things until the numbers and what you feel are right for you so I'd definitely recommend it. Also at New Malden there's the World of Golf driving range so you can even go out and see real time ball flight (as real as possible with crap range balls of course)
Michael Jackson "Bad" tour at Wembley Stadium, London in 1988. I was 10 years old and a huge fan and had never been to a concert before. I couldn't see and the marshalls let me stand up in the security booth with them to watch the show which was amazing. We left slightly early to avoid the huge crowds (the stadium was filled beyond capacity from what I've just read) and as we were walking back to the station he drove past in a black limo and smiled and waved out of the...
You may be right; I really didn't question him about just how long the courses were. I know he hit's the ball a fair distance but I've never seen him hit a "wow" distance shot so it's likely they were shorter courses. Also I think many courses here in the UK are shorter than the US anyway.
I think the entire focus should be on the handicap you're playing off at the time. By that I mean if you're a 28 capper you're being given a lot of "free" shots so there's no need to focus on distance as a priority, you're better off focusing on accuracy. Take my father-in-law as an example; he's won quite a few local tourneys, society days etc and for several years only used irons, wedges and his putter; not a wood in the bag. Every tee shot was way behind his opponents...
It 'feels' to me that when I shorten my backswing a small amount I get better impact positions, more control and more distance because of it. I have no numbers at all to verify this however, hence the quotes on 'feels'. ;)
I carry a glove with me throughout the round but it only goes on if/when I start to feel like my grip on the club is lessening (hands sweating, starting to rain, soreness because I've not played for weeks or have new grips etc). If toward the end of the round I'm wearing the glove it'll generally be on from tee to green and then after I've pitched for the last time on that hole I'll take it off and put it in the back pocket again. It comes out again at the next tee box.
Dracula: Untold Birdie. Very enjoyable movie and worth a watch but not sure how many times I'd re-watch it. Really enjoyed the fact that the ex-bad guy has turned good but then goes back to bad and you sincerely want him to win over the even more evil guy. Generally not into vampire movies but liked it a lot.
Has anyone tried the non-cord version? I'm currently trialing the cord and non-cord MultiCompound Sharpro grips which are basically NDMC's.
Can't wait to get down the range in a few days to try this out. Clearly it's difficult but for some reason my confidence is out-weighing my skill (he says sitting at home on a keyboard) ;)
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