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Dracula: Untold Birdie. Very enjoyable movie and worth a watch but not sure how many times I'd re-watch it. Really enjoyed the fact that the ex-bad guy has turned good but then goes back to bad and you sincerely want him to win over the even more evil guy. Generally not into vampire movies but liked it a lot.
Has anyone tried the non-cord version? I'm currently trialing the cord and non-cord MultiCompound Sharpro grips which are basically NDMC's.
Can't wait to get down the range in a few days to try this out. Clearly it's difficult but for some reason my confidence is out-weighing my skill (he says sitting at home on a keyboard) ;)
If I'm ever playing more than one ball and there's any type of possibility I won't be able to see the tee box/fairway for that hole from the green I make a point of leaving my bag in view of the tee box/fairway to make it clear that I'm still there. The fact that you couldn't see him and had no way of knowing whether he was still there or not means you've done nothing wrong in my eyes. Most holes where there's a blind bend as an example have a bell to ring once you're out...
If I'm playing an important round I'll use new NXT Tours or Srixon AD333's. For general golf, practice rounds etc I buy great conditioned used ProV1's (24 balls for £7.99 GBP).
I have one of those. I find that for me it:- Weakens my grip from what I normally play.- Creates an unnecessary closing of the "face" due to the bend in the bar.- Creates an incorrect rhythm for me.- Can't feel any type of pressure point in the right index finger when swinging it.- Isn't the correct weight for a wedge, an iron or a wood (both with and without the weight in the end)It currently gathers dust as it's "purpose" right now. ;) 
I tend to use my swing ring every few months and in 99% of cases it's because I'm playing an important round and my "feel" of the clubhead is out. It let's me get a better idea on where the clubhead is during backswing and transition so I can improve my rhythm a bit more over a few swings. I don't use it at all for training, speeding up my swing, slowing down my swing etc; only for improved rhythm and only when it's out for some reason.
I'm one of those "easily embarrassed" types so I tend to do stretching which isn't as obvious as some people (*cough* Jimenez *cough*). For me it's a small replication of my old martial arts warm-up with a few toe-touches, a few hands-on-hips side bends, some shoulder rotations and some arm and lat stretches while I'm standing back from the tee. Then a couple of loose club swings to make sure nothing feels tight and off I go.
I reckon you're better off posting your idea and then seeing which UK members are interested. ;)
My previous course had several small 'loops' that start at the car park and end up back there that were nice for those times when there's no time for a full round, e.g. 1-2-9-10, 1-2-3-6 etc. Any time I decided to do one of those I'd always make sure there was nobody on the previous hole inward of 150 yards to give myself a few minutes to get ahead and not hold anybody up. If I did end up being caught up (a rarity!) I'd wave them on and stand aside for them to not be held...
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